Only in this world, you are your look, your loved ones are your loved ones.

I will choose to go to the cemetery of your brother. For a long time, a lot of times, I found that there is already my own peace of mind.

The cemetery in the west of Urumqi, on a sandstone mountain that has been connected to the Gobi, after more than ten years of the cemetery for more than ten years, the green is now, it has become a lake, green grass is like, Green tree is forest country 4A level scenic spots.

Standing under the cemetery gantry, looking forward to the city, every time you can touch the angry that expands stretch, the building is more short, the road is more and more, and the car is like a running horse.

But all the fireworks in the city stop in the ladder of the foot. On the ladder, it is a more comfortable sky than the city, which is more purely sunshine than the city, as well as the luxury in the city. On the way, every order, if it is from the hustle and bustle, leave the city, return to self, and calm the process.

Especially a few times, when I boarded the line, there was an unknown star bird, and I was standing at the high me. I first, it was the first level, until the Longmen was flying away. At that moment, the moment is soft, If you are welcoming by your loved ones.

The younger brother is named Tao Li, a few years, Tao Li is full of gardens. Sometimes I think, this is like a community, it's full, and it's fun, it's not alone, so every time I will talk to my brother's old neighbors, please take care of them. Although the garden is silent, I think, in another time and space, they will continue their own parents short, the world is human. Because the old saying has been talking, people who leave will not really disappear in this world, but they have another life in our touched place.

Some people here, this line will not be broken, although there is never responded there. Until this world, no one knows the name there, no one is on the other side, and it will really take out all this world.

But I think, I haven't been old, I haven't been old, then I haven't worn, and I will consider it in this time, I'm going to think, no matter which world, I can't miss this.

Talking to your brother, just like to turn in his garden.

Four years five years will not be long, but in a garden, you can see many people's emotions.

At the end of the younger brother's residence, it is a gentle woman, and the quiet look has never changed. She lives a husband and wife, the other side is empty, I know that is her husband, because no matter when I come, her front is clean, there is a bunch of flowers, quietly open. It is always a good thing about the wind and rain, so I will have a good time every time I say that you are so good.

The younger brother is a few rows of a little girl, but I have never been to bear to see, because I often meet the little girl's parents, come here to talk, then put a lot of snacks, each time Have a very cute plush toy.

There is also a child of colleagues in his life, more than 20, and stay here. I have seen the man who is a big age than me, just holding handshake, just seeing the unsmiling face, there is tears falling down, as for the words, one word can not have a mouth.

Next to your younger brother, it should be a man who is constantly accused. Because many times, there is a woman, crying can not see face, there is no happiness in his mouth, he is trivial, he The problem and the decision, she is unwilling and resentment. But I also know that if it is a resentment, she will not see him like this.

I like it, or your brother's neighbor. The father of the old man is in group, every time, it is a three-generation tonal of the whole family, and it is hot, saying that smiling and drinking, and tells me the interesting things of some older. I think this old man is a blessing, and this blessing can be taken in children.

The cemetery is very large. It is basically the burst of the lake. It can have more than a dozen gardens. It is much more, and you can see people from the gods. Even a lot of monuments can read the story of a faint agreement.

In fact, I know that all my memories are every person, and when they are in this life, they can only be able to know themselves.

Say goodbye to your brother, still go to a circle plum, and silicide. Don't do anything, just want to touch the wood and the stone.

Hu Yang Gumu, known as the death of life in three thousand years, no longer in the three thousand years after death, and the last three thousand years will not be corrupted. Silicide wood, it is said that it will become like a stone. Although they know that they cross time, they are tenacious as the present, but I still miss the yourself onion, I miss them, and I have existed their endless state, not now I have been remember once again.

People like grass, grass as a person, all obsesses can't find this world, then try to try as much as possible, for the most, the most love, the most concerned, but regret. Because only this world, you are your look, your family is a family, your loved ones look.

Step from the gantry, the wind is light.

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