2022 Valentine's Day Case!

Romance, not sudden surprise,

It is a day of accompanying day.

Valentine's Day is coming soon.

Completed series of hard copy

A Q said, I want to sleep with you,

Xu Zhimo said, I want to get up with you.

It is romantic, otherwise it is to play rogue.

So, please look down, look, you feel something.

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01 loves one person

It is the last moment when I want to put beautiful love,

Squirrel secrets like winter is general,

One of them is in the most securely safe trees.

The next quarter is thinking,

Tell the world proud message.

Zhang Xiaofeng "a woman's love concept"

02 love is the risk of bravely

Love means hurting

When will we learn to love?

When you dare to love, you don't love

- Per Lean "The brave people in love"


Fortunately, I miss the silence, otherwise I am deafening.

Everything in 04, all have love.

- Xiaomi 520 poetry

05 you smile every time

I will silently raise a white flag.


06 I can't say why I love you,

but I know,

You are the reason I don't love others.

- Miyazaki "Willspo"


We have come to people, don't love, all like smoke;

Love is life.

Time is like flowing, quietly passed over.

Love is the golden rays that refraction over the water.

That is a brilliant color left to life, it is our golden age.

- Tmall: Li Yinhe gives a letter to the world

08 grass in the seeds

Wind rocking the leaves

Let's stand, don't talk very beautiful

Gu City


World Center is

(1 ° 32'e, 47 ° 13'N)

My center is

(you you)

- Ctrip Travel


Today's pearl milk tea is really

I saw you


--Public comment


I will send your letter to the post office.

Don't like to put on the green postlocker of the street

I will always be a bit slower.

Lu Xun


1 cm in the intersection of the clavicle midline and the fourth rib

Jumping for you

Your wine nest has no wine

I am drunk universities.

爱 网

13 I like you, it is the secret that I have hidden in my heart.

Honor glory

14 original love is

I am going to confess

And you are just "entering"

--Rio # a small wine #


I am willing to believe that when I kiss your moments

The world is suspended

Smile, look

- "When the world stops, when I kiss you"


Don't dare to look at you

I am afraid that every look of my eyes is like a confession.



The French said: the ghosts can't make beautiful girlfriends!

What are you talking about?

- Left bank coffee "French say"


You are mine, half a poem,

Do not allow others to change a word.

Haizi "half-cut poem"


Love is harboring the mountain, the mountain sea can be flat

Changan Automobile

20 Find the other half is done

The other half is you are complete

Jiang Xiaobai

twenty one

I like you

My pH, always less than 7

- "Three Lord Love Letters"

22, 3,000, I love three

Day, month and school

The day is the dynasty, the month is the

Qing is the DPRK


twenty three


I only want you when you do something.

That is breathing

- Leopard Micro Technology Air Purification

twenty four

Love one with a lifetime

Do you make sure you will accompany me to the end?

--DR diamond ring


Rose is too expensive, I don't want to accept it,

Desk as a table, I don't mind,

You look at the book, I look at you,

It is my happiness.

- Mai Caffe

26 I have encountered a lot of people

Someone let me have a fever, I think that is love

The result is burned out

Someone let me get cold, and disappeared from this life.

Some people make me feel warm, but just warmth.

only you

Let my body temperature rise 0.2 degrees Celsius

- "Paris Wild Rose"


If there is really a talent in the world,

Then my talent is love you.

- Tongsu


Love is belonging, love is the only one

Love, is it

I'm yours

- Audi


One year, Du, the end of the evening.



"I will marry me."

"But you still don't know me."

"I will learn from now, I will use my life."

- "Soul Blue Bridge"


Distance far away,

I can't defeat, I want to see you.

- Glory "Image Love Letter"


This day, let the lovely hit cute,

Like the cloud, see the cloud, the wind is hurt.



The heart of the heart, for the love Mercedes

- Mercedes X Wang Jiawei


I miss someone when I am lonely.

does not matter,

But missing when you are lively,

Also different.

- also Shu


It's awkward, because there is a soft rib

Brave, because of your own baby

Tomson Yipin


I like you is a very troublesome thing.

But I like to find trouble.

I have to be your night, I have to be your morning.



I have to talk about it.

Otherwise, still stayed in New Year.

- only the road


If you are willing, I will always love you.

If you don't want, I will always think.

Wang Xiaobo

All right

Some people live in a high-rise building, some people are deep ditch,

Someone is light, some people have a rust.

Thousands of people in the world, floating the clouds, if they want to have the rainbow, meet the top

If you believe in love

In fact, it is in every corner of life, I hope that each of you will meet the rainbow.

The most important thing is

At any time, learn to love yourself.

Love yourself is the first step in learning love

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