A thirty-five-year-old divorced woman's remorse: Don't make your husband, especially the ex-husband

Our encounter is a dust in the sea, but a dust refractive sun is the most dazzling. I hope you can talk to you, and I will listen to your voice as the best listener. Ok, here is Jiajia's emotions, I am Jiajia


I am 35 years old this year, my first marriage is because my husband is ending.

I am free with the ex-husband. I was 25 years old, he was romantic with me, I married him. I am stable with the ex-husband, I work in the business unit, he is a civil servant of the government. The days we wed were very happy. The ex-husband is very familiar with me, and basic home is doing our partnership. Many times, he is doing much, and I do less.

I have always been so happy in this life. But I didn't expect that we were married for 3 years, and the ex-husband was on the post because of the delegation, leaving me and the 1-year-old daughter. In the days when the ex-husband passed away, I was basically no courage to live. I have been born twice, I have saved my family in time. I know that I am selfish and throw my parents for 1 year and a half. But I really can't imagine there is no ex-husband. Later, parents encouraged me to have a daughter, and every day, I would like to persuade my best to say, I slowly learned strong, learn to face, give up the idea of ​​the light.

I lived in my parents for 2 years with my daughter. When the parents saw that I gradually got out of the shadow of the former husband, I persuaded that I was reorganized with my daughter. I was trying to oppose it. Because, I am determined in my heart, I will grow my daughter in this life. But in the end, because her daughter and herb have made me change.

The daughter was 3 years old and have been in kindergarten. I often ask me where my father has? Why do children with children in kindergarten have Dad, is she not? The problem. Looking at the daughter, I really can't bear to tell her the truth. Every daughter asked me to tears.

After the husband passed away, I will often take my daughter to see my grandparents. Because the husband is the only child of the family, the granddaughter has become the power of his parents. After the daughter's kindergarten, the in-laws began to persuade my re-combined family. They advised me to be young, don't delay your life. As for children, they know that I will not let go, they also agree that I have reiled, as long as the granddaughter is happy, I can always come back to see them.

Under their persuasion, I also started shake. Life is too bitter, single-parent mother has indeed a lot of difficulties, sometimes it is bullying, and there is a shoulder, I really want to have a shoulder.


When I was 30 years old, my parents gave me a blind date. Because, they feel that I have brought a daughter's free love. The blind date is the most effective and the least delayed approach.

At the age of 31, I met my current husband. My current husband is a high school math teacher. Because the personality is not good at communicating with people, there is no home. His parents are urgent to focus on this. In fact, it is not to see my conditions. After all, I was not married. But he just looks at me in a glance, feels that my character, interest is the type he like. So, he regardless of his parents against me. I am quite moving this.

After marriage, I took my daughter to move his house. The house is bought, I will share the life after marriage, and the two lives can be shared to help him pay, but he insists on a person. And give me the salary card. He is extremely good to my daughter. Because the daughter is relatively loved, in addition to a father, I tell my daughter, when he is Dad, the daughter is particularly happy, fell in his arms, and the Dad dad is called a non-stop. Seeing my daughter, I am inexplicable in my heart. But I put it not let him find.

Our three little days often let me think of the ex-husband. He better than me, the more people appear in my mind. Many times, I am still in front of him or the ex-husband. This feeling I have been buried in my heart and I don't let him know.

I was 33 years old. I gave birth to him. He really realized that when his father's feelings, he was very happy. In fact, let him get married, give my daughter to my parents, I will often see the embarrassment on his face, he often apologizes for me. After having a son, he is better to me and her daughter. During the month, fuck had to take care of me, but he worried that his mother was refused to give me a lot of things, gave me a babysitter, he and the babysitted a diet of the two children. In addition to feeding, I basically rest. He and the babysitter are busy. Daughter is also very good to take care of him.

Our family is very happy. Friends and friends are also very envious of me. The in-law of the ex-husband is quite grateful to him. You don't know anyone, I have always hidden a secret.


My son is 1 year old, my heart is getting more and more pressing the thoughts on the ex-husband. And your husband is getting more and more demanding.

Husband has time to go home late at the school teaching, I will give her a temper, he is very patient to apologize. Not only that, but the family is also doing less, he is silently. Never complained to me half a sentence. The good husband in the eyes of others, he is really reflected. But the more this, I will get it more.

Finally, I still embraced him.

When the daughter was 7 years old, he was busy because of the school work and forgot to buy a gift for her daughter. My daughter saw that my birthday didn't give birth to a gift, and I played a little child. He patively his daughter, but his daughter was spoiled by him, how could be ignorant. I saw the sadness of my daughter crying, I was bleached, you really didn't do it. If the ex-husband is alive, she will not let her be wronged. On weekdays, you are pretending to us, you will never go to my ex-husband. Not eligible to compare with her. I haven't finished it yet, "He just says it again, I am enough." Interrupted me. Go out with daughter and son. He sent his daughter back my parents, and my son sent back to his mother.

The next day, he invited to go to work. After coming back, I apologize to him in the first time. But he changed the gentleness of the day, and he had a divorce agreement with a faceless expression. Demand me sign. I asked him why? His speech is cold, telling me the past, no matter how I can accept him with him, but he can't accept that I have before him. He felt that he can use his love to let me go out from the past, let me finish all my heart, but he didn't think I deeply obey my ex-husband. The ex-husband is his bottom line, I touched his bottom line, he can't accept me.

I remember, when I signed, he also said, you are a stone and I am hot by me, but I am wrong.

I regret it very much, but I'm not too late. Give him the final decent. He is still so gentle, and arranges everything.

Today, I regret it every day I didn't cherish him.

Here to warn all women, with your husband, even if he is love you, how to tolerate you, don't mention other men in front of him, especially former. This is a taboo between husband and wife. The former is the "small three" of the film, only to destroy your husband and wife, and finally let you regret.

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