Friends do more time and space in addition to chamber, very few words for a lifetime

Dongye Guifu said in his "Solving Grocery Shop": "People always connect with others' life inadvertently." Everyone walking in the crowd always meets some other people, and these people will become friends, some will not. For friends, we always have a good expectation, always thinking very well, thinking is the best friendship between people in the world. I thought that there will be a friend of a lifetime. In fact, we are either too naive, or you have a passion. Perhaps because people are born to be afraid of loneliness, we always work hard to find another in their own people, establish such a collection of intersections, and then become friends. However, once it is far away, I have left for a long time, I will find that the friend who is originally not open, I haven't said a long time. I haven't said that his day is still as not as soon as it is, and I will continue tomorrow. Missing may have, most of them have been over. And because some people are getting closer, get along the time, life will have new friends, the position inside, I don't know when I have been taken by new friends.

If you think about it, a person is from small to large, the growth process has originally included the process of constantly converting a circle of friends. Suddenly understand the so-called friends, the most fundamental actually is interspersed with each other. This intersection is first the time intersection and the intersection of space. Then is the intersection of personality and three and insights. In the same time and the same space, we will meet many people, often pass through, can't intend to pay, one side may be too fast, let others can't keep up; on the other hand is someone else Too fast, we were stayed in place. There is no deep entry between each other. This world has a confidant that is separated from the world, and it is neighbor. However, it must be a big machine, and interest is amazing, three and cognitive opinions are always at the same level. "Life has known your own feet, Schiken is in the same way." Most of them is another mentality, talking to their chicken with duck, to the cow piano, not as far away.

Although three views and cognitive opinions are more likely to become friends, I am afraid that there is no time and space. Time is also very terrible, it will deal with many things. The barrier of space, time long, how many love is so scattered, light, disappeared. Adult communication is really not recommended to be too fast, do not have to exchange trust, trust, do not necessarily change, not to share a secret can become friends. Recall the friends around you, tacit, trust is nothing more than a long time, it is not so urgent. And even if you are heartbeat, others may not want to be friends with you, so it is also a burden on him. In the final relationship, cool, increasing, tiredness is also tired. Some things, I think it is a particular major choice today, but it is so much tomorrow. Some days, it seems that it seems to be normal time, but it has changed our unwittime. It is not so easy to see, and it is too clear to see it. Let a friend or follow it. Give it to the old sky. So why bother, why bother to remember, why is it looking forward to it.

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