"New Year's red envelope to give 10,000, don't let the door" "Auntie, I am going to cancel the wedding"

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In love, do not always favored nothing to fear.

But to get that person up in the emotions of, often do not share cherish sincere.

Then take a look at the case of the hero, to talk about the love of a wishful thinking.

Koizumi often being called one by one to borrow money from friends and relatives do, in order to scrape together the bride price, he was anxious back the sweat out.

Savings his hard work, In love are spent. The marriage room emptied parents savings, bride price can only give him a hundred thousand.

Zhang girlfriend but given the number of child bride price is a full three hundred thousand, two hundred thousand short of this he can only borrow East to fight the West.

Borrow money feel good taste, his mood gradually turned from anxious anger.

For this girlfriend, and now he is really in for it. If you do not get married, spend that money before the full naught.

When his girlfriend think of it and fall in love in the past, often Koizumi some regret.

Three years ago, the day that Koizumi often felt extremely moist. He has more than ten thousand a month salary, parents and the whole money to help him buy a house, do not burden him very happy.

Nothing drove out singing and drinking with friends, buy something wages can support.

Until met Zhang child, his life began to changed.

It was a friend's birthday party, and finally to the door of the girl let us stunning.

Whether appearance or posture, let all the men intently, I saw her breath fresh with a touch of charm.

This is the goddess Zhang children.

Chang Koizumi start from college, I have not seen such a beautiful girl. He immediately fell in love, but also privately recruited friends to find out their contact details.

Although the friend to contact him, but told him a few words: "Brother, this child is beautiful but she can circle the rich man that she does not lack a naturally not too expensive. ordinary men and limited funds, several chase two months does not survive, you know the answer on the line ah. "

But this time often Koizumi How could hear it, are full of children can catch up with Zhang, after all, the goddess of opportunity which can not ah.

After coming to Information, he would say hello to a good show, available to respond to very cold.

In the children can see the circle of friends are the food and luxury goods, he decided to throw gold beautiful smile stroke.

He began to be children red envelopes afternoon tea every day send a hundred dollars a week can also invite children to eat dinner a few thousand.

I met her birthday or major holiday, to send expensive gifts. The most expensive is to buy a child can be more than 30,000 bags.

To tell the truth, so sugar-coated bullets can be violent children have not encountered before. Although she is beautiful, but men seldom generous.

In this way, she was in the balance, with Koizumi often talked about love.

The child may know her boyfriend's family after so willing to spend money, they began playing the idea.

Children parents can always seek to enjoy, as well as playing mahjong habit. Obsessed by the beautiful daughter to live a life of wealth and status.

Now that her daughter so often Koizumi obedience to money is certainly no problem.

She often take the initiative to invite Koizumi to a guest house, which can often put Koizumi thrilled.

He bought twenty thousand super gift the door. Saw all kinds of expensive gifts can be child's mother, the people are as excited.

After dinner that day, she would often take the initiative to increase the Koizumi contact information.

Sure enough, a few days she often gave Koizumi made a passage, which means losing money in mahjong, let him turn a five hundred should an emergency.

He said nothing, immediately turn the past. Which can become like this to become habit.

Koizumi this time often remembered a friend had given him advice, I thought it would pursue costly phase, this continuous money, he really could not carry.

Plus the pursuit of love, a total of less than a year, he has spent fifteen thousand yuan. Looking at the deposit to bottom, he was somewhat disgusted be child's mother.

Not married so knock money, it's not him a ride yet.

He privately Haoshenghaoqi and children can discuss: "But children, your mother recently to play mahjong always find me for money do you know?"

After listening to her unhappy, she said: "I know ah, my mom always looking for how I want, and you fall in love with me and then my mother filial piety should not do, spend some money distressed.?"

These words often choke Koizumi say anything, only embarrassed laugh or two.

In fact, he is not all feel bad money, is also wanted a little more care and love.

Although he knew his image in general, but he also gave all. But this feeling has always let him disheartened.

Six months later, the child's mother often see Koizumi performance has been good. Not only to give her money, but also more importantly for them to play mahjong, then talked about the engagement thing.

Talking about engagement, often Koizumi seemed to see little hope. Quickly said the full amount would have bought a house, car or old, if you need to sell a re-buy.

But child's mother did not then incumbent, talking about a matter of bride price. The mouth she is three million.

Often Koizumi suddenly dumb mouth, the other party may want to bargain is simply not negotiable look.

This does not, there have been scenes home beginning chipped.

But how can a 20,000 cavity? When the positive focus is rotten, you can call: "Hey, I will have a New Year. Now our matter is set, you remember to bring red envelopes, at least 10,000." I hangled Chang Xiaoli returned, I hanged the phone. "

At this time, the depression and retreat of him will not stretch it. After packing the home, he made a decision.

On the day of the New Year, he went to a family, and the door was a mother.

Looking at his two hands, suddenly the smile on his face disappeared, see Chang Quan still wants to go in, just say: "If you come to empty, then the New Year's red envelope is 10,000, otherwise it will not let go."

Chang Xiaoluan didn't go in, said at the door: "Auntie, I am going to cancel the wedding. You think more."

It's not going to go back, I don't have a family in the door.

Although Chang Xiaoli in the case is low gesture and money, although he talks with the goddess, he doesn't understand that love is actually equal. This also tells us that in love, remember the following two revelations.


I: There is a sense of feelings in one of them, often with failure.

In the relationship between the two, once lost equality, then love will no longer exist.

The essence of love is two sincere exchanges, and it is the blend of two souls.

If some parties have superior feelings, they are not love, but will be.

Yes, no matter how much money you pay.

Where you will always be in that superior person.

Such a low gesture feelings will eventually grind your life.

In the case of the case, it is high at the feeling in the feelings.

Also Xiaolu also defaults her superiority, so a lot of money is spent to be happy.

This is not equal, this is unfair, and can only end with failure.

Because there is no reward, it is more desperate, and the feelings of the wishful feelings are more crazy.


Second: People who have an emotional feelings will often have to fail.

Those who want to rely on calculations, people who come to profit doctors are very stupid.

But I guess that this kind of person still feels that they have capital, very smart.

How much is the case of the liar of the emotional world.

Can be a long phase, which can be character or a tongue.

In short, after the other party fall, slowly make a profit.

In the case, you will enjoy the game in love, do our best to take the other party's money to meet the excitement.

But even the appearance of the country, it has not been thoroughly held in the hands.

She lost more than just a bill of money, but also a person who worked so much.

A short money enjoyment does not completely change your life.

But this unethical behavior will be in your life.


The dog's love is sad.

However, this model also has its reasonable value.

After all, a wish to play a wish.

But when one is one, I have tired of this ridiculous and boring game.

That is the moment of two people.

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