Putting down a person, effective way:

Poet Xu said: "Life is but an afternoon to dusk distance, cold tea made to do, willow last month."

Life in a hurry, Renzouchaliang, no one would have been in place waiting for you, you start to finish is a human condition.

Lay down a person is actually very simple, not to mention the memories will not deliberately.

In order to have selfless love, and now have to pay the price for the original impulse.

Two people could not contact since then is no longer associated with the stranger.

Hard to put down, fit only difficult, you can always recall the past, bit by bit, only to fall into the endless abyss of their own, out of the shackles of love as soon as possible, to get a real release.

Since the other side chose to leave, you have to do casual ease. In the feelings act decisively, we will not live to love accessories.

Everyone is not born perfect, you give yourself leave enough buffer space. Suffered a setback in love, you have to change state as soon as possible.

The brief darkness is not worth mentioning, in the future you will be able to shine.

As soon as the last drop of both good and bad, Forget the past. A man lay down effective way: off-linked or referred to no longer contact.

Like the poet Shakespeare's words: "In the world of love, there is no first come first served, said that not loved, is the third party."

The world does not love everyone-who is not who should be able to become the final winner.

You grew up with him, you put him portrayed as a high-quality partner, but you can not accompany him to the finish, you can only stay a short moment in his life.

He and others have agreed to do a good job, you do not rampage.

Even if that person's feelings and disregard, but also consider their own face.

Do not worth it for a period of emotional compromises, he never had any non-not the world.

Even if the break up but also retain the last dignity, even if the end of the body but also respectable.

You can stumbled in the intelligence field, but you can not because of a relationship is looked down upon.

You rushed rushed to love, the other simply can not bear your fierce pursuit.

You do not know enough is enough, two people just so much noise beyond belief.

Irreparable outcome, it embraces the front of everything.

Experience counterproductive often happens, not everyone can stand on your point of view to consider the issue.

Feelings reached the final, you have to put the flat state of mind.

Lack of do not insist, does not belong to you will eventually wind.

When you start a new life of people, we will soon be able to adapt to a person's development.

Timely farewell pain of the past, to complete the magnificent transformation.

Poet Rabindranath Tagore in "Birds" wrote: "Long Day's done and I stand before you, you will see my scars and know I have hurt, has also been recovered."

Everyone had black and blue, every time people have experienced the rebirth of the Jedi.

Everyone does not want to give up, to believe in themselves invincible.

Everything past, everything is superficial, as long as I'm alive, better than the enormously wealthy man.

Absolutely can not get an answer in your relationship, you can only adapt to the development of feelings.

Every relationship has a unique development trends, it will be watered every break time.

Put down the last bit by bit, you want to calm attitude to meet the ever-changing future.

The extra emotions in my heart, you have to love yourself the right way.

Blind pursuit of no meaning, no contact will not bother.

The pain will eventually pass, you are still a hero.

Until one day a few years later, you may suddenly remembered his name.

To mind the once beautiful picture, but your heart no waves.

He was just a dispensable ordinary person, you will not have any feelings for him.

Even if he appears again in front of you, you can turn a blind eye to maintain the status.

You put down the past, time will bring you the ideal answer.

Writer Wang Xiaobo said: "That day I was twenty-one, in the golden age of my life, I have a lot of wishful thinking, I want to love, eat, want to become heaven half-dark cloud at the moment I later. know, life is a slow process under the hammer, the old man go on day by day, but also expect a fade away day by day, and finally become like the ox suffered a hammer. "

Each person's life will experience a hundred thousand turn back the process, everyone will be a lot of sentiment.

The day to day life polished edges and corners, it's hard to regain confidence.

However, the difficulties and obstacles will eventually pass, you still have to find the truth of the precious in the flat light of life.

Even alone, but also duty-bound to adhere to in the end.

A person should make a living, not a person is not possible.

Waiting for the flowers in a man's world, a person's day is often more meaningful.

Then there is the new life of a person, then it strikes a person to rely on the power of the unaccompanied days, you have to constantly improve.

Grasp the best opportunity to achieve a leap in life. To portray itself as the best partner invincible, you'll soon be lucky next harvest period.

Well, sooner or later, everyone should be filled with hope.

Not what you do not deserve, but not ripe. Do they want to be too bad, you have to go slowly gain happiness in the way.

The experience process is most important, and experiences have accumulated experience in the process. When you learn to grow, you won't have a watch in the meaning of Huihua.

Pay attention to the improvement of essence, in order to be true and peaceful.

Writers Lu Xun wrote in the "Chartered Flower Sax": "When a person has only recalls, career is about to be bored, but sometimes there will be no memories."

If you always live in memories, then your life is too bored, even if there is no memory, you don't hinder your Nirvana rebirth.

It is not necessary to care about other people's discussion, you have to grasp the initiative of life in your own hands.

Operating a world of people can be confident to meet the next paragraph.

Love yourself, I can only rely on my own back to the sky.

No one can accompany you to the end, a lot of things do not bring death without death.

Clearing the heart, you must be brave and try to make a good spring, you must set foot on the journey of chasing dreams as soon as possible.

The more desperately struggling, the more painful, the attention is concentrated on himself, but it can achieve unexpected effect.

If you have a loss in love, you will not punish yourself with others. Keep your initial heart, you must go unwillingly.

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