After men betrayed the marriage, the wife chose not to cry and don't make trouble, is the most dedicated to men!

As the saying goes, every family has a difficult experience, not only that different people's marriage will have different problems, but also different people have different attitudes in treating marriage issues. The attitude not only depends on the personal character, but also on the environment where the environment is located, so many things in the marriage world are difficult to resolve in the same way.

Just taking the betrayal of marriage, then specifically, taking a man betrayed marriage, some woman's attitude is crying and chatting, this is certainly no problem, because it is a human condition, after all, it is a victim, marriage Holding hopes to break. But not all women are so, some women are not crying.

After being betrayed in marriage, women who don't cry will be divided into two: one is to disappoint the man, no life, feelings, no love; the other is that people are not much, quiet Look at the man in a quiet place, thinking about the countermeasures.

Chinese-style lover, many women are marriage to men. People say: "Female emotions with love is obsessed", it is this obsession, letting them have an illusion, and the sky really thought that men asked for them to do lovers, they were attached to her. Some women stubbornly: "How do you biased me, don't you find someone else?" So, I don't understand how many people in the eyes of the man, started a dream, and the pettyily shameful people have to play a marriage, thinking that since I can give me love, marriage can naturally give it. I think this kind of woman is "a bamboo basket to play an empty air"

In fact, after men betrayed the feelings, women don't cry and don't punish them the most effective punishment.

The most terrible thing is not someone hate you, hate you, the most terrible thing is that someone is not implying you, so the best punishment for men is to ignore them as a transparent person.

Don't always let the man feel that you can ink him, and eventually will only let them get more, after suffering from feelings, women don't want to lose, and more must learn to invest themselves.

Since marriage has no longer existed, I have made my own payment into bubbles. It is better to pay for yourself, there are too many women in the world who don't ask for returns. The last exchange is just a man.

After men betrayed the marriage, the wife didn't cry, and fell. Many people say that this woman is too not worth it. After all, I have made so much for my home.

In fact, a woman does not have to worry about it after divorce, since you have chosen divorce, then the man does no longer have any relationship with you. You want to retaliate, then you will make yourself more powerful.

Men betrayed marriage, the wife didn't cry, but the man is the most dedicated to men! Just let yourself leave him more good, try to make yourself better, live more wonderful than leaving him.

"Destroying a man, just need to indulge him," although it is not possible to do it, it is self-owned.

Betrayed marriage this behavior is a violation of the marriage law, violating moral guidelines, violates the secular, and violates the people. All people betrayed marriage, no matter what you want, you have to worry about these risks.

Betrayal marriage is a non-return, timely returne, people who can escape punishment, but people who are alone, they will be punished in the morning and evening. The woman on the above woman's controversy is, let him get a deeper on a way that is not returned, until he is punished.

Revenge is not the purpose, make yourself better

What is the woman's most deal with a man in betrayal? Undoubtedly, this is the case, don't cry, the cloud is light, let yourself get a good look, no longer rely on the man.

A woman is most afraid of being lost in their feelings, regards men as their own, and there is no life.

Feelings are not always for all, people are hard to measure, even if you are today, you may have all things in tomorrow. The only thing we can control is your own life. You have managed your own, it is the former dealsturns.

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