78-year-old man: I don't bother my children to go to the nursing home, please babysitting the last journey, I am very happy

The 78-year-old Ding Lian has a pension 4500, he has 5 children, three son two women. Ding Ding, a young man, who used to take a rest to see them. After the age of 75, I feel that my life will come to an end. He chose another lifestyle over the rest of life, very happy, and makes many old people envy.


I am Ding Ding, a person who likes to be busy, after I retired, I like to go to the child's family before I retire, because there is my grandchildren, and it is also lively.

Many times, the children have a rest, I will pass on myself, or call to let the children come back to gather. This also makes me and the children's feelings, the family's atmosphere is particularly warm.

Of course, it is also possible that I can't live with my children. I have a separation, occasionally gathered, and there is no life in life. Sometimes I can't think about it.

My child is very filial to me, but I am not that kind of thing, I think about giving my child all day, I want to control their life, think that I have a father than them, they are their father, they have to listen to me. .

In my opinion, there is no need, after all, everyone has everyone's life, the environment is different, and the need for life is definitely different.

Suitable for me to survive, not necessarily suitable for my children, so I am very open, what do they want to do, need me, confused, I will give them handles, analyze and analyze.


I think I am equally equal to my child. It is a friend. It is a buddy, so our family feels very good.

Children are always very concerned about me. When I don't go home, they will call me from time to time, and occasionally take my children.

Every year, we have a seventy-eight-day tour, a family is hot, walk through the mountains and water, leaving the beautiful moment.

When I was 75 years old, I felt that my physical ability couldn't keep up. I can't wait until the same, I often go to the child's home to visit them, and together.

Slowly, I have reduced travel, but they are more when they look at me.

Perhaps it also feels that my physical condition has declined, and the children ask me carefully. Do you want to turn around, a family stay for three months, or which family is fixed, how many other money?

In this suggestion, I chose to refuse, I don't want to add trouble to them, and I don't want to be old. I have been alive in a few years, because the old age is unpleasant, affecting the feelings between my family.

Children think that I am preparing to pension, I will help me find a reliable nursing home.

I said: Don't use it, I don't want to go to the nursing home, I am old, I don't want to re-adapt to the new environment. The silver nest is not as good as our own nest, I want to live in my own home.


I don't want to go to the child's family, but I think it is still, after all, I have a burden. Who is also adding touch, if you have a long time to follow a child, let another few people pay, that long-term take care of my child, the days will be difficult.

Time is long, even if several children have, in addition to money, but it is inevitable to have a complaint. If this is the case, this original harmony brothers and sisters will be destroyed, this is not what I want to see.

I have been 75, I really don't want to add trouble to the children. Let them have contradictory.

The children are filial to me, know how to think about me, I am old father, naturally I want to think about them. Older is old, I can't help them, I don't want to add trouble to them.

In order to let them don't worry, I can work peace of mind, I told them my thoughts: I have a pension 4500, I am going to take these money to invite a nanny, let the nanny take care of me, accompany me to take this way. If you ask babysitter, my pension is not enough, you will give each person. So I can not leave my familiar home, and some people care, you can work with peace of mind.

Later, after the acquaintance, I found a big mother of rural, let her take care of my life, give her 4000 hardships every month.


Why didn't I go directly to the professional babysitter, but I found a big mother in the countryside?

First, I think the rural big mom is honest, and there is no professional babysitter so much bend around. Second, she is idle, there is no skill, I want to make money, I can only go to the waiter, I will be greedy, too tired. Come to me is a babysitter, it will be relatively easy, and earn more than the waiter.

I am a honesty, not so many thoughts, she is responsible for my three meals a day, do my family home, take care of my life.

For the aspect of eating, I don't have so much demand, just cook. The family is finished, she can do her own thing, or rest, sleep in a nap, see what mobile phone.

Fortunately, the babysitter I found is also very serious. She has a straightening, and she is clean by her. It is clean. For me, she also takes care.

Will often advise me to sun dry, don't always be in the house, will not always blow air conditioners, help me increase the temperature, transfer to dehumidification. When there is a sun, she will take the initiative to help me, the quilt, take the sun below the sun ...

I feel particularly warm, she can consider things that some of the elderly need to pay attention to me, and I will remind me to keep warm. Sentences are real, because of her care, my old age is very comfortable, I'm also very comfortable.

I won't live like a nursing home, I want a good care, eat a lot of money, I have to have another flowers, and I don't have to look at the face of the caregiver.


In your own home, please nanno, for your convenience of your life, for example, give me a lot of water in the room, convenient for me to drink at night; I want to eat some, I will directly let the babysitter to buy; feel Lonely, you can chat with the nanny.

It is better to be a lot, if it is in the children's home, the nursing home, the days don't have such a comfort, at least, I will bear less request, suppress myself, suppress myself.

I have good feelings with children, intimate, and I am so embarrassed to ask, afraid that they are still troublesome, but they are afraid that they are in a bad mood.

For the nanny, these don't matter, I spend money, this is the equivalent exchange, her job is to take care of me, I haven't embarrassed.

But in order to thank the nanny care, I still sneaked the children, if I am gone, they have to remember the babysitter, more for the babysitter, have a good opportunity to help introduce.

I don't like to owe others, others have a good point to me, I will find a way to go back. Even if I am intimate, I don't want to be owed. Only don't owe it, I have a bottom to mention my own opinion and have a say.

Only mutual respect, the days can be comfortable. You see, I clearly know that the feelings between people and people need you to come, no one can come.

For babysitter, I respect her, don't put her people, so we will get together, she will really take care of my life.

For children, I have done them, treat them equally, don't give them trouble, so they are filial to me, I have a happy old age, children filial piety, life, people envy.

When people go to their later years, I want to have happiness, I have to screw clear in my life, don't be self-righteous, for their children equally, mutual understanding. Things to solve with money, don't go to trouble, do not only make children more intimate, but they will be more happily in my later years.

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