"Let her arrive in a few days, pass the door is the family babysitter" mother-in-law mistake news, girl: photo

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In life, the relationship between mother and daughter two people are always very difficult to put into words. There are a lot of her mother, who before his son and daughter married, for their prospective daughter feel very satisfied, so they will often make things stop children and married daughter in life, but parents in the marriage no matter how this can influence the views of children do? So they are generally opposed to only ended in failure.

But there are a lot of her mother, who because of his dissatisfaction for the daughter, the son insisted on going to marry so even if they do not like daughter, they also did not choose to leave the matter in their lives, because they feel that as long as his own daughter into the house , not to allow himself to pinch flat twist group. So they are required for marriage and daughter do not mind arrogance in their lives.

However, the fact that they really turn out the way you imagine them? In fact, it is not necessarily the. Recently in life, Liu aunt confident, then, just after his son married all in vain.

The gap is too big love

Liu aunt and son Yang Zhiqiang Yang Zhiqiang from a very early age have been living together since Liu aunt and her husband divorced early, two people after a divorce, Aunt Liu successfully got custody of his son, but thus two personal life flies is not easy. Because Aunt Liu family conditions are not good, especially after her divorce, also under a lot of other people's eyes and pointing wink, so that she has always been high hopes for his son. Because Yang Zhiqiang also know their mother for their hope, so very hard from an early age in learning. Therefore, Yang Zhiqiang when the university entrance exam, also successfully admitted to a good university colleges.

After Yang Zhiqiang after college, the students see around family conditions, before we know exactly how big the gap between themselves and other people have so slowly in life, he also had a psychological inferiority. While under the influence of this inferiority complex, Yang Zhiqiang in mind the above study spent more and more, because he knows that only by virtue of learning, is the only change their own destiny in the way.

But let Yang Zhiqiang did not think that, in college, he was subject to a favorable conditions for the pursuit of the girl's family, the girl named Ren Wenjing. Ren Wenjing was born in a family conditions favorable among the families, so after two people together, Yang Zhiqiang also inside the school by a lot of people jealous. But this phenomenon of people but then turn a blind eye, because he felt he was selected and Yang Zhiqiang together their own right, others simply no way interfere with his decision.

Thus, after graduating from college two people, Yang Zhiqiang Ren Wenjing also directly and proposed the idea want to get married. Knowing the idea Ren Wenjing after, Yang Zhiqiang Ren Wenjing directly on the door and met her parents.

Both parents meet

Because two people are ready to get married, so that parents also see an essential part, but in fact, after know two things, Yang Zhiqiang Ren Wenjing's mother did not like the daughter, because she felt that any Wen Jing is a look inside the home pampered lady, among their own kind of family is not suitable for such a daughter to marry, so that for Ren Wenjing's attitude has been very good in their lives.

After two good parents who agreed date of the meeting the two sides, the two parents quickly agreed in a good hotel which met. But when two people meet, but it happened very unpleasant things. Because Ren Wenjing parents fear their daughters to marry after the last wronged, so when both parents met, although the give his daughter a dowry suites and a car, but also focus on that his daughter grew up under is spoiled growing up, hope Yang Zhiqiang family can be more tolerant of some.

But Yang Zhiqiang's mother after hearing Ren Wenjing parents, I feel very angry, because she felt outside, then inside, then Ren Wenjing parents have been reminded that their family and economic situation is simply not good enough for them, so She said she decided to quasi-law arrogance of this arrogance must be after her marriage to suppress it.

Thus, while Yang Zhiqiang's mother although for Ren Wenjing an attitude demonstrated by the very satisfied with the time and in-laws to meet, but she also chose to bear down, because she felt that as long as Ren Wenjing married here, then himself Nature can cure her is maintained.

Her mother sent the wrong message

After the marriage of two people settle down, two people have begun to play a full swing to prepare the wedding of two people. But because of her mother Yang Zhiqiang has been to Ren Wenjing parents and her attitude to heart, so for this own daughter, she would also like a lot of remediation approach. Although Yang Zhiqiang idea for mothers also feel very helpless, but no matter how Yang Zhiqiang said to his mother, but the mother still did not want to change the meaning. So Yang Zhixiang also had abandoned it.

But just two days before the two people married, because Yang Zhiqiang's mother thought of a good way to rectify her own daughter-in-law, she directly gave her son a message "and let her arrive for a few days, pass the door is a home. nanny". But I didn't think that this text message didn't send it to my son, but I sent it to my daughter-in-law who didn't pass. After seeing the text messages sent by the mother-in-law, I sent this information directly to Yang Zhiqiang, and Yang Zhiqiang immediately gave any Wenjing to explain it. Ren Wenjing knows this is not my husband's meaning, because she believes Yang Zhiqiang, so after Yang Zhiqiang and she explained, I didn't say anything to say: "Photo". After seeing the news sent by Wen Jing, Yang Zhiqiang completely put down his heart.

After two people get married, Ren Wenjing has always been very strong in life, and Yang Zhiqiang is very speaking from his wife itself, plus it because of the text message, he always feels very sorry for his wife, so for Wife's approach did not say anything. Therefore, after Ren Wenjing married, Yang Zhiqiang is planning the mother's thoughts when the mother is in the premium.

In life, marriage is always the things of two parties. As a parent, we are very unhearted in life, so you should don't worry about your child's marriage, because of marriage Things are always as people drinking water, and warm and warm. You have not experienced the marriage of others, and there have been no love of others, so there is no way to point to the lives of others.

Especially in life, we can often see it. Now more and more young people don't care about the door, so they are not very valued for their other half of the family conditions, but if the two people want to choose to enter the marriage, then two people's family life conditions. But it has to be considered. So before two people get married, there will often be a lot of conflicts because of the different homes.

In fact, when we pick another half in life, we can't see the other's family conditions as the primary choice of targets, but in life, we can't see each other's family conditions, only according to their own preferences, and each other Together, because the economic foundation determines the upper building. No person's marriage can throw away economic conditions and exist independently. So in life, when we choose to choose your own other, although positive conditions should not be regarded as the only half request, it is not possible to abandon and throw the economic conditions. And if we live in life, we have found that our mother-in-law does not like his own words, then we must consider whether this marriage is really worthy of us to take risks.

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