The mother was missing for 20 years, and the old people in the village said secrets. Six children were kneel: my silly mother.

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Fu Shu and his five sisters and took the children back to the village.

February each year, they will take their children home for a few days in the village. In fact, they have moved to the city for many years, the house is the home of several of their brother and sister later asked people to re-build three-story house.

The most original tile-roofed house, uninhabited since then collapsed in the wind and rain in the sun.

T-Fu joked that they ah, come back often to find childhood memories, afraid to forget.

Every time they came back, he would give the village children and the elderly to buy a lot of gifts, a one to get past. T Fu Chang channel, not forgetting people.

So the village people, both adults and children or the elderly, are very fond of them.

There is always the old man said that if the mother is still blessing Uncle, do not know how to enjoy life! Six children are so sterile! Most of these words is carrying Fu Shu said, but sometimes blessing can still occasionally hear t.

He also always think, ah, if the mother is still good, she will certainly be very good fortune, children and grandchildren, mother's favorite baby.

But Uncle Fu mother gone, his mother has been missing for two decades.

Somehow, people can not find.

Fu-tert-six children at home, he is the boss, the following are five sisters. Fu Shu father forties left, strange to say, his four uncles, no one can live to be fifty years old.

Of course, this is the people in the village and later often bored just talking about the topic.

Fu t-father to go that year, the family has three sisters not an adult. A mother who brought up their six children very hard, but the mother had nothing to complain about.

Fu t-memory mother was a very gentle person, she is not tall, life is very busy, busy busy working the fields but also things at home, rarely stop.

Fu t-naughty child, often followed by a group of children climbing trees up the hill, a few days will not wear new pants broke. Then mother always sat at the door of the peach tree, pick a needle, threading, sewing.

Children at home, there is often delicious, always eat their own mother. He asked his mother, his mother said, I grew up not like to eat them, you eat and sisters. They also believed that time small.

He thought his mother for many years the most like to eat leftovers. Because the family's leftovers, my mother always scrambling to eat.

There the mother was wearing a plaid shirt, it is her favorite clothes.

But these things, mostly only blessing t often think of it. Probably the biggest reason is because of his so extraordinarily deep memory of these things.

Later, the children all grew Fortunately, six children have a filial than one village people say her mother also regarded as the rain comes.

The statement is less than a few years, Fu's mother is not in the tertiary, searching to no avail.

No one thought, coming back this time, Fu Shu and sisters to find his mother's grave. Six siblings often kneel grave: My stupid mother ah!

His mother, the same as before stupid, only what children think, do not think for themselves.

The village has an old man, and a blessing t-mother grew up together, the two were childhood sweethearts. The old man would have said that when the mother's blessing to marry Uncle, Chennai Hefu Shu's mother likes someone else.

Later, the two will each married, the old man's wife had gone years ago. Looking back, blessing than a year tertiary mothers leave early.

The elderly this year to go, and went away, he gave a blessing and tertiary five sister told a secret, siblings six people this year to know the truth of the matter.

Fu t been in poor health of the mother, the children did not grow up thinking a few years ago, turned out to be relying on a fresh stuck with it. Later, watching the children have grown up, the body is also more bad.

Fu t-eighth year of marriage, seeing the mother's body as one day. Fu t go to the hospital with his mother watched, then cure requires a lot of money, and may at any time again.

Fu Shu and five sisters discuss the decision in any case, we have to cure her mother's illness say.

But at that time, six of them are not good conditions for siblings, three sisters are not married yet. Where to take out so much money, so the tertiary Xinyi Heng Fu, it is not, I put the house sold.

The house is a blessing t hard-earned only ten years, five sisters do not agree, Fu Shu said: I am the older brother I have the final say, so be it, parents can not sell the old house.

But not wanted, these words are a blessing t-mother heard. So she found the old man in the village: "I feel myself not live long, you can not add a burden to the children after I die, you find a place to bury me on the line.."

Since then, the mother disappeared.

"My stupid mother ah!" Fu t Zaidao. Unfortunately, no amount of words, after all, also have no one to tell.

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