Human life, days destined (depth)

People in this life,

Spend a loss,

Survive in polyggoric dispersions.

Between the loss,

There is always no choice but to linger;

After gathering,

There is always a loss of tears pour.

A lot of things,

Not you can fight for you,

A lot of people,

Not you can come.

is yours,

After all, you will belong to you;


It is necessary to separate the morning and evening.

Human life, day destined,

Have to lose, day!

Some people don't understand,

I am strive for it, whiten waste time,

Some people are unwilling,

Always entangled, and finally returned.

smart person,

Always understand,

Take a loss,

Put your eyes as far as possible.

Sometimes I don't worry, but I am not worried,

Sometimes things will be violated, and you can also see.

Not accounting more pessimistic,

Will not think about it.

Human life, day destined,

Who will take you with only a course,

Who will accompany you a lifetime,

It is destined to be in the middle of the midst.

Whenever a person,

If you encounter a right person,

And the people who have no deeds,

And people with people are always old.

Sometimes there must be,

Life is not a force.


The more you pursue, the more people go away,

The more you are enthusiasm, the more you are,

Feelings are not a wishful wish,

It takes time to accompany each other.

Human life, day destined,

Have to lose, day off.

Living, Lin Lin has a total of more than 30,000 days.

Money, get lost and changing.

Why do you really make yourself?

Why do you entangle it to each other?

In the past, I looked,

Go away, put it down.

You have to believe,

Everything is the best arrangement,

Don't be too much,

Walking is not love,

All left is the best,

Yes you, always,

No, you can't come!

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