Wedding affair: un moch, I don't have much happiness, there will be much pain!

Contrary to the ethics, beyond the moral bottom line of emotion, destined embarked on a road of no return, is not the blessing of his family, not protected by law, has also been cast aside by the world.

01 twisted love, twisted human nature

In April of 2012 a night, a woman's shrill cries and the sound of children crying, cut through the quiet night.

Neighbors called the police. When the police - when the police came, saw the woman down in a pool of blood and two young children.

Who then residual S ren's dead woman and her two children? S death of three of them was none other than her husband's friends Dengyuan Yi.

The dead woman called Zhao. Her husband, mother forest, and Dengyuan Yi are friends on chess. Dengyuan Yi Lin mother often came to play cards, Lin Hong often sat next to see. One to two to go. Dengyuan Yi and Lin on the familiar red, they ogle, seduces the dark.

Later, Lin mother go out to earn money, Lin Hong unscrupulous and Dengyuan Yi good on.

Lin Hong outgoing, warm, tender, often have some smart ideas, let Dengyuan Yi feel very fresh.

In order to achieve long-term with the two - the purpose of living together, but she Dengyuan Yi Lin Hong to rent his house and come to live with him.

Dengyuan Yi's wife, in order to feed their families, working outside year round, earned the money handed over to Dengyuan Yi. As long as Lin Hong mouth money. Dengyuan Yi took out part of a forest of red from his wife's money to them.

Wife working away from home for many years. Did not know, her husband took their hard money, not only to support him, and kept his feelings - people.

Husband instigated unknown to the wife, husband, mother find Lin Hong Lin, Lin mother to let her husband rent an apartment to live.

I'm thinking of the mother working outside the house is empty, empty, rent out the house, there is little rent. Dengyuan Yi will readily agreed to his wife's request. Dengyuan Yi's wife also thought to rent the house, cheaper than the original one. Can save a lot of money, do it in accordance with Dengyuan Yi confessed.

Unknown true - the two phases so then both of them would like.

They really happy red house in the forest, even as the husband and wife had played a day.

At this time in the home of his son Dengyuan Yi suddenly ill, and Dengyuan Yi's wife let him return home to care for their children.

Dengyuan Yi went back home to take care of the children, but was left off Dengyuan Yi Lin Hong. Call Dengyuan Yi every few days to ask for money.

Son had no money for medical expenses, his wife in order to cure his son, played a lot of parts work, live frugally, his wife managed to earn, are forest red squandered.

Dengyuan Yi Lin Hong feel good just to be with him his money.

Dengyuan Yi and Lin do not want to keep this warm red - ignorant of the relationship, he and Lin Hong to make a break.

When he found the idea of ​​breaking up talking about Lin Hong, Lin Hong, life and death do not agree. And he and shouting. Dengyuan Yi huff raised his ax, it wanted to intimidate Lin Hong, let her not to fuss. Who knows I'm not afraid of red, still more fierce quarrel.

Dengyuan Yi was noisy upset, ren could not go on a ax. At this time, Lin Hong's two daughters were awakened. I saw this scene. Dengyuan Yi on lamb, hacked to death two children together.

Dengyuan Yi was caught up, Lin did not think his mother asking for trouble. Now it is broken up. The Dengyuan Yi's wife did not think even her husband took their years of hard money, to keep the situation - who has done this wicked thing.

Since those who play with fire - burning, extramarital affairs, so that the two steal - the situation of human self-control is difficult, but when excited - faded love, love has become a hate. Not only hurt yourself. Also hurt others, led to the two families apart.

02 Lost and Delirious, go back home

Lee has been for several days did not go to work, the unit can not get through the phone who beat her, hit her husband's phone and no one answered.

To find people inside his house and found the doors and windows closed. A large share of gas smell. Bedroom two bodies lying inside it.

Case investigation down, he turned out to be as honest and simple and honest husband.

Lee's husband is a long-haul freight driver, long away from home. I will go home a few days a month.

36-year-old wife, Lee, do insurance salesman in a company.

Long-term because her husband was not at home, loneliness, on the Internet chat met a man named Sun Jianping's. Male subnet called lonely man, claiming to be doing engineering business. The company was very greatly, men have a lot of workers.

Learned that Lee is doing the insurance salesman, said the factory workers put, it is recommended to buy her insurance. Lee and greetings. Every night the man returned home and became a solace to chat Lee's spiritual life.

Later, the man asked for Lee's phone. Lee was online this magnetic male voice fascinated. They meet about. And had relations.

Later, out of control, both to be together every few days.

Lee's husband came home and found his wife abnormal cold, heart doubt.

Husband lied to his wife on a business trip a month before I came back, but not to a month to secretly back. Back when discovered lying in bed, Lee and this man.

Then the tragedy occurred. The man was hacked to death on the spot, Lee also cut into serious injuries.

No matter how honest people honest face marital betrayal, feelings of being cheated. Endurance, it will have a certain limit. Exceeds this limit, you will lose your head, under pain s hand.

Those who are married for the game will eventually pay for the price. Especially those who play others emotions. News should be sooner or later. 03 There is no future tomorrow

In a remote mountain village hotel, I found a corpse of the men and women tightly bonded together. I found a suicide note next to the body. There was only one line of words in the sui: Please bury us together.

Male deceased is a 53-year-old

Female deceased is a 38-year-old scorpion.

Long Hui is an editor of the newspaper, he has a virtuous wife, smart and beautiful daughter.

The marriage life has long been, he and his wife have nothing to talk.

Later, he met a gentle and elegant scorpion. The husband of the scorpion was a doctor, but the two were asexual marriage, and the husband of the scorpion was sexually - merit - energy - barrier.

For this approach to this paragraph, they moved from home, live together, lost their jobs. Contact with your family.

The love that is hard to fight is not brought to the joy of being expected.

However, let them have suffering from being lost, they are lonely and painful, in order to live together, Yong - not separate, they think of ending life.

For a long time, I will find the medicine that can make them forever - the medicine, and then I found a medicine with my friends. This medicine will take a pain, but the body will stick together.

They both had a carnival after Zeng, when they reached the peak, they swallowed this medicine, and after the pain, the body was closely attached. For a long time, it is: "Please put our burial" suicide on the table.

However, the police - inspected, to test the death, only the body can be separated, and the husband of the scorpion does not want the scorpion and the long wood, and then pull the body body back home, buried the scorpion, 檩The mother did not attend the funeral of the scorpion.

Danhui flies, abandoned the love of family, friends, and society, where is Zhou? The fact is that it is not possible to betray the family's long wood and the scorpion can't be together. After the death of Zeng Zeng, the rules of the burial are not achieved.

Zhang Ailing said: "Perhaps every man has two women, at least two. Over the red rose, long time, red turned into a mosquito blood on the wall, white or" bedming moonlight "; I married a white rose, and the white is a piece of stuck, but the red is a cinnabar. "

Which is a perfect lover and marriage!

In fact, the true - phase of the marriage: While dislike each other, when you accompany the rest, all the rooms can join hands in a lifetime, are not finished - US.

To hold the moral bottom line, cherish your eyes!

Marriage is not a game.

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