"After the year is over, don't play, divorce"

Say, the best love, after the two sides together and make each other become better.

Because of you, I want to be a better person, do not want to be your burden, so greater efforts just to enough and you want to prove my match.

But not all love, can achieve this state. There are always some people feel married, the other is his own man, so brazenly, to their most authentic, unbearable side exposed.

He felt the truth of life is so, nothing to cover up.

But no matter how good the beginning of feelings, if left unchecked development, rather than running each other and adapt to eventually reach hard to get marriage for happiness.

In particular's freedom of thought, gender equality, who have the right to divorce first, because no one is obliged to endure marriage grievances and sadness.

Chinese New Year comes a bustling, vigorous away.

And how much joy, how much sorrow. Happy New Year bring happiness, but also there are a lot of complaints and sadness.

Lantern Festival is over, Xiaoyun (a pseudonym) and her husband filed for divorce. Endured the long Chinese New Year, she is quite enough.

In fact, this is the first Spring Festival Xiaoyun marriage. Because before the holiday and not deep contact with her husband's family, but her husband is blind know, do not know enough, there were only saw the external conditions.

Xiaoyun is already older girl, looking at the people around the same age marry and have children, naturally some get angry when her husband appeared, tried to persuade her not to go to pick up, so she and their own compromise, accepted the reality.

However, the real was with her husband back to her husband's family had a years, only to find many problems in marriage, she had married and get married, it is a mistake.

Xiaoyun and her husband are the unit of ordinary workers, a monthly income of about five or six thousand, plus year-end awards and a variety of benefits, one year almost 100,000 per person looks like.

Such income, both in this third-tier cities is passable, although the pressure of the loan to buy a house, but also to protect the basic living, but if there is an unexpected expense, I am afraid some tight.

So after the two married, Xiaoyun has been carefully, as far as possible the appropriateness of some living arrangements more.

But a New Year let her understand something, if two people's views can not be unified, then life will be clogging up a lot.

When the end of the year, respectively Xiaoyun and her husband made a two million year-end awards. According to Xiaoyun mean put the money in reserve to be invested for early mortgage to buy a house, have children.

But she did not expect that, overheard a phone of her husband, only to find two people Three views have much difference.

My husband and in-laws said in a phone call they made a couple on the year-end awards $ 100,000 in the first year with his wife to go home, do not let the family disgrace.

Obviously only 4 million, but was said to be 100,000, Xiaoyun suspect guilty mind.

Then her husband told his plan to give parents $ 10,000 a person a red envelope, home, siblings and children, nearly a dozen, one person 5,000 yuan, with a gift of 2 million.

Then on hand to prepare about 10,000 yuan, keep discretionary.

After her husband finished these words, Xiaoyun stared. She did not think her husband is so vain, in order to show himself on the outside Hunde Hao, like this hat and no cattle.

She said he did not consent to this treatment, but her husband plausibly say, "I have to give loved ones every year red envelopes, which is the standard."

And Xiaoyun asked, "If your family so assigned, then I was not also for my family also saddled copy?" My husband has an incredible way: "married daughter, such as spilled water. "

He believes that after marriage a woman should put thought into her husband's family, as do some in-laws, without consideration of the maiden.

After two blind date, contacts a year's time, Xiaoyun husband who did not find this idea, this time came to realize that although their income is not high, but some of their savings to make investments, there are ten million on hand .

Her husband's money is even higher than her, usually consumption is not high, there is no deposit in the hands of a penny.

When I married, Xiaoyun still think, no room does not matter, as long as the two provinces with some flowers, bread always have.

But now she realized that her husband poor is not without reason. She urged him to give more consideration to their own small family look, but she refused to see her husband out of year-end awards, there has been no good face.

They are not happy with a gift back to the husband's family, her husband Xiaoyun think they do not give money, he had no way red envelopes. But New Year's Eve night, but her husband in front of her face, for the whole family made a red envelope.

Family happy, compliment her husband have a skill, Xiaoyun face difficult to see the extreme, did not notice.

Husband in her ear said: "The big New Year, give me a face, do not find unpleasant."

She alone in this strange family, keep a smile every day, watching them eat and drink, talk about family gossip that he was like an outsider.

And later returned to the city after New Year, only to find her husband moved to her parents' marriage of 20,000 yuan of money, as well as from colleagues and friends there to receive the gifts.

And even tens of thousands of dollars, her husband borrowed from the unit. A New Year, because of his face, her husband not only spent their common savings, but also into debt.

Xiaoyun furious, she had not hold anything against him penniless, no complaints grandfathers and grandmothers did not indicate when they got married, but her husband left her feeling sad practice.

He doesn't stop him from filializing your parents, love your loved ones, just everything you do is within your own capacity.However, he regardlessed it, it does not discuss with her, and self-propelion makes their economy fall into the embarrassment from the beginning of marriage.And this life is still growing, how can I have passed in the future, she dare not think.

She said to her husband: "After the year is over, don't play again, divorce."

For such a man, I really don't know what to do, I can only stop the loss in time, and I will not let the future life are uncomfortable.

Marriage, really have to know how three people will be with it.

Poor, ugly, there is no relationship, but the views of life and consumption should be less than that.

Otherwise, it seems to have a beautiful love, or it may pass into a fluff.

After all, who is going to get married, nor is it going on the purpose of divorce.Marriage is not easy, although the divorce is not so difficult, but the wrong person is likely to bring a certain shadow and impact on his life.


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