The classmates gathering, for the low-key, I opened the five-day Hongguang, I didn't expect someone, but the dog eyes looked low.

The classmates party, for the low-key, I went to the banquet. When the parking is hidden, the cavity is smashed, and when you get off, you will see the Cayenne owner is the old classmate Xiao Jian. He looked at my car and said: Is this your car? Don't pay, let's go. During the seat, I wanted to say it clearly, I was he embarrassed, who knows him loudly: Your car is not enough to pay me a car!

At this time, the entire private room is quiet, and everyone looks to us. I was not scared by Xiao Jian, but said to him: Yes, you have to grab the parking space with me. Your Cayenne has smashed my Wuling Hongguang. It should be you compensate for me, not I will compensate you.

Xiao Jian did not say: let everyone take a good look, I will have a small Wuling Hong Kong with a small Wuling Hong Kong? It's really joke, so many years, what do you still do?

Xiao Jian is my high school classmate, and it is also a person who loves to compare with me. From the high school, he grabbed me, because my middle school is full of math, so I just got a big teacher to make me a mathematical class representative and serve as a study committee.

At that time, he disagreed with the teacher so arranged, he would fight with me. The teacher has a question, and the two of us finally scored, but in the last question, I have learned from the two ways. The teacher said that I was sanctious, or let me be a mathematical class representative.

From that, Xiao Jian is in the face of me, when the football game, I am a striker. He is not to fight with me, and he will have higher height with me. The legs on the court do not have a long eye. He stepped on my feet, causing that my fracture did not go to school for 3 months.

The female classmate gives me a love book, I am politely rejected. There is a female classmate to give me a love letter when there is a class, and I have been grabbed by Xiao Jian, and then put it on the podium. The girl was later called the parents, and he had never been there.

I am angry to find Xiao Jian, who knows him say: Don't think that you are too powerful, you have something you can't solve, don't have a day.

From then on, I try to avoid the positive conflict with Xiao Jian, but he still provokes me everywhere, I am a three-point, try not to trigger contradictions. Later, after I was admitted to the university, I saw a girl who was called parents that year, we were together, now my wife, my child's mother.

She learned that the high school classmates organized a party, I was very worried, afraid that Xiao Jianhui will make trouble. I am very comfortable that she said it is fine, I try not to provoke her. The wife is not at ease, don't let me open Audi RS7icon, open her new Wuling Hongguang, and let me live a low-key point, don't stimulate Xiao Jian.

Who knows that Xiao Jian in the parking lot, I have already stopped in half a parking space, he opened the card to grab the parking space. I didn't want him to compensate. Who knows that he is quite big, you don't have to pay. I don't have to fight with him, just want to explain the truth, I am not can't lose his car, but the responsible person is not me.

The scene was once deadlocked, and the class was long and adjusted, and there was a good thing between me and Zang Jian, let each other steps, after all, a rare gathering party. I totally, for this, even if it passed, give the class leader.

Xiao Jian said on his nose: How good is it earlier, no one will blame you, why bother to fight, it is not put, it has already opened Mitsubarahong, what is it hard? Then he lifted the wine glass and said: Today I ask, everyone is welcome!

I didn't care about him, sit back to the seat and drunk. Class long came to comfort me and said: He has always been like this, don't be used with him. If you have difficulties in life, don't be embarrassed, you should help each other.

I smiled, and then called my wife, explained this situation, let her come and pick me home, because of drinking wine. Originally, I let her wait for me in the car, who knows that she directly found the private room.

Xiao Jian didn't know that my wife was the girl who was hosted by his prank, but my wife know everything happened. Daughter-in-law pick up a drink and take the initiative to serve Xiao Jian, but also thank him for letting me, don't care about the car.

I know that the wife said that it is necessary to have something to do. If you can't, she quietly went to the high-end red wine, and then let the waiter sent it. My wife saw that the waiter went into the cup and said to everyone: Thank you for the generosity of Xiao, this is the heart of Xiao, a bottle of red wine.

Everyone says that Thank you Xiao, but also thank you Xiao Xiao to let them eat taking it. Only I saw the embarrassing expression on Xiao Jian face, as if my wife is a bit too much.

Everyone is almost almost, the waiter took the bill to check out, Xiao Jian saw that the face changed after the bill, and then followed the waiter out of the package. I immediately followed the past, I only listened to Xiao Jian: a meal ate 20,000 4? Is your hotel not too slaughtered?

The waiter explained him to explain: a total of 1800 yuan in a table, but a separate smoke and 20 bottles of red wine, there is 22,200 yuan. Both the bill can be checked. Xiao Jian took the bill and did not know what it was, I walked out a white gold card to handle it to the waiter: No password, go brush!

Xiao Jian still explained: I didn't have enough money today, I will give you tomorrow. I didn't pick it up, but I went back to the private room. When everyone walked out of the hotel, the daughter-in-law waited, she took the car. At this time, someone called so that her husband came to pick up, some people began to call driving, then a Audi RS7 stopped in front of me.

The daughter-in-law walked down from the car and helped me to go to the car, then loudly stood in the last row of Xiao Jian said: Tomorrow I let my husband assistant to take you with you, the cost you directly follow the assistant.After the daughter-in-law was finished, I asked her if she had this, she returned to me: Some people don't pay attention to the face, so that he has a long point of memory.I should not tell my wife, I got this meal in front of Xiao Jian?

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