After marriage, my husband hides private house, my father is sicking him to take out 120,000, how should I think?

Five years ago when I was just to work on the understanding of my current husband, remember the first day to the company report, to report to the manager with a number of our new employees, I suddenly want to go half way on the trip to the toilet. But there are too shy to let so many people waiting for me a people, so think of themselves alone out on trips to the bathroom should be able to catch up with them. Worse, I'll find out from the toilet for a long time did not see their shadows nearby.

When I was ready to ask the person next to a male colleague came running from a distance, I recognized him also come with us to report. He smiled and said to me: "Just to see you go to the toilet, so for a long time did not catch up with us, so I'm afraid you are lost deliberately come back." Just a few words let me deeply moved, we he is so determined to strangers was able to help me, making me he had a great affection.

Then we in the company which always looked not bow to see, and he would always help to me when I encounter difficulties, it is as if God arranged everything. Slowly we show each other the mind together. And with him the time I do not feel happy all the time, overtime, when he always sent me to eat supper, after being criticized manager would always comfort me hear his words, encountered heavy rain the weather can always see him parked in the car waiting for me downstairs.

His family circumstances and I almost, have only one child. Parents are ordinary workers or staff. So it never produced because the family had our differences. Both parents also do not oppose our love, they think we have reached the age of love, it's time to pay a suitable friend. Moreover, we have been to the other side of the family guest, but also be met with both parents.

They understand the family situation and some of our things work after also very much agree with us, told us we must get along, can not put their marriage as a trifling matter. After two years together for us finally entered the marriage hall.

Many of his impeccable place many people think, because he showed me is always an energetic and motivated image. Whether at work or in everyday life he can give me a lot of help. One thing alone is his man to spend a bit extravagant. After I have issued monthly salary gave him a thousand dollars in pocket money, they always feel that men can not avoid socializing outside it, but sometimes he also turned down several dinner. Finally, I asked him at the end of the money not spent all the time he always said, I began to suspect that he should have their own coffers up. I asked a few times but he did not say, and the money are out to eat and colleagues or play time spent.

One night in May of this year, I got my mom gave me a phone call, she said that my dad has been sick to the hospital, the doctor recommended immediate surgery to completely control the disease progression on the phone, but surgery on to two hundred thousand. She is now only the hands of thousands of dollars of savings, we want to borrow some money to do this surgery. My husband and I got married a few years, earn wages basically spending the daily cost of the two of us, and basically did not save any money on, but Cary was thirty thousand dollars. I told my mom on the phone anyway I will round up thousands of dollars as soon as possible.

After I hung up the phone who wanted to be able to borrow money, I asked my husband flew out of the situation is clear from a shoe box under the bed, there is a one hundred and twenty thousand passbook deposits! He told me that's what I kept asking his coffers, in part, his own marriage began to save, and the rest is saved from his pocket money every month in the. He is relying on the money my dad was the successful completion of the surgery, and after surgery is also very good recovery.

How should we deal with this matter of their own money?

Possession of their own money on this issue can be considered commonplace, although you are husband and wife but also everyone should have their own private space. So it is necessary to test the level of trust between husband and wife, and since you trust each other, then you should know each other have their own money at the time not to interfere in each other. Provided they do not bring discordant elements to your families I advocate both spouses should have their own money. Husband-wife relationship built on trust is the most solid, the two sides understand each other and support each other feelings between two people should not be under those disturbed by external factors.

Like you, like this case, if your husband did not own their own money she saved Perhaps you have to lend money to your father surgery. So sometimes their own money is not a bad side, though it does have induced suspicion of family conflicts, but as long as the couple trust each other can still have their own money. As long as not against the law to attempt to hide their own money is acceptable, this is not only a test of the degree of trust between husband and wife, but also a test of a person a sense of responsibility in the family!

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