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The last words of the mother of the mother are:

Wen Li is a good woman, called Qi Zhi to cherish.

When you are young, you can't read the words of the mother. Because I don't understand, I was very touched at the time, I feel that the mother is still very good.

But now, I will read it again, and suddenly I found that the mother came to finally thinking about Wen Li, and there was no distressed. She is like all my mother-in-law, only my son, as for the daughter-in-law:

You marry my son, you will owe our family for a lifetime.

Before death.

After the mother's body is not good, it has always taken care of her.

As for his son, he was divorced with the cultivation of the Qi Zhizheng at that time.

There is no reasonable phenomenon that "don't love Wen Li is asking for a babysitter", and the mother and Qi Zhi do not feel anything wrong. Qi Zhi felt, even if he was married, his mother and the children, Wen Li also helped him take care of him.

And the mother feels:

No one means like a new marriage, the man is actually very poor, you think that only women are afraid of old? The man is also afraid, the man lives to the age of fifty, there is a small burden on the old, the career family is very difficult. The male who has never heard of this year has a number of mental illness and suicide? Sometimes they do these stupid things because they are afraid, afraid of the old, afraid of failure. In fact, like a child, I don't know that I am doing a scorpion. My son, I know, he is outside, no matter how far, walk tired, still want to go home, you don't want to be noisy with him, you give him a way home.

There are three layers of meaning:

First, no one can be like a new marriage, so my son has two hearts, and there is no younger in my heart. My son is right, you ask too much.

Second, my son is very poor, he has a small little, he sees the family task so heavy, he is also annoying. So, he doesn't want to go home, want to avoid it, it is right, you have to bear this, reduce his burden, but also in turn distressed him.

Third, my son doesn't care much, don't love you, you can't argue with him, wait for him to regret it, abandoned by the people outside, you have to warmly welcome him home.

I thought I thought in the position of Qi Zhi, and my mother was just the most selfless and greatest mother in the world. But if you stand on Wen Li's position:

Wen Li should be a stone, ignorant, and how to hurt her, don't love her, it is right, wrong is her, and she takes care of the old, wait for a small, then I have to have Li Tianjiao. Qi Zhi, even if Qi Zhi abandoned her, she should also make Wangfu Stone, and give Li Zhi to the way home.

Wen Li, is it owed to?

Her she married the Zhi, loved the Qi Zhi, this love and stick to it, becoming a reason to hurt her, exploitation her reasons?

After 14 years, I really think that the painting of the mother is too poisonous. It is more poisonous. If many women don't think, don't care, I will recognize the statement of the mother, I feel that the feet of two boats Zhuo is poor.

And Wen Li, too unhappy.


Wen Li, soon he was brainwind by the mother.

She cares for her mother with her heart, even if she is divorced with her, she doesn't want to divorce. She has thousands of bangs to Qi Zhi, so I think it is too popular to take care of Qi Zhi.

Can you know?

Not only do not give Wen Li, a good face, but also taking care of the child, take care of his mother, you are with Li Tianjiao. Even, when the mother is in terms of danger, Li Zhi is deeply looking at Li Tianjiao.

The mother is dead, but her son is not held in the ward, and Wen Li and her granddaughters can't find the Qi Zhi. Don't you think of your son at that time?

She knows everything.

She knows that her son is only Li Tianjiao, even her wife, and even the old lady can't take care.

Even so, she is also her own son with her eyes:

I am afraid that my son is not filial, and I am a son, even if my daughter-in-law is filial, it is also outsiders.

So, when his son nightmare, when the wife was around, she said that Wen Li is a good woman. Why did she say that Wen Li is a good woman?

One reason is that although she is always awesome, it is a wife, but the filial piety is filial in her bed.

Another reason is: She knows that Wen Li is only loved to love Ji Zhi, even if Qi Zhi doesn't love her, she is still satisfied with you. Wen Li is a deep affection of Zhi Zhi, and the mother is recognized.

One reason is that she hopes that Wen Li will carry the "good" of the good woman, forgive his son, as long as his son will look back, she can forgive.

As for the sentence, Qi Zhi, cherish it.

Her starting point is not a happy life after Wen Li, but for the happy life after Qi Zhi.

She has always known that Li Tianjiao is a woman who can't give Zhi Zhi Xi, only the silly woman like Wen Li, can regard love and marriage as a pilgrimage.

Throughout the mother, is she really distressed?


She feels that all things are a liability, and her son is good, there is no responsibility. She gave her grandson to Wen Li, and the hospital. After the derailment of Qi Zhi, she can't bear to blame, and it is not enough tolerance. Even, she always felt that Wen Li dragged the hind legs and ruined her son's long future.

She always thinks her son is a pro, her grandson is a pro, and Wen Li, it is a nanny when I get it, I can't use it. Always until she died, she is all.

After death.

After the funeral of the mother, Qi Zhi was quiet for a long time.

You can wait until the night is quiet, he is sitting on the sofa of the living room. Because he knew that after his mother died, he was no longer possible with Li Tianjiao.

As solemn, he didn't feel emotion, but Wen Li took care of his mother, giving his mother to the end of the end, he also planned to stop.

He intends to listen to my mother.

This is in the original, and in the TV series, after his mother died, he still smiled and took Li Tianhao, he even told Li Tianjia, he had her heart.

In the original, when Wen Li can't stand the way, when Qi Zhi once again mentioned the mother, Wen Li crashed:

Don't mention! Mom said that men are like this, she let me endure, let me leave a way home. I have been tolerated, I have been tolerated in the past few years, I sent my mother, I brought a big child, I told you, I can't help it now, I am enough, I don't want to suffer again, I have to be subject to this. You don't want to cover your mother, you think anything, you understand.

What is it in my heart?

He is thinking, he is also impossible to Li Tianhao, his mother left a consequence, he will let it go with Wen Li. However, his heart is thinking, he wants to think about Li Tianhao, always thinking, can't sleep at night, in the living room.

The mother died, no one can brainwash the brain. Wen Li finally asked the most critical diploma? Her endurance these years, she has to endure?

Another point must write out:

When Qi Zhi's heart has Li Tianjiao, she is not a son who is painful, let her son climax, but directly point to Wen Li, she does not ask for mistakes, she only wants to stream tears. Daughter-in-law forgive.

Why is it cruel, why is it selfish, and Qi Zhi actually desperates with the mother's words to suppress smooth, so that Wen Li continues to have his heart.

Qi Zhi may forget, who is the mother.

He didn't ask himself to treat Wen Li, cherish the sweetness, but wanted to let Wen Li continue to tolerate him according to his aesthetics.

And this is also a place I think is the coldest place:

He didn't care about his mother, he didn't care about his mother, he was not around him. He didn't think it was a mother, and he was only thinking about Li Tianjiao. He actually because he didn't die in his night, staying in the boudoir with Li Tianhao, and suffering.

When it is, a sigh.

Women are don't brainwash them in this life.

"Double-sided glue" Li Yaping's mother wants to give a wife, Hu Lijuan, unfortunately failed. So she conducted her son to live and killed Hu Lijuan.

When Wen Li in "Golden Marriage", what kind of anti-spirit, but under the brainwashing of the mother, she completely became a bad wife, obviously is not right, but she wants to endure, she Go home way to Qi Zhi.

These two mother-in-law have two common:

One is that they are willing to give their families as a day, and they regard themselves as a nanny, even slaves.

The other is that they feel their son, even the daughter of the Emperor Emperor is unable to match. And the daughter-in-law is afraid of having money, even if there is a beautiful, even if you have your own career, in front of their son, it should be a state of despicable and end tea.

They are very good at using people's tones, tell you that women should like this, only this is a good woman, in order to maintain the unity of families. Do not believe, you look at them, they are so endured.

More tragic is, sometimes it may not be a mother-in-law, but a mother.

And no matter who, women must remember, don't be brainwood by them. When someone makes you endure pain, when you accept harm, you don't want to think, you will reject it. She is willing to accept harm, that is her ignorance, you learn to resist, that is your awake, you are protecting yourself.

More importantly, we must not change others to our harm, it should be improved.

The most unencquered point in "Golden Marriage" is:

Qi Zhi always does not feel wrong with himself. His mother contracted his mistakes. His wife endured his mistakes. His children took the consequences of his mistakes, and he love Li Tianjiao, a realistic that everyone can accept.

I am really filled with this ending.

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