Another day for forced business

Some time ago her mother lung failure, emphysema, fibrosis, based on fungal infection, was discharged after treatment, symptoms, mycoplasma pneumonia in January and then, after this twice, once was the advanced age of the mother body.

She thought to want to, that is the father at work (my father had died three years), so let Sansao her to find someone to crack, let brother to inquire about the drink recipe with unknown drugs, without authorization stopped drug at discharge opening .

My husband to go home on weekends, she found that the symptoms do not come up with a number of pills, she actually found a few days without medication, and went through the roof and training her meal, home Zhang also angrily put stink face to me.

Yesterday night shift, Sansao a few days ahead and I have an appointment, just my night shift to the day her mother pray (in fact dialect called zou thing is, I do not know how to write the word [Behind his]) she let me attend help early Yisow also took leave of absence from the unit.

Called for help, but in fact the scene is filled personal digital head, and growth momentum about it, after all, my two sister-in-law is a plus niece of veteran, which can spike pull out my [laughs]

However, for an assistant to help, after so many years of their tune, I can be considered a professional. What offerings and production processes as well as by the need to master them, I am responsible for odd jobs.

For example, I see the sister-in-law began to make offerings, I will hasten to need to use the plates, bowls, small sake cup, tea, incense burners, etc. to wash them all put aside spare.

When they went to the kitchen busy, I quickly clean the yard, put the table out in the yard to spare, I was mainly responsible for directing the table, two Boge responsible for the actual execution.

Put away the table, my brother do it again directing paper money, is striking out in a wooden tool coins in the fire lines on paper, as well as the difference between the strike order, each time asked the sister-in-law hosted inside this big fight or out play (that is, the batting order on paper).

I like doing this, however, patriarchal ancestors would not let a woman do this, he said that the woman is not clean, I secretly asked the woman how unclean sister-in-law, and sister-in-law said, because women menstruation is not clean.

True brain burn, women not to menstruation that is not more trouble? Offspring is a problem [laughs]

Clean man born of woman is not it? Really forget our roots [angry]

Sister-in-law had to put Wang Zhuoshang offerings began, I now have to do is find a few Shaohuo, generally based on head count to find, I do not participate, because I believe it is taboo, and made them hold anything against me.

Gracefully offerings, beginning in paper money and gold, and also sub-process side edges talking points, and I really like this part of the process, I listen carefully, but unfortunately the sound is generally small, only to hear: let her eat sweet, smell fragrant rice and other words.

My next thought: old people, taste, smell, gastrointestinal function will be degraded, reducing appetite too normal, however, and there, I have anything against her own mother's cooking that level, how could it eating incense, her son was her true mass, one is cooking slag slag [bared teeth]

I was next to the fugue, Sansao and niece argue, ha ha, really mountain can not be two tigers, formerly Sansao big presided over our family, ten years ago niece door, the rising star of quite menacing Sansao status [laughs ]

Her son because the name of a fairy inconsistent to argue with, I do not know who said it right, not rashly persuade this time, the importance of Sao manifested, Sao spoken language: how zou how yes, how zou how good, as long as sincere, we do not blame the gods.

The meaning is that this thing can do, can do that.

Sansao and niece immediately echoed, quietly resolve a dispute.

Every time such a thing to do with the fire as much paper makes me scared fall bar, this time with four bundles, fire paper points out two-thirds of all, my father did not turn to the protagonist.

Witch is my father said to my mother unhappy and wanted money is spent.

I think they are a little anxious points paper money and gold, these gods too dark, so they give money only pass on a message, do ye so high rebate, even accounting boy gave two big gold and silver ingots, my heart still hope give the father some.

Burning paper is completed, we kowtow Libi, let my mother come demands.

Kowtow salute her mother first, then began to say: I am so child (this time) net life problems, you do not let me die quiet, where you say I lose with you, you are Intuit loss of conscience ...... it it it it Liangwan Zi.

Sansao saw that something you want to be a crusade, hastened to remind her mother to pick nice to say.

Her mother angrily said a few words and walk away [Behind his].

Sansao Gongzhuo Qian quickly stood a good word for her round.

My heart chuckle: Well, this confrontation, are yin and yang, the two separated a quarrel not delay ah, just out of the noisy new realm, no noisy out before or since ah [Behind his]!

But my father had dust to dust return to the earth, and who he bother anyone ah, also died of thorn! [Tears]

Sure enough, the debt can not, during his lifetime he was bad for her mother, it is also not very wrong!

Sao quietly said to me: You can also take this opportunity to make a wish.

I wish, what would like to promise good?

Fortune? Not enough to live comfortably enough, more harm than good fortune.

Too rich, and her husband are not necessarily your own, and examples abound around, a rich, even if not actively philandering husband can put a woman born could not flutter ah, not to mention my old man Why do ye look Pathwalker like a good reason why now simple and honest part, one is forced by a strong enough capital, and second, man-eating tigress family has nothing [laughs]! And our marriage law that to force not to force, should not have to force the blind to force, just have a child, whether or not without just cause, have the same inheritance rights, run into such a thing, much trouble, I can not her husband, the child can not parent love halved ah! Made a fortune, our spending habits is to buy a big house, a luxury car. That is more scary, cleaning is not exhausted me, so my husband a lazy pig teammate, housework little help, to Shihai not tired of my own, hire someone to clean the impossible, he does not like outsiders at home, how to think how worthwhile, must not be making a fortune. As for the car, just a pile of iron, not interested.

Again, if made a fortune, children look: wow, properly properly wealthy people Yeah, direct lie flat. I could not even children are evil money broken wings, would not lose at home, not to mention a gentleman's love of money to be in a proper way, it is not unworthy of the German financial blessing.

That also would like to promise what ah? Bless me get her husband to be perfect to become obediently, the couple live happily married? Come on, I want a husband, not a eunuch, naughty or nice to do his true self is like, I can manage myself pretty good, too lazy to control him, not to mention the desire to achieve to make the event perfect husband he would not want to hold anything against me is not what it is, it is not shooting itself in the foot thing!

Bless my success in work, child academic success? Also forget it, work is my own business, learning is child thing, saying: 求人不如求己. Do their own thing, their own stream of sweat eat their own bread, do not bother grateful to the gods, and evidently they are quite busy [laughs].

Bless his family good health? Also forget, or 求人不如求己, smoking and drinking all day if you stay up late, eat Hesse Hu, find fairy dim, he can not cook for you.

Think for a long time thought it possible to seek Diansha grateful to the gods, suddenly remembered one thing, if the gods really grateful to have the Spirit, those militants on earth to cut off after it, so that there is no war strife on Earth I, another thought, do not know we can Guan Dele foreign gods, the gods seem to out of the question a little difficult [Behind his]

Well, what requirements are not a small woman, and you receive the money sen each to his place and go home!

When I wander around, sister-in-law have been packed almost to the altar, in order to express my good for something, I hasten to sweep the ashes buried in the garden courtyard, the fertilizer is good.

The results once again made a mistake, a good meal is Sansao mind, that can not buried in the earth, or Yisow mantra to rescue me.

A scolded my heart will ease, and almost every time I have made the wrong point, too many rules, just keep track of [tears]

To go home until four in the afternoon, the storm was in the car I was almost asleep.

I'm an atheist, though not without opposition from some superstitious customs of etiquette, such as the New Year please Sagrada Familia, burning paper altar, Ching Ming festival, etc., and need to feel a sense of ritual life, these practices are not lost, not only did not lose, I very interest to learn.

We called here before marriage have a "broken child lock" activities, the effect is the original What'd you wish, before the wedding to be willing to break out okay meaning.

My mother gave me to Christianity can not complete this ceremony, to be responsible for her sister, she solemnly called me home, I hurried off-duty time to go back, everything matters she has everything ready.

I looked at the table full of food as well as for new bowls cup, chopsticks also tied the red string, so diverse treasure of all hands folded, I know my sister almost certainly a busy time of day.

Moved to the sister of my pay, she asked me to go on burning paper ash cup of water to drink when I close my eyes endured nausea drink, just drink a little, my sister has been taken away, the heart to say on the line, she still hurt me some more, I know the gastrointestinal tract squeamish, drink certainly hurt my stomach.

Meanwhile, her husband is also home to several sister called, a ten customs, their side, and there we are not the same. I am very curious to ask him how to do, he could not say what specific meaning, is a home, sister-in-law let him put on a broken coat, wiping his face bottom ash point, and then take a stick to sit entrance to the village on Chaiduo, three sister-in-law in turn sent him bread to eat, a man sent a.

Specific process is like this, first sent to sister, sister to go home after, Sao sending, and so on, have to lose it three sister-in-law, the two fools bread to eat all three, almost did not choke, actually bite a meaning to like [Behind his]

In fact, my husband is an atheist, but believes the conscience to do things that kind of person, but he was also very moved to sister-in-law who pay with love, so, although he made a fool with a two or willing to cooperate with them.

The final step, when he brought back a red cloth, sister-in-law were specifically explain him to pass me through the door, in advance can not see people, he was afraid I was foolish to wait for him in the corridor, call ahead told over and over again .

Cut, and disappearing, are not do not know you, so just like a spy connector for signal, he first knocked the door of our dormitory, I put Zeizei red cloth pulled open the door and then let him come in.

Red cloth now I keep it to remind him to marry a wife how difficult it can be to not abuse

These customs are still right, but for this no matter what matter altar will burn paper thing I was more disgusted, and do not say a waste of money, a waste of time, but unfortunately both families have developed a habit I have there is no way, in order not to provoke them angry, I can only compromise. I usually put away in front of their parents are cutting edge, try behaved, not to touch a chord with both parents, afraid they do these things, they worry about the fear of involvement, even so, for so many years, I went through two angles we take the initiative activity.

Once after the end of the college entrance examination, I was too self-flying, finally ushered in the holiday, I can finally read the novel around the clock. I remember watching is "Wuthering Heights," I see a cry for a repressed wringing ah ah ah, too addicted, did not find a room in sleeping sister secretly watching me, and then I told my mother about being engaged in the college entrance examination crazy [Behind his]

At that time the mother is not Christianity, but they knew I was still in rebellion, so secretly do things behind my back.

Burning paper in the yard altar, I have one thing to do with the way lying in bed reading a novel, listening to almost, suddenly mother with the village an old lady came to my bedroom, even more frightening is that I did not react that old lady suddenly very quickly down my leg touched the feet, I am very unhappy rough hand mill (part of the ritual, I had to take Reiki I [Behind his]).

Wow, dying, was indecently assaulted in broad daylight, not a guy, it was a woman, still in my own home, my mother is still very eyes.

Silly me know how it happens, which rightly sets sister before going to bed at night, then, to understand the whole story after dumbfounding, in order to prevent mother to worry about, I do not cry the next day with her giggling, get up on time for dinner.

Then secretly saw his mother holding a pocket honoraria to thank that a witch.

Want stopped her: put the dessert I eat it, I also like to eat honey Mito ah, you give people to do it, do not even willing to buy the [tears]

Another time after marriage, when my husband and I are in run-in period, that time often quarrel, cut, who is not a baby, your first marriage did not experience, nor sister is the second marriage is not, people do not know how to do a small daughter , the first time we are very cautious, noisy quarrel on it, to see who fights over who.

Unfortunately, someone in mind and height out of proportion, is not talking about military ethics, noisy but I called my father to complain (normal people can not understand the behavior of [Behind his]), and later learned that he was a second father and I chat, my father said once that I grew anxious temperament, fast mouth, 得理不饶人, unreasonable war three points, let him humility my point.

Haha, someone took my father as a friend, that is a trench comrades, trustworthy, so I told him again and again like dark, he knew where it was just my father's modest words, modest words understand it or not?

More often, my father felt he was violent, incredibly, his daughter to suffer, so, my father crossed a phone call my father, my father warned, if he lost his daughter lay a finger on, his son is going moving head.

Oh mother, I never knew my hairs so valuable, I feel my father more violent it [Behind his]

Mother father thought way is to find someone to crack, turn me into a meek little wife.

Then one day my sister-in-law had called home alone, along with her husband not to deliberately emphasized, to be honest, when her husband will not go back, I have not willing to return to her husband's family, no sense of belonging.

Back when I do not know what matter, when I was talking about the witch began to listen to understand, will afford laws that fight all the responsibility on me, the main content is complaining to obey me home from the parent, married husband from the four virtues from those three.

I started a little angry, then I thought, well, let them worry, they say to the wrong I promise a full bite down, I go back and look at how to pack the instigator [angry].

All the way simmering a stuffiness, at home in front of her husband is the meal fat beat, while the pledge, after our internal contradictions themselves, are not allowed to call you father, his wife own tube, the manufacturer is not responsible, you not control is your ability is not enough, when I quarrel with your parents made a phone call, you simply do not like a man [angry].

He also talks back side: teacher also looking for parents too!

Looking back to see a rolling pin in my hand, it is no longer sensible to it it it!

In fact, parents worry about, how can we avoid quarreling couples, especially when young, and now he wants to fight me, Ma egg, line up an appointment to pay, the money is not in place too lazy to look at you in [laughs]

So, to return to her husband's family when, in order not to bother with them, deliberately took her husband props play this lovely show of affection, carrying them mercilessly kick put props kick far better [laughs]

But her in-laws gave a wrong impression that the ceremony almighty, so the more superstitious these, alas!

Some time ago, not very old, outdated I thought extreme pro-sister, because I felt restless family home, was a step forward induction, twenty thousand have spent the first thirteen thousand, seven thousand times a second, my brother just a month's wages.

I know that after his sad, my brother in law, although some more money, but do miners, earn is hardly worth the effort, ah, my sister married at home, her husband was spoiled, uncontrollable, do not understand the difficulties of raising a family.

Mother let me persuade my sister, but my biological mother, ah, I'm afraid you afraid of her that way she was brought up, my sister is a big sister, although she hurt me love me, but I also really beat it [cover face] on the first two years, she showed me her daughter, Yiyanbuge, I resist a little bit, she almost destroyed his life, my husband too scared and tried to mediate, I feel pathetic and ridiculous, in his words: brine point tofu, a thing down!

Son next to continue adding insult to injury: Mom, your arrogance it? where it goes?

Until my sister is gone, I do a little bit slowly get back the feeling of supremacy.

Digress, in short, my sister is really stubborn and foolish unreasoning that one, by contrast, how much I virtuous Shukutoku, reasonable, hee hee.

Not advised her not OK, ah, obvious being cheated ah, bite the bullet and call her, she has not directly said she cheated, babble pull finally side-tracked on the topic, she said, one immediately: own thing you know, you just how much people, you experienced what matter, then angrily hung up the phone.

This silly and stupid people, so what's the sound of the yard at night a little unusual, something hit the mice running around, the wind to blow away can ah, you think of world do you want that to be your husband's brother's violent death trouble it, you have not seen him.

According to your reasoning, the hospital still out there? Lost someone during the day, at night we do not just have to be on night duty, died as the lamp, do not do good conscience alive like it!

Could not persuade her husband to call Quxianjiuguo, at the beginning, do not say my sister spent too much time and money, fear of affecting the marital relationship, mended, her husband had already informed, he said: Well not to twenty thousand dollars, your sister happy on the line.

Well, you ostentatious twenty thousand to me, OK? You pet wife who set up almost three decades may collapse Yeah, just one pair of stupid son scrape together, and do not lie to you I'm sorry you [anger]

Everything can not be over it, customs can be maintained, but can not be blinded people took the opportunity to advantage of the loophole to do.

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