If you want to walk into a woman's heart, you don't spend money, but a small "set"

Want to walk into a woman's heart, what is it?

I want everyone to have different answers, but they still have to rely on two words: "I sincere".

There is a saying on the Internet: Only a set of roads, this sentence is not reasonable.

The routine can also be understood in some ways to understand the laws and ways of love, and master these, you can know each other, and you will not fight.

Just like writing, I have an outline, and I can help you open my idea, let you get the content clearer.

So in love, if you have some sets of routines, you can read each other, master some shortcuts.

But some people think that love needs to rely on money, express love by sending gifts.

But I don't know if I am in the eyes of some girls, this is not an appropriate way, and people will feel uncomfortable.

So I want to walk into the heart, spending money is not the most important, master some routines, may reach the effect of halving.


Make your mind more fulfilled.

In the hearts of a woman, the ceremony is actually very important, and the plain in life is a bit boring;

In life, men can use their own little thought and create a surprise in life;

It will allow them to generate "hanging bridge effect", and the feeling of movement is added to the other party.

At this time, the so-called routine is also the creation of the ceremony.

On the web, we can often see a wide range of surprises.

For example: let the girlfriend open the door of the trunk, there is a full flowers; for example, in the romantic warm restaurant, a ring is hidden in the cake; such a small detail will often make the girl touching tears.

Many people also think that there is no surprise that these methods have no surprises, and they are no longer new.

But doing this, but you can make your mind's more fullness, you can also pass such small routines and small surprises, let the other party feel your heart.

The money of flowers may not be much more, but the conversion of the heart will make each other touch more.

Imagine, if it is just simple to buy valuable items, there is no surprise.

It may not be a pity that there may be no need to play.


Money is valuable, love is higher.

Money has a charm of money, but in front of emotions, it seems to have a lot of fading.

In today's society, girls usually have their own careers, so they can self-sufficient in terms of money.

They believe in: "Money, I have myself, you give me love" value.

In the TV series "My First Half Sheng", He Han actually used such a set.

At the beginning and the Tang Jing acquaintance, helping her to complete their career challenges and cultivate her a better person.

In this process, step by step has been cultivated.

Until, I met the challenge of life in Rosia Jun, and suddenly, when I became a single-parent mother, her career would also start.

At this time, He Han still gave him help like Tang Jing, and in such a process, it gradually produced feelings.

He has indeed rich, but in these paragraphs, it can be found that the money does not become the main melody.

He has treated their emotional way, as well as the so-called "routine", has become the primary reason for her.

It can be seen that the use of true heart and "routine" is quite important in the location of the feelings.

The distance between the heart and the heart is unable to reach with money, and there is no way to draw closely by spending.


Love also has "thirty-six".

When you want to get the same thing, you should use your wisdom and strategy to reach.

There is no extraordinary affairs in the world, and feelings are no exception. If you want to walk into a woman's heart, you should use some plans and routines properly.

Don't worry about being broken or discovered, as long as you are really treating each other, these small details have no hurt.

In the TV drama, the King and the King and the jealousies, meet, knowing, in fact, it is also a "set".

Fruit King, when the crisis, desperate rules and etiquette into the palace to save the rumor, let the 嬛 嬛 谢 谢 情.

When I went to Ling Yunfeng, I walked in the rumored room. When I met the danger, I helped her solve it, so that I felt that he was really treating himself.

Later, two people mentioned when they chatted. When they were in the palace, they had already regard each other as a confidant.


The routine is also true, sincere, from the later performance, it is enough to see the fruit-count king to treat the rumor, so it is enough.

Although many viewers have different understanding of the emotions of Fruit King.

It is too much to think that his routine is too much.

But if it is not really driven, how can he protect Zhou Quan, even if you pay for life?

Therefore, the routine is sometimes not necessarily bad, the only criterion of the inspection routine is true.

Grasping a good set of routines, will make money more valuable, making your mind more full.

In the 36 set, only the people will hook, want to walk into the woman, the man may try "set".

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