Also let girlfriends do bridesmaid?Three girls in Guangxi helped the bride to block the door and was forced to take away

Adults know that men and women are not pro.

Boys and girls, even colleagues or good friends, if there is no need, there will be no limb contact, which is the basic respect for girls.

But some occasions, the boys can be a big bright, the girl is cheap, the girl can't make temper, it is a heaven of boys.

In a wedding scene in Hengzhou City, Guangxi, the companionship will collectively account for the cheap girl, and forcibly take away the bridesmaid of the door to red envelopes.

Boys: Do you dare to let your girlfriend be bridesmaid?

Is this a nation? Visible a copy.

Things happened in a rural wedding scene in Hengzhou, Guangxi, several bridesmaids in the bride's house, blocked the door with a stool, and did not let the groom and the companion.

This thought that the groom and the companion groom will give the red envelope, or willing to accept the test of the bridesmaid, but they don't have to be discontinued.

Standing in the outermost brides, there is no reaction, just pulled directly by the groom and the companion. The strength of boys is very strong, and girls have no way to resist.

Then, the bridesmaid sitting on the chair is also hugged by another companion.

The last bride's ending is the same, even if it is intentionally does not cooperate, move it, or is held by the princess of the companion, take away.

At the wedding, the Gong Dynasty is very common, but the bridesmaid is voluntary, with a companion.

These three bridesmaids like Guangxi are obviously forced to pose.

In the resistance, girls are difficult to get in touch with the body, or the companion is interested in, the brides can only have the same thing.

Fortunately, the weather is relatively cold, the bridesmaids are more dressed, otherwise really want to eat big losses.

Are they playing games? But such a game, it is too mandatory, don't you participate?

The view of boys is that one is willing to play a wish, there is nothing to say.

To be a bride, most is a single girl, and what can you do with with a game to play games?

Moreover, don't take boys to think of "color wolf", you can't move the girl's cheap. Many boys, even the girls' hands are not too much, they are all gentlemen.

Even if there is a boys who want to be cheap, but so many people look at it, there is no thief with a thief.

What's more, girls are also quite heavy, basically more than 80, the princess is tired.

The girl's point is that there is a boyfriend, or not to be a bride.

Indeed, the current boy girls are relatively released, and the games on the wedding are more and more excitement.

The mouth pair of paper towels, the princess is hit, no exception, the loss is a girl.

It is recommended to have a boyfriend, just as ordinary guests, look at the lively, take pictures, don't participate in the game, save your boyfriend to jealous.

But if you go to a bride, you should be prepared to be prepared for your loyalty, some boys are good, but it doesn't mean that all boys are.

Can only say: The girl should protect himself outside.

The emperor is not urgent to urgently, in fact, we are too harsh.

There is a place in a place, since it doesn't matter if you are with your bridesmaid, if you have fun, we will refer to your point.

Compared to those marriages, such as pushing the mother, spraying the bubble on with the mother, or if it is intentionally occupying the mother, the voluntary principle, there is really no need to spit.

It is worth mentioning that the companion bridescent is single, interact, in fact, it is conducive to them.

If the limit is too dead, the game does not give it, the brides will not give it, and the wedding will become simply tasteless, and the bridesmaid is not able to play the active atmosphere.

As long as you adhere to the voluntary principle, the companionship is not the mother.

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