Don't ask why women have to buy expensive things!

Huang Weiwen gave Mo Wenwei's "Women's New Learning" lyrics, there is such a few words in the shopping madness:

Since it is not allowed to be exclusive

The only time I think I don't have to rely on people.

The only time I can be responsible

The only time I really rely on conscience.

Can you buy a general point?

Why do you want to buy something?

Because things are the same as people

Cheap always has been abandoned

What is a waste?

Return to their secondary consumption is waste

Woman four blessings: pure and clear

No woman will buy a family because of buying buying

Many women are fortune because of thrift

Even occasionally buying prices, is a waste of money

From psychological, this is a self-attack and self-denial

Think that you should not live a good life

Not worthy of noble clothes

Others are worth no problem

But it is not worth it for yourself.

Just ask a girl who is not worth it?

The show finally released Zhang Zhilin's "last words":

If your life is left for 24 hours

What will you do with the other half?

"Yuan Yuyi, your money is not enough?"

You are enough, then I will feel at ease. "

Is this very familiar?

When I was going to school, I would like to come to the parents.

If one day tells you this person

No longer a parent but another man

That doesn't mean

He has evolved from love to your love.

Although it is very gorgeous without packaging

But very simple

I love you more than 10,000.

Not because he is mostly

But because in his heart

you're worth it

Because we are better everything

Always paying yourself

Will put this abundant life

Extract into the desert of dry Barba.

After all, learn to love yourself first.

Come eligible to be loved

It is not worth it in the world.

But you are worth

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