A 27-year-old 离 异: 媳 媳 关 亲 亲 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如

In marriage, laws get along is inevitable thing, but to get along with different patterns also bring a different atmosphere to the family, most people can not find a suitable model for interaction leading to each other unhappy.

Since ancient times, deeply affecting contradiction-law generation after generation of young people, as a result of a divorce case - law conflicts is endless.

Great country is hard to imagine the divorce rate skyrocketed in recent years, statistics show divorce rate in 2020 of up to 1,063,000 pairs, although in 2021 launched a new marriage law still can not stop the pace of divorce.

I believe each pair get married lovers are holding Shengsixiangxu attitude, but the end result is that things change.

Why do young men walked on does not go up? Some people say that domestic violence, some say the derailment, but according to the statistics that most of the grounds for divorce always the case-law is contradictory because too difficult to solve.

Even the grounds of a lot of young women do not want to get married in-law also conflicts in the first place, after all, hard to love easy to spend, marriage law relationship has become a major obstacle.

Today still no one can give a standard answer to solve the problems left by-law since ancient times, so many people before marriage is not always thought that two strangers running it really so difficult?

But after marriage she had to sigh, "why bother difficult woman woman", and even some death-law because contradiction is no longer exchanges.

A sweet love from the campus to the marriage?

This is two strange-law relationship, if there is no husband to pull strings in the middle, so they estimated that there will not be a lifetime relationship. They have neither blood, and no deep friendship, and even the concept of both the environment and life are diametrically opposed.

People do not experience law relationship is not always thought that both of them what, how difficult can, as long as the mother treated the same as his mother does not like. How about her mother and her mother the same? Psychologically we have to distinguish.

27-year-old Liu Yungang experienced a failed marriage, because she and her husband divorced, not because there is no emotion, but not because of the derailment cause, but because of conflicts-law.

Although at the time of marriage she was ready, be sure to let family harmony, and even treat her mother and biological mother in general, but in the end but still no way to get her mother satisfaction.

She and her husband was free love, from the campus to be able to love marriage is not how many people are envious of, after they experienced many obstacles, finally got satisfactory results.

Her most satisfaction is that the husband is very popular these days, because he belongs to the sport of boys, not only sunlight but also very handsome, so there are a lot of girls like in college when.

My husband and she can be described as love at first sight, when he went straight to Liu, the germination of the seeds of love already, after he had to Liu launched a fierce pursuit, not long before they smoothly together.

Even then there are a lot of people and he shows good, but he always kept a distance and those girls, love her consistent, so they are successfully entered the marriage hall.

Second, things have not always

When I first met her mother, Liu found her mother is a very fashionable middle-aged women, although the appearance of old but young at heart, so she and her mother can get along very well.

This kind of marriage so that Liu is looking forward, not only have a love her husband, also a friend and as a mother.

However, such a relationship only lasted until shortly after pregnancy, because pregnancy tastes great changes, so although the intentions of her mother but always serve not eat.

Then later, because her mother is dancing accidental fall intensified the contradictions, her mother had to be hospitalized so there is no time and energy to take care of home, Liu because of pregnancy back to her family, her mother did not come back after the accident.

Liu was in her mother's eyes regardless of home, knowing that the family is not willing to go home too busy to help, it has become a thorn in mind.

After that her mother would always make irresponsible remarks in front of her husband, leading her husband did not know what to do. Hearing a lot of gossip always listen when husband therefore went home and Laozhang Ren Liu quarrel.

Duffers her mother, her husband's complaints and curses, let Liu was among very chilling moment, their own waste effort to please her mother, and ultimately get such a result. Liu directly after angry parents accompanied do a surgical abortion, decisive and her husband divorced.

Pregnant wife caring husband did not care, but because of her mother's few words to his wife complain all kinds, and even that his wife is a man of much ado about nothing. Such behavior has to do with how father?

In fact, no matter how intimate feelings and her mother, but her mother is a mother, as long as we do courteous is the best model for interaction, not only does not go beyond each other, we gave each other plenty of space and freedom. There is no blood-law's feelings, it can only rely on the accumulated running, more like the equivalent exchange.

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