"Marry the 53-year-old uncle, bitterness" daughter was eaten by old cow, mother: That is your own

Some people can call it "persistent", but change a saying, but they are "obsessed with uncovering". Once they decide a thing, they don't care, they don't listen to advice. Instead, there is a road to touch the black and walk. The desperation of hardships that didn't come back, hitting the South Wall, didn't look back, this kind of person has toughness, a good thing, but in the way is wrong, it is not a lot of money, "toughness" becomes " capricious". We often say a word "Don't listen to the old man, you have to lose your eyes." We must understand the advice of our parents, because they love our love is true, not doped with other interests, and they have some experience than us. It is also better than we look at things, so we don't want to be awarded because of impulse.

The ancient Roman philosophastro, I used to say such a sentence:

"Small caution, more troublesome, feelings."

Don't give up thinking and doing things because of impulsive, the results of the unique consequences are often not good. It is said that the story of netizens is a small fruit.

01. Reason is coming.

Since the college, the little fruit has won his own rebellion, because from the small year, I can't see my father, the little fruit has been raised by my mother, my mother has always been a tutor, for small fruits. Life is moving, mom will go to the command, including friends who are paid in small fruits, must also pass the mother's identification. The small fruit has also been bored, but it is only dare to worry, mother has always been an authoritative image in his life, until the college, the small fruit is far from the mother's control, handling the friends you like, and she The standard of picking friends must be contrary to the mysterian standard, the mother let her learn well, she is learning the poor, the mother let her pay the end, and the friends who are now paying are some horses.

Because of the removal, the little fruit feels that he is very free. Under the conversation with friends, the little fruit is more feeling that everything is wrong, and the mother's authority in her life is not a copy. And even changed, the little fruit felt that as long as the mother said, then it must be misleaded her.

Little fruit is also used to don't go home, don't return to any news of your mother, she feels that the mother is bundled with her freedom, just starting to enjoy the freedom of fruit, she has done a lot of things before. , Escape, bubble, smoking, drinking, these make small fruits are also happy. Mother is very anxious, but no matter how she persuaded that the little fruit is not directly hanging, it is angry, which makes the mother gradually feel that it is a problem, the mother is gradually no longer The tube is bunch of small fruit, she hopes that the little fruit will have their own correct thinking one day, and they can choose the way to suit her.

02. Looking for old men.

But the mother did not think that the little fruit just graduated, she brought a man back. The man was 53 years old, even more than himself, let her daughter don't know, what happened to her daughter.

So the mother's heart is talking to the little fruit, and the mother just wanted to open, but the little fruit said: "Don't say, don't advise me again, I know, what do I do, you will not be satisfied, from small To big, what I do is wrong. You choose is right. This man, I believe that he is as loving like a father, and it is cared for me, and I can take care of my emotions and my emotions. Everything in life, at least better than you care, and he has enough economic conditions, let me eat and drink, I don't have to eat, don't be like your husband, for a day, for money, I can't see my wife and I will meet my wife and One of the children, I am like a father. "

Mother, I know that the little fruit is always awkward, my mother is silent for a few seconds. She feels that she is a mother, she still needs to lead her on the key to the child's crustal, so, no matter whether the little fruit does not listen, the mother is Said: "If you have two more time, and there is no problem and contradiction in life, then I am not afraid of how the neighbors look at you, because this is your own life, I will go to you. Rain, to withstand others, but I think you are just a time, I want you to have two more time, marriage and love are different. After marriage, money is not the most important, he is with me The number of years is almost big, so I understand that our age and you have a great ditch, we don't want to try your new things, there is no extra energy to see you joys, because I am your mother, so I I just want to be responsible for your life, but if I have no blood relationship with you, I will only give you money, and I will not take anything, when I am busy. "

03. The failure of marriage.

Mother's persuasion is undoubtedly in vain, and the little fruit has been righteous to marry a man like a father. She feels that the two are true love, but the only one in the world, but how long, the little fruit feels that the mother said The state. Because her husband is always a lot of romance, her husband wants to do some romantic things with him, and her husband will refuse, and still say that she is naive, and the little fruit wants her husband to treat her daughter. Spirit, goodness, but every time you exchange, you are the cold violence of your husband, or even two people don't speculate more more, talking will never be a channel, you like things are also bigger, and there is no common interest and topic. Soon, the marriage has a crack, the other party has money, there is power, so it is not lacked to women with him, and the little fruit is undoubted into the wife that has been bored, he is agile. At this time, the little fruit thought of his mother, so she finally returned home, complaining to the mother "married the 53-year-old uncle, it is unbearable, both to endure his boring, and to endure other people to invade our families."

Looking at the daughter was eaten by the old cow, the mother said: "That is what you are looking for."

This sentence lets the little fruit awakened, because the mother will always tell her how to do it, and never want to watch the lively, the onlookers are next to it, but they always dislike her business, but now mothers like Like a watch, let the little fruit feel very sad. At this time, she finally apologized, and her mother cried. She said to the little fruit: "I just hope that your life is more smooth, not to command Your whole, I have also hope that you can have your own idea, choose your way, but I have never exercised your ability, so you will naturally touch the wall, this is my fault, divorce him, You will find better, my mother believes you. "

This small fruit also listened to the mother's opinion, and she also believed that she could make everything better, and she felt her mother's deep love.

04 Let the child independently.

Many times, we always want to create a flat road to your child, help him clear all possible obstacles, do things that can be made, but do more, but will make him more lost to independent thinking. If one day, I really need her to choose a life path. When I am responsible for my life, I usually have a deviation, so we need it, not helping him to direct his life, but help him to clarify each Time node, each road is good and bad, let's let him choose, and yourself is responsible for the choice.

Many times, as young people, I always hope that I can prove myself to the elders, can tell the world, we already have the ability to judge, solve the problem, but this time we can't be confident, or impulsive, just ask yourself, but Don't listen. But it is often overlooked, and it is actually a more mature person.

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