"Buy a house for Xia Shu, otherwise our family sleeps on the street" After the child promised, the mother-in-law panic

Between husband and wife, there should be no calculation. Although after the marriage, the couple's property is jointly owned two people. However, another must respect the wishes of the other party, the other party can not be forced to spend money themselves.

Strained relationship between husband and wife, have in large part because men make money, not to improve the living conditions of the nuclear family, but most of the savings you spend on the woman's family of origin. And partly because, when the ATM is the man to his wife, against the wishes of his wife, the money spent on their original family.

This will break the balance of the couple's relationship, regardless of which party is more interested in the long-term this situation continues, marriage is no way to run down.

Many women after marriage, it is like facing a double squeeze her husband and her mother. Not only that, it is always moral kidnapped. Daughter does, it should honor her in-laws. As she and her long, they should spend money to siblings, sister-son tie-husband's brother.

No one thought about standing problem on a woman's point of view, there is no respect for her. Woman's love will gradually wear out in such a state, no longer willing to stay in this family, would rather divorce, nor has exploited it. Encountered this kind of in-laws, is to pay more, it will not get their sincere treatment, leave early, early relief. Do not come to their senses, or will suffer more damage.

Woman needs to know, love is a very important part of life, but that is only a ring can be, not to the ring, and give up all of life.

Huifang like Lexus, then marry him, did not expect to encounter so many problems, she could not bear to let go, but time and time again to be calculated, she could not help, choose a divorce.

In order to love, give it all.

Huifang and Lexus marriage, the marriage room is Huifang, not only that, she also Lexus Ling's parents and brother have received far side, the family lived in this suite yard.

Huifang couple live in a Lexus parents live one, he lived a far Ling. Lexus did not want to work, want to start their own businesses. Huifang think this is a development opportunity, then again their own hands only 10 million dollars out to support her husband alone.

Lexus only ambition, no experience and capabilities, and ultimately lost this money into it, the people dejected. Huifang An comfort him: "You had no luck, life into the trough, take your time, it's always good." Not only that, Huifang also seeks his own father, to Lexus in the company to arrange a job, let his first experience in life.

Lexus also find it too small low-wage jobs, Huifang also relieved him: "You're in every department, every job will be to be, then familiar with the company's processes, so my father was assured the company in your hands ah . "hearing this, Lexus was reluctant to go to work.

Over the years, has been constantly pay Huifang, Lexus and her child was born, the family has become increasingly crowded. Children are still young, their parents can sleep in one room. But slowly her children, there are two or three years time, we should sleep housing distribution, the house is not enough to live.

And this time, her mother had other plans. Huifang she said: "You see, you have plenty of money at home, give me a son working arrangements that give the husband's brother to buy a set of wedding room chant so after my grandson also have a place to live, a husband's brother to marry you, not in this. head of the family. "

Huifang frowned, over the years, the University of the husband's brother, a year tuition thirty thousand a month living expenses for at least two thousand are out of money on Lexus salary card, now let them buy a house to the husband's brother really go too far up.

Huifang said: "Mom, I have no money, you know, my parents have helped us too much money with them to the husband's brother to buy a house, this is inappropriate, impossible, you do not even think right now. rent an apartment lot, over two years, the husband's brother to graduate, let him pay a down payment money to buy a house, then slowly also not very good thing? "

Hearing this, her mother pulled a face and said to her: "younger brother to buy a house, or our family slept on the street." After the daughter promised her mother panicked.

No fancy arrangement daughter.

On the past, as long as the mother was such a trouble, Huifang on the compromise, far Ling tuition and living expenses is so to come back. However, this time, Huifang really fed up with all these years live frugally, all in order to maintain the family, but these people home, not a distressed her, love her, gave her a problem, let she paid.

She knew, unreliable husband, in-laws is selfish, she began to fight back. No noise no trouble, calmly said to her mother: "Yes, you sleep on the street, right, this house is mine, and I am the son of two people is enough, do not have to buy anything."

Her mother unwilling to cave, she said: "My son will not agree, this house also has half of my son, you say not." Huifang said: "This is my pre-marital property, but I am sorry, real estate license you have not seen, in fact, the homeowner has been my mother's name, as long as my mother put this house to sell, you want to sleep all the streets difficult. Since you voluntarily go to bed street, then go. "

This response came her mother, frightened, still not convinced, she said: "You do not give the husband's brother to buy a house, do not listen to me, let me tell you son, divorced, and then grandson away, so you never see he". Huifang said: "Children account with me, I have a high income than the Lexus, if the court, the court will award me the child, that time, you see the child is."

Ling Zhi is coming back, knowing these things happening at home, and quickly say that the mother is confused, then advise the wife not to divorce, do not buy, don't hurt the husband and wife. A few times, Ling Zhi is like this, first stabilizes Hui Fang, then slowly, and finally his home is cheap.

This time, Huifang took the son's fire to the home, and hung the house on the Internet to sell, and let his father resigned, this time, she decided to work with this family. Net clean.

This, my mother-in-law panic, frightened. However, Hui Fang did not shake, insisting on divorce. No matter how Ling Zhi advised, it is useless. In the end, two people divorced, children with my mother. Ling Zhi's money basically brought to the brother, Huang's money has always been on the mother's account, he can't miss it.

The family has no money, no house, can only return to the hometown, Ling Zhi is full of resentment to the mother, I feel that they have bury their own happiness.

The husband and wife have to understand the balance of interest.

If the male family conditions are poor, it doesn't matter, but men must know more about women. Miss money may be more constant, but in action, let the woman feel warm.

For example, a family stayed together, the university's little uncle can make zero, and some stress is shackled. You can use your own money to buy something, let the other person know that he has gratitude.

The father-in-law doesn't know how to let the child care, I know that the family is good, and the money is more, it is the family's home, don't have too much unreasonable requirements. To understand the size, know how to be grateful, take care of the child, help the son, the child, know how to understand the child, treat her as home.

Daughter-in-law can feel that the father-in-law is a state of the father-in-law, if a family can get along with each other, each other can care about each other, then she will feel that she is worth it.

If you want to do anything, you must pay for money, you must help Xiaoxians to marry to buy a house, which will let the daughter-in-law dissent, do not want to pay.

Men should also take responsibility, strive to fight, and earn more money, let the wife see hope, can feel happiness, so his wife is willing to work with her husband.

I have encountered problems, don't always want women to solve, but should combine everyone's power to make the best solution. After the little uncle grows, it is necessary to be self-reliant. Don't rely on parents and brother, experience the wind and rain. Parents should also understand this, don't have too much non-division.

Want to operate a small family, members in the big family, can't be too selfish.

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