In 2016, Zhejiang's mother-in-law Zhang Lanzhihua 150,000 murderous people, the reason: she is too kind to my son

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The Spring Festival in 2016 has not been over for a long time, and the fashionable atmosphere is still filled.

In the early morning of the spring, Ahua has early morning running. At that time, I was still bright, and I saw a "humanoid item", thinking is a waste-abandoned plastic model, and I have not very concerned about it. I will drag "it" to the big tree next to the empty layer, so as not to hinder pedestrians Peers.

A sanitation worker Apo has passed, ready to throw this waste into the sanitation car. At this time, the model suddenly oozes a lot of blood. Apo is frightened, shouting: "God, this is not a plastic model, you have lived!"

The deceased is known as Zhao Yang (pseudonym), women, 34 years old, the occupation is a nurse, just moved to this community. After forensic identification, the belly of the deceased and the thoracic double knife, resulting in the abdominal artery and the following arteries, a large amount of bleeding, and died on the spot.

The police quickly launched actions, first go to Zhaoyang's home to inquire.

When the deceased husband Wu Wei (pseudonym), when he heard the news, he was unbelievable. He asked several times if it was wrong. I asked many times, as if I asked a few times, I can determine this is not true. of.

When I finally saw Zhao Yang's body, he couldn't help but cry.

Because the forensic has been identified, Wu Wei can take Zhao Yang to take Zhao Yang. But at this time, Wu Hao's mother Zhang Lange (pseudonym) is very intensely opposed. She felt that Zhao Yang was murdered and made her unwage.

Not only that, but there is no grief on her face, it is very calm.

Zhang Lai's performance made the police a suspicion.

They then surveyed the cell monitoring video. Despite the lack of monitoring of the case, the case was not fully recorded, and the recorded records showed that Zhang Lanza and a man who lived in Zhao Yang in the morning.

Under the combination of two, the police quickly listed Zhang Lai as a key investigation.

Next, the police visited the neighbors of the community. He focused on the neighbors near Zhao Yangjia and Zhang Lanzhi, and learned from the neighborhood, Zhang Lanzhi and Zhao Yang have a very bad relationship. Especially Zhang Lai Zhi treats this attitude.

In combination with all parties, the police quickly determined that Zhang Lan Shi was the suspect who killed Zhao Yang. After obtaining full evidence, Zhang Lanza was arrested.

What kind of hatred, let the mother-in-law Zhang Lan Zhi have such a "hand" to her daughter, still spending 150,000 to buy a murder?

Things, you have to discover your husband from Zhang Lange.

First, her husband is derailed, she poured all my love on her son.

Zhang Lan Zhi is not a lucky person.

In the early years, because of the poor of the family, she was given to someone who came home to her own. Fortunately, the parents stay like a person, and there is no more difficult and hardships in the growth process. However, the shadow that is abandoned by the parents, always can't wait in her heart.

After adulthood, she married Wu Jia Li, gave birth to a cute son, named Wu Wei. Originally they should be a complete family, life, despite their plain, but should also be warm. Can Wu Jia Li's derail, but gave Zhang Lange as a good!

At this time, Wu Hao was still in the tooth degrees, Wu Jiali's betrayal of the family made Zhang Lange in a deep unenray. In order to continue to raise your son, Zhang Lan Zhi cried, but eventually did not choose divorce.

She chooses to continue to support this family with Wu Jiali, although it has been broken.

At the same time, in order to retaliate, she does not let him approach her son. Once Wu Jia Li and his son are playing together, she will explode, and they will fight the family. Therefore, in the eyes of the neighbors, Wu Jiali has always been shadow.

Such a family atmosphere can be extremely suppressed. Zhang Lai Zhi's love and care of his son, all transformed into an extreme control.

Wu Hao, who grew up, wanted to escape such an atmosphere. He determined himself to be the Lord.

In Zhang Lange's eyes, his son is handsome, the career is stable, and it should be with a more perfect girl. She began to plan many of their sons early, and set a house for him, but also made a lot of friends to introduce him.

Wu Hao likes to get a gentle and generous Zhao Yang, and the object introduced to this door is outside the door. However, Zhang Lan Zhi also can't see this daughter-in-law, think she is too old, the length is also general, the body is still short, and the shortness is not to her meaning.

For this matter they have an air, Zhang Lan Zhi is screwing this son. Wu Jiali also saved the money to let them set a wedding, and they also invited many friends and family to come to participate. At this time, no matter how Zhang Lan Zhi is noisy, things have been fixed. In this way, Zhao Yang entered the door, and a family was short-lived.

Just under this calm appearance, hidden the turbulence.

Second, the 公 公 quarrel, the daughter-in-law discovered the secret of the mother-in-law

After marriage, Zhang Lanzi is thinking, or decided to move to the wedding room of his son, live with his son. In this regard, the daughter-in-law Zhao Yang did not expose. She thinks that she should take care of her mother-in-law and have not thought of too much.

Can Zhang Lan Zhi, you have to be in this small family, and you will not be as simple as it: she faintly felt that her son paired his father, since his father was unfaithful, his son did not see more. When he is tired of this Zhao Yang, I will try to pay attention to my mother. In February 2012, Wu Wei and the son of Zhao Yang were born. The arrival of the new life has brought a different breath, Zhang Lanza is also short-lived in happiness.

She is surrounded by her son and her grandchild every day, but the attitude of Zhao Yang is an anticipation. During this time, Zhao Yang has been in the hospital in the hospital, returning home is also a stuffy, and if there is no, if there is anything in the home, it is always a good job.

Sometimes Zhang Lai Shi will also find some, 上 阳 two sentences. Zhao Yang began to do our best to his mother-in-law. In order to discuss her, she will buy some new clothes for her mother-in-law. Zhang Lan Zhi never received a relationship.

Zhao Yang has always felt particularly depressed, but she has never been a complaint, only once I can't help but spit on my social account: "Selfish people!"

Despite this, the days after marriage still makes it feel very happy.

Wu Wei went to work in the business unit and stabilized, and went home with his wife and went home with his wife. He sent a brand-name bag to Zhao Yang, which made Zhao Yang colleagues and friends.

But the calm life is still broken.

Zhao Yang's parents have distressed daughters, have been in the evening class in the moon, which is too bad for the body. So they trocked the relationship, let Zhao Yang have changed the white class, so a family of three is more regulatory.

But Zhang Lanza is not willing to see all this. Looking at the son and daughter-in-law, such as the beginning, a small family is happy, she is more unwilling.

At this time, she made a "wonderful" move, even ran to the hospital to ask the nurse to arrange the night shift to Zhao Yang. This makes Zhao Yang's colleagues shocked!

Zhao Yang's parents heard that this was very angry afterwards, but the son-in-law Wu Wei was obvious to his daughter, and they did not think that the divorce was a good choice. Therefore, Zhao Yang's mother still advised her to move out, as long as she couldn't live together, she would not have so many contradictions.

The idea is very good, it is difficult to implement it. When Zhao Yang is still hesitating, she found a secret secret. This makes her decided to resolutely move out.

One day, Zhang Lanzhi and Wu Jia Li were quarreled at home. Wu Jia Li excited to accuse Zhang Lan Zhi is a vicious woman because she kill her mother!

They thought that there was no talent in the house so unscrupulous. In fact, when I took a vacation, I took a shock secret because of Zhao Yang, who was in the bedroom, but I heard this shocking secret.

I didn't expect my mother-in-law so happy! Another afraid of Zhao Yang couldn't help but talk to his parents. I didn't expect her father to listen to it. He just sighed, he told his daughter. He once heard Wu family's news in front of Zhao Yang. At that time, Zhang Lan Zhi may have rumored to her mother, and did not expect this to be true.

There is a rumor that Zhang Lan Zhi once brought her raised mother to live. Her rage is already a lot of years old, and her eyes are not good, they are still sick.

At first, Zhang Lai also tried to take care of her for a while. But his husband is very poor, in order to retain her husband's heart, she sent her mother to her home, and he rented a house to her.

But gradually, the husband's attitude makes her more and more feel that this mother is dragging. When he was sick again in the mother, she fed her mother, she fell asleep forever. Although Wu Jia Li felt a bit embarrassed, it was also very calm.

In order to avoid my neighbors, Zhang Lan Zhi still go out to hide for a few days, waiting for the words and words, he is back.

This is already an old thing in a more than ten years ago. Zhao Yang's father did not tell her daughter, I was afraid that she had an impact on her marriage. When I was married, Zhao Yang was 28 years old. If there is anything more, it may be difficult to find her like Wu Wei, and the conditions are still not bad. He still suggests that the daughter moves out as soon as possible.

In fact, I don't have to say that Zhao Yang has already set this idea. Going home, she will go down to Wu Wei: either move out, divorce!

The wife who has always been gentle and wide suddenly puts forward this requirement, and Wu Hao is still a bit. But he understands that the contradiction between his wife and his mother is not adjustable, or decided to move out of the house with his wife from new marriage, and live a house.

Due to the urgency found, the house they find is not good. The second-hand housing is not said, and the staff of the four weeks have been more complicated. The accumulation of their hand is not enough, this is already only 400,000 yuan they can take out.

Listening to the young couple said that he would move, Zhang Lange became hysterical. She fell at home and fell, and she fell a clean, but also pointed to her son. "I am a white nurse! You have a wife to throw the old lady."

When I heard this sentence, Wu Hao hesitated. He decided to determine the plan with Zhao Yang to determine the movement of moving.

Zhao then impatient, but still compromised. She did not mention that pile secret of her mother and her husband. The one she did not have conclusive evidence, just an old married couple accidentally let slip, Wu paper cutters will not necessarily letter; and secondly, she was afraid to give birth to the couple rift, or at this critical juncture. Thought to want to, she can keep an eye excuse to decorate the house, and took the opportunity to hide out, reducing the chance and meet her mother. And Zhang Lanzhi daughter from being evasive attitude, but also goods out of some of the wrong flavor: I'm afraid that day she and her husband quarrel has been listening to the daughter, she now knew the secret to kill the mother.

Daughter know this does not matter, can not let his son know about it. Always regarded as a thorn in the side of her daughter, and sometimes give birth to a bad idea.

Third, grab his son and daughter, actually contract killings

Zhang Lanzhi and community neighbors weekdays also made many contacts, and sometimes talk about neighborhood gossip, in short parents talk about what each other. She told a neighbor she just wanted to kill daughter, neighbors fact, did not personally. Well, then a fit of anger, mostly when not true.

Zhang Lanzhi of evil may be true, which caused a vagrant wandering in the vicinity of the attention.

The man's name is Zhao Ping. He took the initiative to find Zhang Lanzhi, asked her if she really wanted to kill his own daughter.

Identified Zhang Lanzhi really like this idea, he called his friend Zhao Jianguo introduced to Zhang Lanzhi. And, like Zhao Ping, Zhao Jianguo is a vagrant, much work all day long wanted to Gao Qian, also want to leave the right path, which coincides with Zhang Lanzhi goal touches.

Anyway, so-called daughter did not also be a change, but also his dislike for so long to get rid of people. Zhang Lanzhi is With this in mind, nothing more than ten years ago will do it again nothing.

Soon they worked out a plan.

Zhao people complex near the new home, it is best disguised as robbery and murder, so as not to cast doubt Zhang Lanzhi head. Zhao Jianguo well-organized plan, let Zhang Lanzhi very satisfied.

To facilitate the start, Zhang Lanzhi uncharacteristically agreed to let the couple moved to a new home.

Then she turned Zhao Jianguo advance to 50,000, and gave him to buy a small electric car. Zhao Jianguo, did not live up to her expectations, riding a small electric car every day to check out the location near Zhao lived, soon find out her action law, set a good start with the most appropriate time.

But when everything is ready, only a thin when it started to move, Zhang Lanzhi hesitated. After all, contract killings, this is not a trivial matter.

Until the end of 2015, Zhang Lanzhi still hesitant.

Son of a circle of friends can show loving behavior, left her completely "crazy."

In early 2016, Zhao Wu paper cutters and a three mouth to Nanjing to play, the way family enjoyable, very happy. Zhao Yang Wu paper cutters and is photographed a lot of intimate photos, loving husband and wife very deep feeling too good to be enviable.

Zhang Lanzhi saw was jealous, she could no longer bear it, decided to wait for them to come back as soon as practical.

February 16 morning, Zhang Lanzhi and Zhao Yang Zhao Jianguo came downstairs.

Zhang Lanzhi called to tell Zhao: she brought something to give them. So late to send things is a bit strange, Zhao mind some muttering but did not say anything, just outside pajamas sets a coat on the stairs.

Just one appearance, Zhao Zhang Lanzhi will be identified out, Zhao Jianguo stepped forward without hesitation pierced the number of knife. Zhao sent a faint cries for help, but no one has been able to hear. Soon, she fell in a pool of blood, stopped breathing.

A fresh life so gone.

In order not to be found in people, Zhao Jianguo Zhang Lanzhi to take a handle to carry the corpse hidden area, then calmly went to Wu paper cutters home, accompany grandchildren to play with. After dawn still holding grandson to go to market together to buy food.

Zhang Lanzhi strong psychological quality, can be a stronger police investigative capacity.

Originally she thought that this could muddle through, I did not expect just a few days, the police took "silver bracelets" on the door. That night, on the highway Shangqiu City, Henan Province, Zhao Jianguo perpetrators at large also was arrested. Matchmaking for the case of Zhao Ping, also in jail.

Among the trial, Zhang Lanzhi confessed to their crimes, to shift all the blame all the blame to her husband. Her husband is a crazy accusations no virtue, duplicitous, as the smiling tiger people, stimulate her, hurt her, prompting her to do this thing has become.

Zhao said she is not wrong, she married her own son.

She said she was sorry son, repeatedly apologized to him, causing him to lose a maternal love. Zhang Lanzhi be left to Wu paper cutters, is it love? She made him crazy guilt, his remorse, he lost two loved ones harm, which led him to lose from a happy family.

From out of the interrogation room, she saw his eyes are dead son getting out of the inquiry room. Throughout her son can not look at her.

Fourth, conclusion

- law and is not common. Can for their son because of love and jealousy killed the daughter, but it is a very extreme behavior.

Zhang Lanzhi marital woes, she will make all the feelings and concerns are on their own son, but because of lost sense of proportion, derived from the extreme control freak. This is not a healthy maternal love, not that we normally praise of selfless maternal love, is an extreme and selfish feelings.

Zhang Lanzhi personality trauma stems from a restless. This anxiety comes from the childhood trauma Zhang Lanzhi abandoned by his parents, from the trauma of her betrayed husband.

After this kind of trauma, she can't treat this pain correctly, can't make self-healing, can only send his own son, regard him as a unique pillar.Once the son has another important person, she will find ways to destroy their feelings.Maybe a woman is really a natural enemy, but in any case, the murder is finally big.The sky is restored, and Zhang Lange is also difficult to escape the legal sanctions.

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