Huang Wei: Hate the father so many years, he remembers everyone, but I forgot me alone.

Some people say that parents do not travel, travel must be square. Some people may say that ancient legislation a major event, not only super talented world, there is always indomitable ambition. Then, when the dream of parents in conflict, how should we choose it?

Fame, Huang Bo homecoming after many years, he has cried and told us the answer.

World War II and his son

Childhood, Huang Bo wanted to get the singer's dream is no family support.

In this home, Huang Bo live like an alien. Parents work in departments and units, the family ancestors are also intellectuals, except Huang Bo, doing the singer unrealistic dream.

In the parents' impression, Huang Bo fairly obedient child. Although like singing and dancing, parents can let him learn in the future his father's footsteps, he promised.

Until into terrible adolescence, with the self-reliance of the child, the family no longer willing to suffer bundle.

Junior high school, when the dance hall began to spread to the county, Huang Bo can not wait to become the first karaoke lounge singer. For even sing and dance, he gave up studies.

Every parent want their children to take an easy way, rather than as a singer, nada. Moreover, as parents, can not help his son a little busy, this road, what hope is there?

So, about a father and son on such a vigorous war began.

Cabaret work is done at night, so Huang Bo began the daily routine of day and night reversed. Father felt so worthless son, two people three days a little noisy, five days a big argument.

Huang Bo career has just started, the main source of income but also by the family. At that time in order to buy musical instruments, and a band of like-minded friends, Huang Bo, the idea hit home place to put money. He secretly took money from home, passes acts recklessly and friends on the outside.

Later, his father found his stole money from home.

War on father and son, we begin to upgrade.

Since ancient times, "sticks out under the dutiful son", in order to allow his son back to the right path, father in good words good words after him does not make sense, began Yiyanbuge took a belt to beat him.

Today saw the strap, Huang Bo impression are also father beat his appearance. Father of thunder means, her young child pushing farther and farther.

The youthful energy of Bo Huang, also had hatred for his father.

Silent Love

In their own home for many years to sing songs, Huang Bo did not make money, no fame. So he wanted to go to Beijing Dream, go to a bigger stage.

Father scolded, fought, to no avail. After learning of his son carrying their old married couple she went to Beijing, his father never to the past of anger, but urged his wife to call and ask how kind son.

Former son stole money at home, but this time to go, he seemed determined general, did not take home a penny. Father deliberately come up with a sum of money, let his wife to his son played in the past.

As for him, or his son did not serve soft.

As we all know, Huang Bo makes way very long way to go, and go hard.

And every father, he also worried about his son, but more often choose silence, his bad cop, good cop let his wife. The dancing and singing for many years Huang Bo, did not achieve anything, naturally, not willing to go home. They war, from the Cold War into a hot war and.

Away from home, Huang Bo will occasionally call home. At first his father would shout and curse him back, then he would no longer hear his father's condemning, and only occasionally seeking only when the mother cry, my father would ask. "

What did you eat today, you hungry?


Huang Bo never wavered singer's dream, but in the entertainment, a singer famous does not work, he changed a way to go.

In 2000, 26-year-old actor Huang Bo switch to start. Start from small walk-on role, he was a little climb. If you can get a small supporting role, and Huang Bo often happy on for a long time.

In fact, perhaps happier than his father.

His collection of every son filmed TV shows, movies, specially bought a CD player and, in the long drama, looking for his son fleeting figure.

Huang Bo still will call back, but the impression of his father, and childhood memories deviate farther and farther.

That curse his father, he cried total nonsense. Can now pick up the phone, I will only say that we saw you on TV. How thin, and did not eat?

Still later, playing home phone has been connected to the mother, not the father took over.

He forgot me!

In Beijing battles for many years, Huang Bo won many awards, fame. This achievement, enough of his homecoming. After so many years, he finally walked back to his familiar proud of that home.

So many years, parents have a face wrinkles, white hair visible a lot. And so a successful career, but also married Huang Bo, after a lot of things, has become matured a lot.

Meet again, they are not the original excitement and confrontation. Mother just looked at him crying, asking questions.

And his father, or the silent role.

Still later, Huang Bo as long as there will be time to go home to visit his parents. After just fame, his work schedule is very slow, a lot of time thinking about the holidays, go home to see their parents, suffer no time.

Huang Bo always comfort myself, and so busy working for a while just fine. This can be busy, it took another few years.

Holidays, parents want to see his son, only through television.

Later, on a day, Huang Yishi came back from the front. Father sitting on the chair, politely asking him "Sit, you are sitting, do you want to drink tea." The father's behavior is too abnormal, and Huang Wei naturally discovered that things are not simple. I can watch my father, he doesn't know what to ask. Finally, my mother came over. "

Old yellow, this is who, do you recognize?



This is my old comrades

"After listening to this sentence, the tears in Huang Wei came out.

He said to his father "

Dad, I am your son.

"You can look at him in his father."

I have never had a son.


Huang Wei learned that when he didn't live at home, his father suffered from Alzheimer's disease, which was already in the middle.

He remembers his mother, remember the past comrades, remember everyone, but alone, forgot his son. Terrible is that in his memory has never had a son.

It is the most precious, how can I cut it. But I have forgotten the only son with him with blood, and the heart of Huang Wei may think about much pain.

He slowly reduces his work and puts more time at home. After so many years, he tried his best to live the best material life of his parents, making up for so many years. At home, he laughed with parents forever.

But come out, when you have no parents with you, lift two words, his heart is very heavy. When you cry, "

I seem to make my dad again, I will hit me again. However, he forgot me.



When you are young, I want to sing to dance to everyone, so that my parents also look at themselves. But now, everyone said that he is amazing, why did the father can't hear it?

Forgot your son, this is the biggest punishment of Huang Wei.

He regretted, but it also does not help, only from now on, cherish the time of his father, make up for the past fault.

Dream is very important, family is equally important. When you are unsuccessful, you can also go home. Don't fight for a sigh of relief, you will have a mistake for many years.

Wandef outside, perhaps now, your parents are also looking forward to you home.

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