The world's most famous small three: that grabs Kami, Diana husband, after the King of the British king

Talking to it seems to have no relationship with us, but think about it, it is worth thinking about the gossip:

The world's most famous royal gossip scandal should be the "Three Marriage" of the British Prince Charles, Wang Hao Diana, lovers Kamilla?

Dai Yu died for many years, has always been a British and many of the world's favorite royal family; and the other two of the shame column have been nailed to have a major progress: Charles and Camilla will be officially become the UK. After the king of the king.

The first two days, the 95-year-old British Queen Elizabeth II, sent a speech in Platinum, celebrated himself in the 70th anniversary.

The long standby queen, walked 13 British Prime Minister (current Prime Minister Johnson is the 14th), 13 US President (current president Biden is the 14th), last year, I sent a 99-year-old husband. Seeing that the body is gradually unable to support, starting to prepare for the retreat.

In this statement, she clearly said that the throne will pass the throne to Charles prince - this is not unexpected, although this supermarine prince is 73 years old.

It's a little unexpected, and we want to talk about today. For the future of Camila, the Queen also expressed clearly: I hope she will become the king.

She is a king, she is not the king? Is this strange?

have. First of all, from the royal rule, "Queen" is not a "identity" that will naturally owns naturally, it is a "title" that needs to be crowned.

Of course, most of this will not have any waves. In general, the Queen will be crowned with the king. Wang Hao naturally upgrades to a queen.

But the problem is that there is a problem between Charles and Camila, and it is a problem that the people of the world know - and the "three marriages" between Wang Diana, Charles prince support has been very low. Also let Camilla become a famous third party, the most annoying woman of the people of the entire UK.

In order to calm the people, when Diana and Charles were divorced, the British royal family promised that "Wales" was always in Dai Anna.

In 2005, Kamira and Charles were married, the royal family also said that Camilla would not be called "Wang Hao", but "with a" accompany ", can only be called" Cornwall Duchess ". In the future, Charles succeeded, she could not be a king.

Now, not only the Queen's public statement is to be Kamilla, and the big son of Diana, the future of the throne, the prince of William, said that it supports the Queen's decision.

And the British people who have a strong filter in Diana, against the sound is more supported by everyone to support, 28% of people oppose, and 17% don't matter.

From the year, almost 99% of the people who were strongly opposed or even died, they were shouting. Now, they don't say that the expectations are returned, and they are almost turned over by black turning powder; two princes that are angry at the wedding, now I can be calm and sitting Chat together.

More importantly, Camilla also has a deep love, status and love double harvest of Charles for decades. In this case, Kamira is also a happiness.

Looking back in seeing that these years will find that this woman is there really a point worth learning.


Main contradiction

Camilla sketched on a very important reason is that she has almost unmissed these years.

In addition to attending some official occasions with Charles, she will do some charity. She almost will not appear in front of the public, and there is no negative news.

And these two years, the British royal family is scandal: The Queen's second son Andrew is involved in the Epstein case, accused xing qin girl; here, Harrygen roots ran to the United States to talk about the royal family The people of the British people are bother to be bored by these "not Xiaozi".

There is such a pig team friend, and a low-key to almost invisible person is a lot of cute.

Our outsiders look, it may feel this: a small three upper position is Wang Hao, the low-key should be it!

However, what is the point of view of Camila?

She is also from the top society, I have a good time when you are young, the character will be lively, and you will play, and a lot of pursuit. At the age of 23, she met Charles, in love. At that time, Diana was only 9 years old. After seven years, he will meet Charles.

The royal family is not full of Kamilla, Charles is forced to marry Diana. Charles put a wife like Diana, and he took the sky and he would not with her. One year after her divorce, I also divorced Diana. Then, with the royal and external public opinion, it has been married with her.

Everyone can think of Kamira's mentality: she may not be self-defensed, but may even be very wronged, clearly, clearly, and Charles love each other, clearly, it is the one that is dismantled, and finally the most The fierce or yourself.

In such a mentality, she can still be low-key, not to do more to prove the behavior of their identity, is actually very difficult. Many people can't do it.

Especially the kind of person who is incomplete, turning is turning the upper position, I will especially want to clean it, prove my identity, then do a lot of small actions, do more wrong.

A typical example, we haven't talked before, the former world must be Beszos and the current girlfriend Sanchez (their story point here). Basically, it is confirmed that it is double-married derailed, then the respective divorce will be together, and it is nothing wrong with Charleskarmira. They are not a royal family that needs to be in the name of the name, and they have not given the ex-wife of the ex-wife, such as the same tragedy in Diana, but they are now the current style, really quite poor.

The most important reason is that the two ladies are too high-tech. It's a little meaning, and many times, I don't have the things that are not described by the next second.

Also don't say Shi En love is their freedom - know that you will be concerned by the media, it is deliberate, and it is very enjoyable.

They are just that they want to use such actions to prove, they are not derailed because of the bad quality, it is really encountered a soul companion, the only true love, so it is difficult to help, bravely chase.

As a result, everyone saw it, and he was spicy and spicy.

If Kamira and Charles are married, in order to give themselves, I will go to such a strong show, I have been can't be can't. How did the Queen want to pave the son, or no matter the public opinion, forcibly enhance the identity.

It is good to think very well in Camilla, what you want - is not the evaluation of her outside, but Charles's love and maintenance, is the identity of the Queen and the royal family. It is a queen for his future.

The main goal of finding the main contradiction, there is also a plan and method - low-key, cooperation, payment, stability, reducing the feeling, the royal family will accept her, and Charles will also be more distressed.

At the moment, I will pay more, in order to longer and more considerable benefits, it is not considered to be lost in one city, and the long line is catching big fish.

Many people don't know this, when they can't control their emotions.

For example, when a boyfriend does not respond to the message, don't suffer from the loss of the serial Call. When you ask him; when the boyfriend said that we are calm, you have to be more calm and more reasonable, don't cry, you will ask "Do you not ask? Love me "; when a boyfriend is an apologized, don't always be a problem, I don't want to make him.

Doing so, there is no help for problem solving a little help, it will only make the two contradictions.

Does the girls don't understand? got it.

But they are noisy, they are going to be entangled, because they are too angry, just want to vent their dissatisfaction; this thought is too strong, so that they can afford it if they don't care, they can bear it. Anyway, this grievance is not affected.

Nothing is wrong. Just say, the lost is constant. You are here, you must have something to lose.

Just think what you want most about.

Have a clear

Enemy me

I have always been particularly poor to Charles and Camila's husband and wife, but more.

It is true that they are wrong, derailed, hurt others, this is not white.

But every time they see them, the muddy eyes, natural intimate body language, for decades such as one day, have to admit that people are probably true.

The body will not lie. Charles and Diana are almost no smile, it is unwilling to see more from it.

If the royal family is not so strong, I agreed to let him be together, there may be not so much trouble.

Many people are 妃: On the foreign table, Diana Bikamiraqi strongly enters several streets, is Charles?

This is very interesting. Is it worthwhile to be love only?

The reason why love is great, because it is wonderful. You are good, someone doesn't love you, just don't love you.

So, ask for terrible. Don't doubt yourself, not you are not good enough, is that he is not right.

Our energy is limited, for those who don't like their own, it is better to love their own people. After Dianna wanted to open, did you live with love?

Honestly, these three people, in the initial time, the victims under the royal row; just later, Charles is more greedy, choose [must also have], otherwise, he can spend the royal family Mirase.

But for Camilla, although Charles's weakness and greed, it was one of the reasons why she was embarrassed; but compared with the forced and public opinion accusation is her real enemy.

Charles, she can not only blame, but should also be a firm comter friend who should fight against the outside world.

These years, she did this, almost no dissatisfaction with Charles. Before married, there is no girlfriend, a little bit of testing; after marriage, Anan is divided by his wife and work hard.

Only in 2014, I have been divorced once, and I can't come. In the first two years, some media said that they have dimmed the agreement. But according to the current look, it should not change.

Is it still not difficult? That is that you didn't got into Camilla angle: the friend who has been in love has listened to the opinions of the family, and quickly married other women; I went to the local lover after marriage, share him together; things were also exposed, let me He was smashed by people in the world, he couldn't help me, I can't explain, I can only stand silently, once, I was already awkward. In this case, how many girls can never blame the man who is not blamed?

Why can't you fight my family? Why can't I give up everything for me? Why can't I protect me unreal?

Many girls suffer from the problems of my mother-in-law and buddy, because this mentality.

Behind your mother-in-law, my buddy is old to find him to play games, don't accompany you, you are angry to die, and you will lose your temper against men.

The man will immediately comfort you, help you, but there are more times, he also begins to bother, start disappointing you. You have a big counter with him, I found that he is also reliable, and it is also bullying you with others. You suddenly discovered that you have become an alien, isolated and helpless.

You have only a friend of a boyfriend, and you complain once again, and push him to the enemy camp.

This is not a problem with him enough. Instead, men are also people, and they have temper, and they need love, and there will be a lot of things that can't be caught, and they don't want to be blind.

At the beginning, the love, no maintenance, only consume, and it will finally fade.

Discover? This is still a question of "I understand but I am can't control myself."

Great people teach us, trying to win, we must unite all power to unite.

This sentence, everyone can think fine.

Finally, summarize today's focus.

First of all, insert the marriage, the marriage is shameful, no to wash.

Second, love is generated, there is no reason to speak. Some people don't love you, don't mean you are not good enough. Don't ask why, just like some people love to eat parsley, some people love to eat durian, there is no reason.

Third, many times, find the goals and enemies, more important than hard work. The direction is wrong, the more effort is wrong.

Fourth, emotional stability is a very valuable property that helps you see your own situation, what should I do, should not do, less walking.

Fifth, emotional stability is not letting you ask you, don't lose your temper, but don't send your temper that is useless and dragging legs.

Sixth, of course, can you want to do it, why do you want to do it, you can bear the consequences.

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