A 36-year-old divorced woman's awakening: Qianjin is difficult to buy, divorce nine lessons

Our encounter is a dust in the sea, but a dust refractive sun is the most dazzling. I hope you can talk to you, and I will listen to your voice as the best listener. Ok, here is Jiajia's emotions, I am Jiajia


There may be many mistakes in our life, and it is not a mistake in some hurdles. The marriage will be inseparable from people, and we escape in unfortunate marriages, but also grow.

People are afraid that they are not mistaken, but you are stagnant, don't understand reflection, don't understand grow.

There is only one person in this world who is married, which kind of person? It is those who have never understood reflection and do not change and improve their own.

Zhao Xiao Meng divorced at the age of 36, and the divorce was lingering in her heart. She had a foot feet in her heart. She gave the forefront of more than ten chances, but she didn't wait for any changes to the precursor.

What is the marriage? You want to make life better, but someone is dragging your hind legs. Zhao Xiaomeng made a lot of efforts to work hard, she worked hard, but every time she was pushed down by her husband.

Until the last time I saw the husband and the woman's chat information, Zhao Xiaomeng knew that he lost, she would not have any good results in this marriage, only tortured itself.

Zhao Xiao Meng also told the child, but the child said to her: "I need a happy mother, not my father quarrel all day, I don't want me not."

Also, a family who has no love is not what the child is hoped. The child wants is a family who loves my mother, not my mother is fighting.

If you want to understand a lot, Zhao Xiaomeng decided to divorce, she wants her life to have a new change. When divorced, many people were advised to persuade her, saying that she was 36 years old and didn't young, but she knew that she had a new change in her life through divorce.

Zhao Xiao Meng said: "Divorce is not a failure for her, but let her recover freedom, because the ex-husband is not responsible, she can bear more responsibility, less, there is a man, a man, the day Also too much. "

In fact, this is the case, it is difficult to buy some life growth. Divorce is also growing in Zhao Xiao Meng, and she has reminded her, with nine lessons about marriage.


First: choose your husband to see a person's character

When Zhao Xiaomeng, I ignored the character when I chose my husband. She felt that I had to find a good to her, and people who love you will be good when you feel good, but some selfish will hurt you.

We are inseparable from people, and a good man will not do what hurt people. Don't choose your husband from the garbage, or find a positive man in a line, and those who can't afford it from privacy.

Second: Don't think that a person is worthy of money.

Xiaomei's first marriage has been influenced by the mother, and we must find a rich. But what can I have money? Will you have to have money but not spend your body?

There is a man, they are very rich, but they prevent you everywhere; there is a man, they are rich, but this money is his parents, and the money is sitting on the mountain.

Choose your husband, or you have to look at a person's innerness, see if he is active, there is a very executive plan, otherwise you will have a lot of contradictions.

Third: Women must have their own deposits, still have a career

Zhao Xiaomeng resigned after having a child, which also caused her to be faulty in the economy, no income. I thought that my husband was her strong backing, but she didn't expect to take money from her husband than the sky. She can only save her own money, then wait until the child is two years old and send it into the nursery, and hurry out.

Xiaomei does not earn money, when you eat, you will be very panic, you will have no sense of security, this is a terrible thing.

Fourth: Women still have to rely on themselves

Many women say that a good man is married, but a good man is too small. At any time, good things are very few, relying on marriage, can't rely on, more time you can only rely on yourself.

After the marriage of Zhao Xiaomei, I thought I could rely on my husband, who added to her husband's derailment challenged her bottom line.

Fifth: You can forgive you, but you don't change it, how do I forgive me?

Many men will ask their wife forgive after making mistakes. Ok, people will make mistakes, I can forgive, but forgive it once, you still don't know how to repent, then why do I forgive?

I forgive your mistakes. You don't know, my forgiveness has lost its meaning.

Take Zhao Xiaomei, she was forgived her husband 10 times, but he never felt embarrassment for his own behavior, without any change, so that Xiaomei's heart is getting colder and colder.

Sixth: Women must be rich in marriage

Zhao Xiaomeng became very provinces after marriage, she said that the child is very expensive, but who is these money in the pocket? All make your husband spend other women.

Women are rich in marriage, not only must be in spirit. Don't want to save money, even a mask is not got, even a clothes are not willing to buy, you have to plan yourself.

Seventh: In the marriage, don't take the husband as a loved one.

Women got marriage should not take husband as a relatives, and loved ones can hurt, but they can forgive you, but the husband is revenge. Sometimes I have to pay attention to my emotions, I can't have no temper because of marriage, you look at your husband, but in fact, he has remembered it. Men also revenge, not revenge.

Eighth: What is the emotion of my husband? Bring your child

Some women will have a bad feelings with her husband, and then become a grievance in marriage, but you will find that when you become a grievous, you will hate you.

We must make yourself have a good behavior, guiding children in practice. The relationship between husband and wife can't hold it, bringing a good child or give you hope.

Ninth: Divorce should be cautious, can't succeed

Divorce is a thing that has been thought out after thinking, is not married for a while. Whether at any time, marriage and divorce must be cautious, can't make it, you can make it casual, you get a very casual attitude.

Don't take the marriage as children, and you should be cautious at any time.


After the divorce, Zhao Xiaomeng did not think about it, she only wanted to make money, and then earned money to give a good life.

Marriage is a close cooperative partner. When the partners rebellious, you can only go down. But please remember at any time: Don't feel that you can't go on, you can live in your own life, nothing more than the conditions or difference.

I want to know what you want? It is more independent in thinking and economical, when you get a very positive, your life presents a positive energy, you can also have a small day.

One person is over, two people have passed; when two people can't go, I can pass alone.

The key is to love yourself, when marriage doesn't love you, the man you love doesn't love you, you have to love yourself.

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