When you get along, the woman can't accept the behavior, dressing up, is not given to you.

Although love is very beautiful, it is also necessary to meet people. Really love can live like Valentine's Day every day, otherwise you can't talk about one piece, it is barely, it can only be contradictory, women are in feelings. More delicate, but there are women who don't want to pay attention to their own fun. It is like a child. Even if there is more, the other party is just a single collection but not cherish, and forgiveness is only changed. When you come to the other side, you can't stand it.

In life, the man always holds a prejudice, thinking that the man is not a good thing, it will be a little less than a little or not, it always likes to enhance the things, regard the soul of the soup as a love standard, no matter what Can you take a man, how do you do it? Treat your lover on the standard of "chicken soup".

I can't accept my heart, be happy, love to dress up, women love beauty is nature, but the thick makeup is not for you, it is worth thinking about it. If it is very simple, it is very simple, but recently, it began to dress up, get along with I can't feel her enthusiasm, then I should understand that the woman's heart is not yours. Dress dressing is just for others, treating feelings, if you have no love, the details are the most obvious.

Treating the opposite sex is always awkward, you can't refuse, you will enjoy their gifts, and live the life of the paper. For the man's invitation, eat drinking and going out, you never refuse, even if you have a boyfriend, you will not Declaration to the outside will not be lifted with the outside, know what other men think, or a unique attitude, no refusal, do not accept, you can enjoy it.

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