[Xuanshi] Do you receive a hot hand, a gift of toes?The gift is awkward, someone is sent?

Recently Valentine's Day just passed, the Spring Festival can be considered just been finished, Chinese Lunar New Year Well, ultimately, always gifts and gifts. Most people will choose some gifts meaning beautiful, simple and elegant things, but what other people want to send a gift is a difficult task.

Many people may be very distressed to unfamiliar people what presents appropriate, but at the same time, some people after receiving the gift will call "outrageous", embarrassing toe buckle, a good deal.

So, what you have received an embarrassing gift?

"Dregs of the earth but do not have style."

Since it is a gift, even if the article itself is unexciting, but the cups, towels and the like commodities, but the package got to the atmosphere, the grade, or look a gift plunges.

Many people should remember that a child in a toy for children to play, there will be a glowing lighting effects, also issued a song or a special, attractive voice. Then I find it interesting, but now look into, let an adult to receive such a gift, will feel very soil.

Or in some families and groups, the elderly, elders often made of a variety of earthy expression package, bless map, red background with colorful flashing effect, seen people address him spicy eyes, there is no sense of design .

If these things used in the packaging of goods, may all of a sudden people will not want to, do not meet the tastes of young, recently microblogging hot search "beg businesses these gifts shelves," is where it is the perfect show this "and soil and ugly" effect.

Some users may view, this is not as pure black, nothing decorative patterns have not only a line similar to the word lines and other bodies, watching the "simple and elegant high-end." Various elements of the mosaic "bells and whistles" large collection, but not too hard lovable.

"Gifts aesthetic trends of change."

But sometimes, this unconventional design also won the crowd favorite, as if every day will make people too fat meat greasy, looked queasy, but if every day to eat light food, and occasionally eat a fat, or will people feeling very fragrant.

Last year, Fudan University, Jiaotong University and many other schools of recruitment advertising, have come a retro version of "earthy wind", but also some bright spots.

People used because the material conditions, it is mostly simple gift wrap, can not do something too fancy, when there is capacity, all kinds of eye-catching elements are stacked on the packaging to the highest possible degree of recognition, as you can people recognize.

Many of the older generation also likes this style, I feel very striking, very beautiful. However, for most young people do not like this style. Turned to the pursuit of simplicity, the high-end. No longer satisfied with a variety of "low-level" elements of a simple pile, but the pursuit of a stronger sense of design, a better overall experience.

Gradually, however, the so-called "high-end design" has become monotonous, difficult to re-color, most are difficult to design some bright spots, too much to see what styles are used to it.

And people whenever and wherever, there will be a continuing state of mind you want to get new things, to meet some of the public's psychological adventures, this seemingly awkward and soil and various "bells and whistles" element piled retro, just to meet people's spiritual needs to a certain extent.

So, if in the face of an acquaintance, looking at a variety of exquisite gift packaging pick dazzled, and occasionally come once do not follow the routine the cards, not a bad idea.

Beauty and ugliness are mobile, is cross-referenced in only embodied not completely unified standard, only real, interesting and valuable things is the real eternity.

"Full of mind but hard to deal with gifts"

Many people who may have received "bad deal" gift. For example, I go to a wedding, your best friend to send you the calendars, printed above many of his life according to his and his wife's personal memories and so on, full of personal style. Perhaps even other handmade, hand-painted works.

But how many hand after such a gift will be some "hot" direct throw away is certainly not, after all, are friends to send, how to throw a hand too sorry. Hang up, put out more No, after all, this is a friend of "personal memories", not your common memories of friends, hang up, and every time to friends and family, he had to explain something embarrassing.

Can only be covered up, let it quietly lying closet.

Of course, if you send these pictures, calendars, etc., printed, painting is a gift to the common man and memories of the recipient, and that perhaps as a memorial, on the corner of the desk dress, embellished it is also very good.

"The gift can not go wrong."

For a less familiar, but do need gifts of friends, colleagues, leadership, in fact, most will not go wrong gift it is to bring food. Since they do not know what people need, send some fruit, grapes, cherries, strawberries when the door or meet a kind, the price is not expensive, it all can accept.

Or some cute little ornaments, table decorations, dolls and so blind boxes, small things inconspicuous not of space, but also can put on the desk or at home, people feel very warm, very comfortable.

Or if you and another person familiar with gifts in advance to know each other's ideas, know Ta lack of Han, then send Han just fine thing.

"Gifts, sent the thought that counts."

Most of the time gifts to send something is not critical, as long as the mind to a fine, if it is familiar with each other, intimate relationship between man, before the gift-giving may wish to directly ask each other what a gift, a gift from his own plan over the other side is not satisfied, so as not to end up with good intentions do bad things.

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