"The whole family is 15 o'clock in your home, and the daughter-in-law will be dinner." Sorry, I will return home "

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With the progress of the times, with the change in people's attitudes, more and more traditional practices have changed, when the arrangement of the New Year also no longer as rigid follow tradition. But the New Year the way some people can accept, some people do not necessarily.

Just like a lot of small families with children, for fun will organize her family, her husband's family during the New Year together, both round the idea of ​​both parents want to see their children, but also to the sons and daughters can contribute filial piety and less guilt, indeed It is the best of both worlds.

But when there are some laws, but because the traditional idea of ​​his own bones do not like it, do not even want to let the New Year back home with his son and daughter. Do not hesitate in the New Year and daughter quarrel, to maintain his position as head of the family.

Doing so may not do any good, so we only had the New Year is not happy, but also to have a daughter also own opinions. And then a little severe, there may ruin his son's marriage. If two people can step back, looking for the best way, or compromise it, things are completely different.

Miao Xin went through such a thing, and a bad heart over the years, but this thing has continued for a long time, her in-laws because it does not compromise choice Miao Xin concessions.

01. dissatisfaction with her mother back home New Year.

Miao Xin and Li Jin have only one child, so from the time of love, two people have agreed, after long married, they take turns home for the holiday, or as long as both parents are willing, two people can be in together New Year.

And this agreement is mainly for Miao Xin consider, when Li Jin does not feel anything, readily agreed.

However, until the two later married, Li Jin's parents to a two people to a New Year, it is strongly opposed, saying that no such custom, and said this is not good. The laws of this attitude, Miao Xin Li Jin and her family can only go one year, one year to the husband's family, in the first year of the wedding of two people is back to her husband's family before.

So this second to the Spring Festival, Miao Xin and Li Jin two people who are not exported to discuss, but all well aware of the scheduled start of ticket back to her parents, but they forget Li Jin and his parents say, until the New Year five day two people ready to go when Li Jin received the mother's phone.

This time Li Jin finally think of it, but can only bite the bullet and mother explained, but there really is also directly fury, he said two people know the rules, do not consider them, ask them to hurry back to the New Year.

Li Jin at this difficult hatchback, may have said good things can not be changed, or is put Miao Xin parents pigeons, so two people can ride home first, to the other side and then a detailed explanation and in-laws.

However, this allows the mother more angry, across mobile phones two people scolded discredited by a few, it makes Miao Xin has suddenly angry, "Mom, you and Dad look ahead and discuss our fault, to be clear now forcing us to go back. Why? I have only one child and Li Jin, a round that should have been a year, so how the rules? "

And after the quarrel and her mother finished, Miao Xin to happy at home over a two-year, Li Jin is worried every day, until the three days, we must hurry pulled Miao Xin go back to their homes.

Miao Xin also know that because of this thing himself and her in-laws had considered contradictory, but he now has to accompany their parents for a long time, so it should go back and explain.

But laws can not wait to see them, do not bother Miao Xin hot face to cold ass, only two days in the country, leaving gifts and Li Jin back to two people went home.

02. cynical mother.

Miao Xin was originally intended to provoke but to avoid them, as long as they do not go to someone, her mother can be a little corpuscles. However Miao Xin and Li Jin-laws at home when the mouth can not stop, abruptly forced to leave two people, two people and one day a telephone to let them go back to visit relatives.

Miao Xin naturally unwilling, but then can be Li Jin Miao Xin said, "my wife, my parents thought of the idea that the traditional heavy, so just so particular, but also this year I forgot to discuss in advance, you do not hold a grudge .Now my parents gave up the steps, of us if we do not, the future really can not go back. "

Lee looked into the pleading look, there are some Miao Xin could not bear, after all, Li Jin can be considered for the sake of themselves, their hard if not stiff and her in-laws and good, finally embarrassing or Li Jin.

So Miao Xin Li Jin is still listening to the words, I believe that laws are in a good show, and Li Jin back together.

As it turned out one pair of parents always feel is the head of the old man bowed his head might show how good the other hand, ran back to the Miao Xin silly, simply to catch on to the muzzle hit.

Because two days to go back to visit relatives indeed, when at home, nor in-laws and Miao Xin quarrel, but once up to someone's home, her mother would not want Miao Xin and discuss them privately with Li Jin back home this New Year children come up with something, then inside, then outside are by satirical Miao Xin not know the rules, they do not filial piety.

In the face of the yin and yang of the mother-in-law, Miaoxin can't attack because it is still outside, it is hard to endure the holidays, and Miao Xin can't wait for it and Li Jin. When I was on the road, Miaoxin also began to vent their dissatisfaction, and said to Li Jin, "I don't think about your parents, I don't go back, who loves and who has passed, I don't wait "03. The mother-in-law is again martyrdom."

Li Jin has a bitter can't say, because there is a mistake on both sides, no one has reason, Li Jin can only tell the parents in the phone, and then go to comfort.

No matter what Li Jin said, Miaoxin is reluctant to endure this time, and Li Jin goes home to the Lantern Festival. Li Jin as his son can't return, so I can only call my parents, saying that Miao Xin Lantern Festival does not return, and I will go back.

At the time, there were no words in the phone, and I can wait until the day before the Lantern Festival, Miaoxin received a call from my mother-in-law. "The whole family is going to come to your home, and you will have a meal."

Miaoxin is not understood, what is the meaning of this, and the mother-in-law is also explained to Miaoxin. "Don't you have time to come back? Then I will go to your home with relatives, let you entertain the entertainment, and learn the rules."

Miao Xin is here to understand that mother-in-law is still not dead, I still have to hate myself, thinking about bringing that a group of relatives who have the same idea to give yourself down Maver. Miao Xin is not a person who bullies, is an embarrassment when his mother-in-law family is, now chasing his home, Miaoxin naturally opens back, "Sorry, I will return to my family, let your son do. "

After that, Miaoxin also lazy to listen to the mother-in-law, and didn't pick up the phone directly, and then picked up the baggage back to the mother.

When the next day, the 15th of the Lantern Festival was left to the 15th behind the wood. The in-laws were not embarrassed to explode. They can only accompany their faces, and they have the group. The relatives have eaten outside.

Since then, Miaoxin will no longer obey the in-law. As long as the business is talking about this, Miaoxin puts forward two people to go home for the New Year. This is no more accepting a family in a year, and after the discovery of Miaoxin is not good to teach, they finally loose, not in a long time.

Slowly, this contradiction is finally turned into, Li Jin also dared to forget early notice.

When the child is small, the parents consider the child. After the child grows up, they should consider their parents. Especially now the only children, considering more, and the only child husband and wife should go back, and it is also a problem that is often discussed.

Because our country has a tradition since ancient times, the daughter married to the past, but the society is not the same, as a daughter who is growing from the parents as a palm of the Pearl, nature is not willing to give a good life alone. New Year's New Year.

At this time, the man's family should also be properly considered, and it is not always selfish and hard to say the custom, telling the tradition, but hurts the feelings. The contradiction between Miaoxin and the inquiry, the contradiction of Miao Xin, is better in Miao Xin, Li Jin is not a moment of mutual in-laws. This contradiction can be slowly resolved in the process of time.

But this also gave many men's families or a revelation of the husband. Since it became a family, he would think about each other, it could not be happy in the New Year, and ignored his wife's feelings.

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