[Double] Son into my own cave (5)

The characters do not like to tear the Weiboy and the heart is in the heart. He knows that the purple throws will inevitably look for the blue, but no matter how you have to have this level.

"The lady is coming." Warmness took Wei Ying to the Room Room, and the purple bisquier "will go on." After the warmth, the door closed, but also didn't wait for Wei Ying, and Wei Wei gave Wei. Baby one measuring slap.

Because the Wei's face is swollen, there is a sip of the mouth. "The monk, you have to marry the marriage now."

Wei Ying did not speak silently to bear all this. "You will be in the same way as you like the mother, or you can marry the golden house, now I have seen Ah, I don't satisfy marriage, I want to marry. When you enter the blue home, you don't want your own identity. "

Wei Ying can tolerate 紫 紫 骂 自己 自己 自己 是 他 他 我 我 我 我 我 娘 娘 娘 娘 娘 娘 娘 娘 娘 娘 娘 了 你 你 你 了 你 了 你 你 你 你 你 了 了 你 了 了 了 了 你 了 你 了 你 你 了 你 你 你 你 你 你 了 你 了 了 了 了 你 了 你 你 你 了 了 你 你 了 你 了 你 你 你 了 你 你 了 了 你 了 你There is no meaning to be embarrassed in the ground.

Wei Ying is so urgent to hook the blue, because he will marry Jin Guang, a lady, although Jin Guangshan is also a group of His wife, and even the age is a few years old. .

How can these people may be a good match, it is necessary to marry him as a wife. Wei Ying feels lucky or a wife is not a sorrow. I remember that my father finally remembered that I had to bring myself. Wei Ying is happy.


For Wei Ying, I can only go out, but I don't think of my father will push myself to the fire pit. He took himself to the golden family banquet, but it is also gold. Home did a transaction to marry himself to Jin Guang Shan for the benefit.

Wei Ying is now, I can't forget Jin Guang's good look, and I have to swallow myself. If I have a good father, I have been sent to Jin Guang, I have been sent to Jin Guang.

After all, Wei Ying also married, and Wei Ying did not dare to play too much.

Warm and I heard it, I quickly went in and sent it to his room. After I took it to Jinchuang medicine to wear Wei baby, watching Wei baby's injury, this kind of warm pain, the warmth, although she has been following the purple 鸢, but the purple 紫 紫 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢 鸢It is not good for the next person.

I remember that I have been injured is Wei Ying to help myself. Since then, I will take Wei Ying as my own child, "A baby poor children." "Love is uncomfortable."

"How can it be hit this." Looking at Wei Ying's back and injury and tears stayed. "Why do he be so heavy." "I will marry Jin Guang soon, I don't want to marry him, I hope that love to help me."

"Good love helps you as long as you can marry a good family, love this life." "So Wei Ying told his own plans, and waited for the emotion of Wei Ying to take the witch medicine, this It is effective in the worship of the Witch Code.

Coating, I don't hurt you, and I will prepare for the implementation plan after a few days later, I will prepare for the implementation plan. After a few days, Wei Ying's own is almost good, and the plan has also begun.

And these days have not seen Wei Ying, he did not dare to mention Wei Ying things about Wei Ying, and there was an urgent point to see Wei Ying. He always thought about Wei Ying.

But now blue, I don't know, soon, he will see him to read Wei Ying, but Bluebi does not know that this time is just a conspiracy.

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