The more you move, the more you get it, the more you get it.

The more you move

The more others get, the more you get

The more you step back

The more others are, the more they kill

The more you forgive you

The more others are too unscrupulous

The more you are soft.

The more you are grateful, the more you are grateful.

Good people being bullied

Ma Shan is riding

This is the naked humanity

You are always persistent, it will be easily fatal.

You always care, it will be vainless

Be infatuated

Sincerely trampled

This is the bloody lesson


But I have to meet the people of Zhifu

Otherwise, your kind is a white fee.

Be good

But I have to meet people who have met the reason.

Otherwise, your hard work is wasteful.

People can accommodate

But to give people with a heart

Otherwise, your endurance is white.

Leave your true heart, leave your best person to you

Put your persons, send you people

You must not have a hard work, you need someone to understand

You don't want to say, more people need someone hurt

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