"Children, talk to love to this extent, can get married", "my father's words, I am in

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National Day returned to the old home to participate in the classmates, some students said to me: "Love this kind of thing can't say, too unreliable."

It turned out that she had been worshiping, she just got married, in my impression, her "aunt" love long-distance running in the past eight years before entering marriage, but it is not easy to marry but divorce. . And another unreliable cousin, before the time is because of online love, the family "chicken is not unstead", and finally flashed. I originally thought that this kind of feelings will not last long, I didn't expect their children, they have been born, and they still have a very happy life.

She asked me: "Do you have the longer you have discovered that there is a problem, the more you have any problems, is it aware of too long? It's too tired of each other? What is the degree of love to get married? I Now I still don't dare to marry, or a person, I always feel that I am very awkward. I haven't got married, and then I am afraid of divorce. "

She asked me that this question suddenly made me think of a doctor before my father.

Because my dad is a big son, the elder brother is the father, grandpa is very early, and the little girl has always been what he said. When I was less than 20 years old, my dad had told her:

"You can freely love, I don't object, but you can't sneak your marriage, and you have to live with people, but I want to tell you that girls must love their body. You can make you understandable A man, but I don't want you to come to the same place, you have to see this person, go to the goal of marriage, you are thinking about him, he must be very good for you. You are not a man, don't understand how many men Sanitary, girls, don't easily lose yourself. Dad is getting ready early, your business, I have to manage. "

The big god is early, and I didn't want to live in my dad. She stole the household households married. My dad was very long. Now my father's life is unhappy. Although my dad is angry, but also use it. Come to "Warning" below. The little girl is the smallest at home, and I also make my dad worry.

Xiaogu said this sentence, there is his own sister to make a living example, so I agree with my dad, and in the future, I have to marry, I will decide to get married. The people in her will definitely pass my dad.

After graduating from college, she met a man. The little aunt also secretly took me. At that time, I was impressed with the man, and he was almost a hundred shun, very considerate, and I was envious. .

Talking about it for a year, Xiao Gu said with my dad: "I want to marry him."

My dad was very strange, but it was still very calm: "Do you know that he is really you want to marry? You are willing to spend three or forty years later? Why do you want to marry? Give him, what shortcomings do he have, do you really understand? How do you deal with the contradiction between each other when you quarrel? "

At that time, my aunt's eyes were very firm and said: "Of course, there is no such thing, you don't know, he is really perfect, he is good to me, his family conditions are good, When you encounter such a man, when is it married? As for the advantages and shortcomings, I don't know much, but he is really good to me, I love him too much. "

But I didn't think that my dad didn't support this time. He said: "You have two steps that have not yet married, I don't agree."

The aunt didn't understand: "How do you do this, talk is not counted, didn't I promise me, as long as I discuss with you?

My dad couldn't help but play my little aunt.

"Why do I worry about you, not because you are my sister, you think I am willing to manage you. You still talk about a while, talk about the love of two years, you see this man is not very standing, watching his It is a matter of people. "

My dad did a lot of ideological work for Xiao Gu, because he felt that "marriage is not a play, must be seriously treated."

After a long time, the family is almost about forgetting her, and my dad suddenly asked my aunt: "Why don't you say something married now?"

But didn't think of this aunt frowned and said: "What is it? I haven't played enough yet, and he is too much in this person. Fortunately, I listen to you at the time, I didn't marry him, otherwise I can be miserable. When he is still a parent's money, I have to listen to his parents, it is absolutely not married. "

My dad listened to my laughter, my aunt also asked: "Do you investigate him, how do you know that he has a bunch of bad problems?"

At that time, my dad said: "I have found him what bad habits, and you are not me, how do I know."

"Then why did you oppose that I want to marry him, it will not be because I will not be my sister!"

My dad smiled and said: "You just did not take long to fall in love you want to marry him, you take him to see great you want to know can not get married, there are several factors that are important to whom, a man can. not self-reliance, he is to spend his or spend their parents; two of his work there is no initiative, is not able to tell right from wrong; how about three of his interaction with friends the matter of marriage, you know, a little more than love or not love. more importantly, it is a person's character. "my aunt told me the same age, and then we both just talk about anything, like girlfriends, she later told me, is that the love she realized that a man capable of independent and how important good character is one thing. Marriage, men can grow up is very important.

In my opinion, there are many levels of love, my sister just like the first stages of their love is that two people love each other dearly, anxious all the time and every day with each other, has been looking forward to a better future. At this time, only two people are each other's eyes, they can see who is the light-emitting point of each other, in each other's eyes, is another perfect crystal, in this world does not have the first two, and so forced to get their impulsive marriage. This is precisely the time of marriage most do not fly.

Do not be fooled by love, it is really important to understand that marriage is by no means trivial, it is a fusion of many factors, you have to think clearly, absolutely can not be too blind. To absolutely clear that there are several men can not marry, because once you are married, are a step forward into the abyss, marriage is very important to the woman's first half, the election of the first half, and the second is more likely to be happy.

The second level is to begin to discover each other's shortcomings, began to realize each other's shortcomings, the woman not only have your side nestled in the side of the innocent girl, sometimes she would like a bitch as unreasonable. And that man is indeed very responsible, but something will happen to the family he would hesitant, indecisive.

From love to marriage is an in-depth understanding of the process, just stop at the first level of married people may flash flash from the marriage, but people love to reach the second level on married people, probably because of the discovery of priceless crystal change not became worthless gravel and select complain, dropped, unable to complete the desire to spend a lifetime.

The third stage is the most important and essential, it is a return to the reality of love. The right choice after choice you find each other shortcomings. After you choose to stay, you should forgive each other's mistakes, and accept all of the other bad, and are willing to stick with him, to help him correct me.

Inside these three stages, you have to carefully try to figure out how the other side is a kind of person, what his strengths and weaknesses, you have a fight when he was seeking only to temper will consider your feelings, he had not thought about you future and put into action, he is totally listen to their parents, or they have the ability to distinguish. These factors are important, because if your partner is able to tell right from wrong, it will work, and will treat you right, you will be happy to marry him.

Like my dad said, whether patriotic is not important, the key is a person's character.

Good character man, you marry him would not suffer too much; bad character, you marry him is to let himself fall into the abyss.

Because of my father, and it is very serious fall in love, and then only to the extent of marriage.

In fact, there was a time I love carried away even when you think of love to marry him, but then I told my father, he had to be with marriage, like a small aunt, dissenting. He did not say to me, but I hope I can seriously fall in love. Later troubles me so much with my boyfriend, my father also know that the process of which, we were talking about the nearly four years of love, fights many times frame, but in the end it did not break up.

I thought my father did not agree with the marriage, then I told him when to get married very disturbed, but did not expect he agreed.

"You can get married, how come so many years and I have seen, I know you are serious about each other, you will not lose marry him. Although he was a poor boy, but now is not poor, and you love Over the years he's worked very hard, and also bought a house, really it is serious about you. and when his mother does not agree with your marriage when he can after you, is a thoroughly good man.

You went through so many hardships, will be happy to get married, because marriage is about several elements you are running good. You enough self-reliance, not dependent on their parents think; you good at solving problems, not to create trouble; he was very mature, able to accommodate you, you can upgrade; his good character, good karma, I believe he can bring you happiness. "

The father said the remarks, poke deep in me, and now I'm married to Mr. long time, we had a very happy, and feeling better and better. Our marriage will encounter problems, but we will try to solve, rather than create conflicts. Including children this matter, let us feel tired and irritable, but feel tired and happy with. We continue to grow in the marriage, the achievements of each other, more and more stable marriages.

After my sister's things, and my own marriage thing, finally came to understand, to what extent can fall in love get married.

Love is not a laughing live, but in the process of getting along, you have to look at your three outlooks fit together, you have to look at each other is what kind of person. Do not just think you love, look at ourselves too, they have to observe others.

What exactly, can you get married?Seeing that you really understand him, see if he is a self-reliant person, look at his character and is there a good family, see him to solve the problem or make trouble.When you want to understand these in the process of love, you will be married.

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