Why is the saying go to the door, not a half?Come over and tell you 2 meanings

"Be home, non-half-text" is a reflection of the relationship between marriage, and the inquiry is a relative relationship without blood. Everyone knows is that children are family. That is, a man is a kind of expression of the husband, the mother or the woman's father-in-law, mother-in-law. "Narker" is not worth the money.

According to the child's family, although there is no blood relationship, it is also a relative relative relative, why will it be worth it? This has to start from ancient social characteristics.

Why do men parents do not value the door?

It is said that "the water that is married, the water is splashing". In ancient times, once the daughter went to the husband's home, he must follow the female morality of "Going to the husband", can't go back to the mother, and the mother is not easy to go.

If the husband is thin, the daughter is wronged in the family, and it can only be swallowed. However, if the woman is always on the door, the daughter will inevitably tell yourself, even if you don't say, as your parents can see it from her words and deeds.

And these are men who are unwilling to let the women know, fear that they are accused, and they are afraid that the family will clarify the relationship between the couple, of course, is not willing to come home.

In the society of men and women, men and women are often good for men's families. After the marriage, the son-in-law will take her mother to return to her family, usually two less people. Parents have a woman's door, and there is a letter or a letter.

If you personally come to the door, you may have something to do, it may be poor uncovering the pot, or you will borrow silver, or eat it, and the man will naturally not give good face.

Why is the female parents regard the door is not worth it?

After marriage from the daughter, the female parents may visit the daughter, or the daughter, or the daughter, etc. to visit. But the male parents, sons, daughter-in-law, Suner are around you, there is no reason to come to the woman. If there is anything in the women's family, it is only necessary to come to see it, don't have to be alarmed.

But there is a situation that will be exceptional, that is, Xing Shi is guilty. The ancient women should follow the three from the four Germ, if the woman does not comply with the woman in the husband, at this time, the in-law will come to the door and the female parent's theory, of course, is the "crime".

When the woman's parents saw the home of the family, the heart will fight, and I will guess the first time, is it wrong in her daughter? If the daughter is committed to the "Seven", it will be taken back to the mother. At this time, I am afraid that the family is to notify this.

To know, the woman who is not obedient in ancient times will be caught by people, and they will be accused of with their parents. After all, it is "the child who is not". " In this case, the female parents are of course not wanting to go home.

However, social development has so far, this "home home, non-half-text" is a fundamental transformation.

Now the man is not easy to marry a wife, which dares to say a break like ancient times. There is contradiction between the husband and wife, sometimes I have to ask my father-in-law to come to the door. At this time, the male parents seeing the family is naturally a smile.

In the case of the wife's temper, I am not happy to return to my mother. The male parents have to bring their sons, bring gifts, accompany their smiles to the female home to go, three, please, afraid that the female parents will be difficult, this is completely in the ancient times. One.

Nowadays, many young couples are all singles, and they will receive a piece of parents to eat a meal. The friends in both sides are also in harmony, there is no "family to go to the door, not a half-text".

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