"The year passed, don't drag the stomach, promise my mother's condition to do wedding" "I have been engaged"

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Some people find the other half for a feeling, eager to know people.

Some people find the other half just to "get rid of poverty".

Regardless of men and women, there are more and more people who have such an idea.

The hostess in the case, falling into the love traps set by others.

Wen Wen's father is full of blush, and you are welcome to say: "I told you that you have broken this, this man is not a good thing, you believe in Dad's eyes!"

Credit is sitting on the sofa, full of reluctant. She is now able to listen to these, and the brain is to marry her own boyfriend, Zhu Jun.

Speaking of this boyfriend, things will be returned to a year ago, she met Zhu Jun's day.

She just graduated in the summer, I want to wait for the summer to find another job. Wen Wen loves beauty, the economy is still still, if you find your work, it is not worth it.

I blow to the air conditioning movie at home during the day, and I will go to the surrounding snack street to eat something.

On that day, she had five o'clock at home, but her parents didn't come back, and they took the mobile phone.

I ate a big bowl of meat powder in a rice noodle, just when she was prepared to pay the code, they found that the phone did not charge at all.

She is a bit anxious, hurry to ask the store to charge the treasure, she charges electricity and pays. Although the store puts charge treasure to her, this conversation is sitting next to a person to hear.

This is Zhu Jun.

He silently made the bills of the text, and he sat next to it.

After ten minutes, Wen Wen just prepared to scan the code was told by the store already paid, but also referred to the direction of Zhu Jun.

On the side of Site, I went here, she first grateful to Zhu Jun's help, and then I have to give money to Zhu Jun.

Zhu Jun is of course not willing to, but seeing the text very persistently, he said: "Then you will ask me again in the future?"

This sentence makes the text are a bit shy, although she didn't talk about love, but also knows what it means.

The two finally left the powder store, walk in the sunset ...

That time, the two left the contact information, often chatted late at night.

Listening to the daughter's room is still talking in the middle of the night, and my father's heart is a bit uneasy.

They all come over, I know that my daughter is in love.

The literary version is indeed in love with Zhu Jun. Zhu Jun is two years old and is currently working in a foreign company.

Although it is born in the countryside, there is an eye, and it is deeply affected by the boss.

He is born in Hanmen, I have long known the reality and cruelty of society. I know how to understand the color, and achieve my own interests to maximize.

He has also talked about a few love in the university, but he was born because there was no money, and it was already three times.

He didn't have a fantasy for love, just thought about it. And that he helped the text of the article also premedited.

It turned out that the day of the day came into the store, he noticed the brand-name slippers and the latest brand-name mobile phones on her feet.

Take a look at the temperament of the text, not too like a fake goods, this is decisive.

After the chat, quickly grab the preferences and character of the text, letting the text began to fans him.

Wen Wen see is a clean and calm up to boys, but it is not good to say that Zhu Jun arranges.

After the father of the text, he asked her daughter after guessed her daughter.

Simple text is very surprised first, then a big side acknowledged.

When I know the other party is a Phoenix man, my father's brow is slightly wrinkled.

He said that he is not very unlikely; "Wen Wen, you have loved Dad agreed that the other countryside is not. As long as the character is so self-motivated, Dad is also supported, that is, you have to let Dad see it."

I didn't think too much in the text, I promised my father's request.

Zhu Jun and the father of Wenwen were selected in a teahouse. When Zhu Jun, Zhu Jun shouted his father.

The content of the conversation is relatively simple, mainly asked Zhu Jun's future planning and the idea of ​​marriage.

Zhu Jun's answer also dripping water, but his creature movement made the face of the father's face.

After returning home, the father and daughter appeared at the scene. The father said that Zhu Jun had a few times before answering the question, and the eye drops down, which is a thoughtful performance, let the daughter leave early.

But the daughter can't hear it, and it is not to let her marry Zhu Jun.

Knowing the news, I also rushed to the article, when I said in the face of the literary parents: "Uncle Auntie, I am a poor boy. But my mother said that the wife is never vague, the wedding room bought, the gift, our family 100,000, I assure that I have a good text. "

Looking at the daughter wants to die, the parents of the text have only compromised.

I saw a victory, and the text was happy, only my father hid in the room and wiped tears.

Two people are more like a glue, but after a few months, Wen Wen can't laugh. Because she is pregnant.

This news instantly changed all things, first of all, Zhu Jun family said that the color gift and bought a wedding room, and also asked Wen Wen people to get half of the down payment.

Wen Wen learned that Zhu Jun's meaning did not eat a day. Although sad, she is even more afraid of how to explain his parents.

While she refused the request directly to the home of Zhu Jun, as she prepared to find an opportunity with their parents said. After him the cold shoulder Wen Wen Zhu Jun see a little worried, but the mother called to tell him: "Do not worry, even if the woman is pregnant with a child duck into the pot, we see how cutting immediately the New Year, when he can not. you have come to believe it or not. "

The results Zhu Jun and his mother waited for three months did little movement, he could lose my cool, and immediately telephoned Wenwen.

Nobody answered the first call, a second through direct pinch, Zhu Jun very bad premonition.

The third pass was finally picked up, Zhu Junli Ma said:. "Years have passed, do not drag big belly, my mother agreed to the conditions on the wedding it."

Can leisurely Wen Wen said: "You're dreaming, I have dealt with children already engaged, I do not blame my family again bother you left off.."

This time the change Zhu Jun wits, hammer head straight regret ......

In the case of Zhu Jun painstaking, fortunately eventually failed to do so. This tells us that men and women in marriage revelation to understand the following two points.


A: In the feelings and marriage, remember not to petty thoughts.

If a man does not mind playing kind, it will eventually catch up with you.

While playing in the emotional mind, the capacity to make mischief worse than in other areas.

The use of other people's feelings deception, or for their own purposes, is extremely shameful.

One pair of their feelings can not be honest people, not only inferior personality, but also very incompetent.

Not only because these people have no place of social survival skills, low self-esteem also love daydreaming.

We can only rely on deception feelings, so that means low-cost high-return profit.

While this person is not illegal, but the same hateful, hateful.

May be evil, after all, is to accept the price.

They sometimes even if successful, will also catch up with you.

The number of life contained, all in some kind of long decision.


Two: debt owed before marriage and accounted for cheap, often doubling repay to each other in marriage.

I believe that marriage want to take advantage of a lot of people, and both men and women.

Indeed, many people succeed, because the effort spent thinking waste.

But you have to understand that your success is only likely to be a fluke.

The real reason is not how much you have wit, but the other is too simple, so you can fall into the abacus, the

However, I really think that the other side will never grow it.

With the increase of social experience, your thoughts become clearer premarital playing in their heart.

Your debts, and accounts for over cheap, and the other clearly.

When the other party understand react, that is, when you have to repay.

For example, in the case of Wen Wen, after marriage they may react in direct divorced.

Finally, both men and women, the feelings you once found each other when the chips, it will not easily fooled.

Staunch character will choose to separate, even if the encounter timid, will find a variety of awkward after marriage.

Because no one can tolerate his heart, as a bargaining chip to be someone else or transaction.

Such hatred can report the time is certainly to be reported.


I do not know how much truth can a marriage reserved.

Even with all add a lot of love utilitarian.

If you love this world less and less.

That is the real end of the world.

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