Let the man pet you as a secret: ""

"Women are not embarrassed, the status is unstable", many people have heard this sentence, many people want to do this, but many people can't do it. Women always want to be a little better to men, and always want to leave the best for men.

Those who have been held in the palm of their hands, not a woman with a man with a man every day, not a woman who is a lot of things for men, but a little cold, don't take the initiative to contact the man.

My university roommate, when I got along with the man, I rarely please a man, will flow more about my body. Many women think that she will not be deeply loved by men, so soon, in fact, she has been very happy, and they are all careful by men, take care.

Roommates always joked "They don't recognize us, I don't think you can match you, what do you see?" Her boyfriend answers this question "I like you like this, I have to marry you home."

Walking on the street, we often see that men are very handsome, women are a bit fat, not too beautiful, but the man's eyes are full of love to women, and have been holding women's hand.

How is a woman conquer the man? rich? able? neither. The woman finds the man's soft ribs and knows the hobby hobby, let the man love to bones, willing to pay all the women.

Women always think that men are very good at home background, men will only take beautiful women. Enter a relationship, women will become unconfident, all kinds of joins.

You are unique, you are noble, you have to confuse yourself. Let the man petted your secret: "".

Can't move too much

Women never lose their temper to men, is it wrong? This problem, many readers have asked me. Whether it is in the usual or quarrel, the woman has no red face.

Men like women, like women with no temper, but you have been paying, I have been grienger, my heart is tired, will hurt.

Before you have a man, you are a parent's heart, and after you are with a man, you should be a man's baby.

With him, he should be responsible for you, you should pet you, let you, instead of letting you steal tears at night.

Two people quarreled, whether your fault is or his fault, let him lose your feelings. You have been, he feels that it doesn't matter, you have to leave, he is flustered.

Men often put "I am a man, I am this temper" hanging on the mouth, but I am afraid that the woman is tempering. Woman, you have to know that men can't be used to it, no matter how deep your love is, don't be used to men.

Can't be too weak

"People are deceived, Ma Shan is riding", and people can't be too honest, can't bear to bear. At work, others pushed you with rotten stalls. You then, others grab your list, you smiled "Nothing", then there will be more colleagues to bully you.

People are like this, bullying is afraid, watching you can bully, you can bully you. I don't have more things to do, they will not be able to say "thank you" for you, they think that you should do this, it is owed.

In the emotion, when the man is tempering you, you dare not talk, men and others say that there is a smile chatting, you don't dare to stop.

He knows what kind of person you are, it will become more and more, it is impossible to let him love you.

If you want others to respect you, you have to pay attention to it, you have to love you deeply. Be a woman who is not good, people around you will look at you high, will take you seriously.

Can't depend

Before you have not adult, live with your parents, it is very dependent on my parents. Anything I want to let my parents go with you. They are on your side, you are very peaceful, they are not on your side, you are very nervous, don't dare to talk.

University, left the city, came to a strange city. At this time, you are particularly dependent on the mobile phone, no matter where you go, hold your phone.

After in love, the man is particularly dependent on the man, I want to stay next to the man, I don't want to be separated from the man, I don't want to see men.

Too much man, not a good thing, if he left you, you will feel unable to live. Men also don't like women who depend on, I want to get the man's love, I want to be parked by a man, don't just rely too much man.


One effort, is awkward, it is difficult to have real love, it is difficult to get the truth of the man.

Humble love, it will become no value, no one will treat you as baby, no one will feel that you can't do it.

Whether it is in life, still in love, you have to pay attention to it, let others think that you are very precious, but also let others know, you are not so bullied.

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