Did the divorce rate increase the young man getting bad?No, contemporary marriage is the true reflection of human nature

When you met your moment, the time of peace is still quiet, and the gentle years are silent. Swallow teach you how to see through the fog light, you also kept in the dark it?

Marriage is most people go through life's journey, but with the development of society, marriage seems to become a fast-food culture.

More and more people are dissatisfied with the marriage, the marriage of the other half complained.

So many people can not help feeling, how the young people are now, take a look at fathers and more contented marriage, even though many only seen a few faces to enrich people rely on married men and women, we have come to the old age.

The divorce rate surge young people worse yet?

The film "a top ten thousand" in this sentence: "When in love, there is lots to talk about; after marriage, there are endless noisy aircraft."

In the advised and non-advised from the purpose of the old people are basically in favor of children of divorce. Persuasion to come forward when the Metropolitan said:

"I do not know what you do in the demon, no worries about food, worry about drinking now than we were young the day for want of lack hundred times stronger? Is not enough support?"

The old man's words seem ordinary, you think about it there are extra. No risk of want, that subsistence is a common goal of two people; enough support, indicating that modern marriage is not happiness, but because "appetite" bigger, eat, began to demand of the other.

Today, marriage is no longer: "marry a wife, Guanfan on the line," such a simple question of the capacity of the stomach.

The contemporary marriage in the various "not satisfied", more precisely reflect the true humanity.

When it comes to human nature, that a few days and nights also analyze incomplete, or return to marriage, context is more clearer.

Marriage, can not be generalized, since each piece of the marriage of the protagonist are different, their code of conduct, ways of doing things are not the same.

So they look forward to marriage, desire to scale to meet the desire of respect for independence, they are not the same.

It's like everyone has a different way of shopping, like, someone must visit the store in the shopping malls have fun; it was chosen not want to walk, like to submit orders on the network.

Someone you give him space to play the game, then he is happy with the marriage; you give someone his offer Jane valuables, he will feel boring marriage, emptiness.

Some people like plain life, some people must think of going deep level. Only thinking sprout from animal psychology, we can only see what the surface of things. Keren is a thinking, it will be deeper thinking and summary.

That is, when a person is not satisfied with food and clothing, it is easy awakening of consciousness, along with requirements, will demand more.

Of course, from the perspective of social behavior to consider, we do not imagine marriage is perfect. There will be a feeling of sexual gratification ups and downs, when the novelty is watered down time, marriage will become dull.

No one can be perfect, less expectations, more and more care, less complaining, more and more business, natural marriage would not have been so disappointed.

Writer Andrew Marshall said: "Love can be repaired, but you have to know how to express love, love and business methods loving restoration."

It is because of human nature, so the marriage is to have constraints. Want a smooth marriage, generally you want to have three conditions:

There is a certain code of ethics

Volunteer law is at the high level, low demand, and the marriage is a happy marriage requires two people, with a certain self-restraint of ethics.

If the purpose of marriage impure, such as financial profit, then the marriage is destined to set the tone for a jarring.

On the way to marriage, if one of them had circumcenter, want to seek outside marriage a sustenance, then the marriage of two people must discord.

A similar thing, the law is not fully constrained to rely on is the morality of each person, as well as their character. So when we mate choice, be sure to make some effort in observing each other's character.

Have similar life goals

There is no two exactly the same leaves, no two exactly alike, but the goal of life is to be agreed upon.

Some people desire a sense of ceremony of marriage, some people feel happy lying play phone. But should the "desire for a sense of ritual" and "lying play phone" the achievement of a marriage, but the days of deserted strange.

Bing Xin's husband Mr. Wu is a "nerd", we see that he is academically rigorous, but can not see him confused in life.

Bing let him go snack shop to buy your child Shaqima, he told the salesman to buy their own "horse"; let her husband to buy her padded jacket, he even said that he buy "feather brush" to the draper.

The face of such things, Bing did not go blame, but to make fun of each other, help Mr. Wu solution to the embarrassment.

Their life is not happy? Well, not exactly, because they are in marriage, the general direction of life concept is exactly the same.

Fit spiritual, representing the proportion of the composition in marriage, far better than the weight you think.

Good communication and total growth

Writer Liang Tao said: "Ye men, woman or, if not their ability to live a good life, that he was not a good day and the ability of other people too."

Marriage fear most is the cold violence, a problem is not resolved, the conflict between each other will be more rolling, the more the greater the volume.

Once the cracks have been a long time, this feelings cannot be restored.Therefore, communication is an essential or even projects to be performed every day.Why is there a marriage, the two people have been sweet, but then gradually be far away?This involves problems that the two people should be consistent.

Both parties are high, they are not problematic; both parties are low, or they can communicate.The most fear is a high one-party low, and the two have no common interest and have lost their common language.

Low time to prevent each other, afraid that you have been abandoned, suspicious; high look, I feel that I have been dragged, my heart is born.

In this way, how the divorce rate is lowered.

Want to solve marriage problems, essentially need to see the nature of humanity.

Don't move, just give everything to time, time is too lazy to clean up your mess.

Waiting, it is better to save.

At the end of the article, I hope that the swords in marriage can become a gentle pulse of sputum.

This issue is shared here, like the welcome of swallows, pay attention to and forward, let's see you next.

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