There are 300 big geese, the grandfather of the 2000 flat house, the goddess, and finally hold the beauty!

If you like a person, he can accommodate all the shortcomings, if you do not like a person, he is good for you

If you like a person, he can accommodate all the shortcomings, if you do not like a person, he's good for you are entangled and annoyance.

It is possible to meet people's sexual gratification, is particularly commendable, we must cherish it.

Liu aunt said, she phase of an old man on television, it must be shot, if the phase of others, she missed this opportunity.

Think of these, she began to shed tears.

Aunt Liu has been crying for Matchmaker says, even if she knelt down to the matchmaker, she also saw an old man.

So she wanted to see who uncle, Special anxious and urgent.

Originally thought that young people will play, Aunt Liu did not expect this in no way inferior, people have not seen the old man, anxious to live it to the other house.

But for stopping matchmaker, presumably Aunt Liu has long been carrying luggage went to love to go.

That in the end is what kind of uncle, aunt so let Liu heart it?

Liu aunt 68 years old, divorced for many years, when nothing watch a dating show.

He can see the hand 300 geese, sitting on 2000 square meters of the house Uncle Lee, instantly echocardiography.

Watching TV that night, and my heart is particularly excited, I have been thinking about, did not sleep all night.

Just I do not know a night without sleep, Aunt Liu's body can make it live.

To a man, his own bad body boil, then more harm than good.

Early next morning, Liu aunt frantically on the door came to television, you want to take her brother Lee matchmaker.

As the saying goes, love comes unstoppable, Liu Aunt love is not blocked.

But was security at the entrance to Big Brother stopped, Big Brother security aunt rushed to explain that he blindly phase of Big Brother, come matchmaker matchmaking.

But still would not let her into the security, Liu aunt instantly be anxious, so they resorted to nirvana, directly to the security big brother to his knees.

Big Brother security was spooked, had explained to her that day is the weekend, matchmaker are resting, so she left their contact details, Aunt Liu slowly leave.

Later matchmaker that situation Aunt Liu, the first time to contact her.

Just a meeting, Liu Aunt eager to show, watching Aunt so animal in nature's face, appears to be really heart.

That Aunt Liu in the end phase of what does Uncle Lee? Is hundreds of geese, or several thousand square meters of houses?

Liu aunt said, she spotted a Lee stout old man, very healthy.

It seems to have a good physical condition is hard!

Aunt Liu told the matchmaker when she saw Uncle Lee on the other half of the requirements, but is happy from ear to ear, that is to say do not own it?

Aunt Liu even imagined life after the two men, but say let matchmaker surprised words.

Liu aunt said, she is very eager to want to Lee on the old man home life, as long as the uncle agreed, her uncle, who lives in the next, to be single-minded and willing to live and Uncle Lee, to help him feed the geese.

Aunt Liu urgently want to see Uncle Lee's heart, matchmaker is fully aware of.

But the two sides to consider, matchmaker asked whether Liu Aunt Lee uncle know the age.

Aunt Liu replied she did not know.

It seems Aunt Liu is really dazzled by love, and consequently do not know sank into it.

The extent of infatuation, must point a praise!

Since a few years older than Uncle Lee Liu aunt age, it matchmaker aunt called in advance to vaccination.

Matchmaker aunt asked if the two men met with the truth, but did not phase her uncle, then how to do?

Liu lost aunt said, if there is no phase, it is only their anguish point, a long time will have passed.

Or say your aunt or your aunt, for the rest of his life happy, even if there is no corner, we also have a dig.

But the problem now is that Uncle Lee in the last program in the pig Daren Wang Sister hand success.

Just do not know how the progress of the two, then contact the matchmaker Uncle Lee.

Fortunately, Uncle Lee and Aunt Wang, because the two are particularly busy, but also some personality clashes, then separated.

After the two men did not know Liu aunt broke the news to hear, whether it will back laughing, God helps me too.

Now is the right place there, and he sent that man, the uncle Lee.

Can only say that love comes too fast, like a tornado, it is inseparable from the storm, too late to escape.

So Liu aunt, uncle Lee would walk into a small pit of the stomach it?

Matchmaker advised Aunt Liu was calm at first, after all, to be the next woman or reserved, too initiative will be despised man.

Lee uncle aunt phase is actually a high-quality stocks, industrious and competent warm and simple, possessor of more than 300 geese.

Summer sell eggs, winter geese, money continued throughout the year, but more importantly he has a 2000-square-meter house, then it could run into the demolition, it may not uncle your uncle, is the local tyrant.

Lee uncle after learning someone like yourself, that is the heart of the deer kept rattling thump thump, was secretly delighted, uncle it was romantic as ever.

Matchmaker Liu then took off to Aunt Lee uncle home.

A door, Aunt Liu directly overlook the Lee uncle, uncle and sister Lee played a hand grip.

This operation aunt, uncle whole was a loss, fans say good little sister do? How would ignore his existence?

Matchmaker see the situation right, and quickly pulled Liu aunt, uncle formally introduced to Lee. Uncle Lee can be a look Aunt Liu, instantly collapsed state of mind.

Uncle Lee Liu Aunt feel not very good physique, head is too small, the face does not look so tender, looks older than him.

Liu aunt after seeing Uncle Lee, it is one hundred satisfied, what is wrong with all picked out.

Despite the sadness of Aunt Liu is not satisfied, but still with his aunt in a courtesy visit to his yard.

Liu Aunt see half of Uncle Lee, it is not satisfactory, laughing mouth almost blanket to the ears up.

And then they sit down and understand each other, in order to get Uncle Lee's favor.

Aunt Liu himself and take on a blind date compared Uncle Lee's, who said that he, unlike Aunt Wang Li uncle requirements do this and that.

In fact, this is a disguised Aunt Liu said he considerate, Aunt careful this incredible machine.

Then Aunt Liu has implemented a desperate measure, say that they are sick daughter, daughter and son in order to give a quiet living environment, she had to move out from home.

Liu aunt said her daughter at home, just like a mouse to avoid cat, especially not to be seen.

Liu looked delicate and charming aunt, Aunt Lee was unmoved, even that two people come together, if the children need the money, and he took it out, it would mean a loss of face.

And Aunt Liu also has a granddaughter, that time must not let the past take care ah aunt, uncle and then when the time is the one person alone.

In fact, most Li Liu aunt or uncle mind of the age, he was not looking bigger than their own.

Aunt Liu would like to hold a good word with the female junior BRIC to impress Uncle Lee, but Lee was uncle to direct hate back.

In short, Uncle Lee is looking for a beautiful young woman point, he believed that women inherently faster than the old man, and then find older maid serve is not it?

Whether it is family, or their age, Uncle Lee and Aunt Liu thought he was unsuitable.

Aunt Liu see Uncle Lee is not interested in her, and that there is no need to go on the talk.

Finally, the two shook hands, Liu Aunt full of joy to, but full of sadness and loss of leave, which can not help but somewhat distressed.

But love is so not really love a person can get in return, love must be bidirectional happy to be able to, a person's effort is sad.

Sincerely hope that time will heal the wounds Aunt Liu, slowly healing, to find part of his beloved.

Liu had gone to wait for Aunt, Uncle Lee told the matchmaker in fact he had Xinyousuoshu.

Boy, Lee uncle This is not some kind, obviously there sweetheart, why let Aunt Liu came from afar.

Fortunately, however, also considered the fulfillment of a desire aunt, uncle also expected to see if Aunt Acacia into the illness, health problem.

Which was exactly the leash Aunt Uncle Lee's heart? Uncle and aunt heart is able to obtain it?

So matchmaker aunt contacted Qin, Qin aunt does look young and beautiful, temperament, no wonder Uncle Lee never forget.

Matchmaker aunt told her mate special requirements simple: to find a man she loved, in the end responsible.

This requires Qin aunt looked quite simple, but the actual terms particularly difficult, few can do.

Qin aunt who entered, Lee uncle went out warmly welcomed, the room is full of people, seven Regardless of eight aunt early Liu waiting at home.

This put the whole sorry to Tan aunt, uncle Lee also shows that she is a true favorite.

Some are relatives kept saying Uncle Lee's advantage.

First play is aunt, uncle Lee said she is particularly hard working, thrifty, do all the work can dry.

Second is a good brother assists, he said Lee uncle worked affordable, especially good neighborhood relations handled, are particularly friendly to anyone.

After a while Mengkua, Qin aunt moment of Uncle Lee made a good impression, that uncle in addition to black spots, the other are pretty good.

And after seeing Uncle Lee Tan Aunt himself, it is difficult to conceal affection.

He expressed satisfaction Aunt 100, more good-looking than on TV.

Then Uncle Lee and Aunt led Tan to visit his assets, above all, that more than 300 geese, followed by a flat that more than 2,000 big house.

After a lap turn down, Tan Li uncle aunt also gave strength to the shock.

Then Aunt Qin told reporters, days of farming and growing vegetables particularly interested in feeling this is a fancy Uncle Lee?

Returned to the house, the big goose stew pot has given the arrangement, and also do a lot of other dishes.

Tan Lee uncle aunt a look so hard, how she have to say something.

Quickly put on their aprons ready to show off, Uncle Lee will take hay light a fire.

A man cooking, a man light a fire, they fit quite understanding.

Not for a while kung fu, a large table with a hearty lunch on the well, two of them eat and chat.

Uncle Lee is president opened the high-handed mode, so casually mention Aunt requirements, he will meet.

See Lee uncle so forthright, aunt also raised her concerns because she did not have a pension, it is estimated that after life was depending on him.

Uncle Lee said the geese are all turned over all the money, as long as the money can solve things is not a problem, after all, he has that power.

Then Aunt asked again, in case after she was sick or there is a disaster, whether the uncle would abandon her?

Lee uncle one each of the offerings, said it was impossible, married aunt, we must be responsible in the end.

Subsequently, the mother said another concern. She worried that Li Uncle left, his children were driven out.

Uncle Li called her to put his heart in his belly. He will definitely arrange a big mother, so that she is old.

Yan Mom heard the words of the uncle, and the heart is also beautiful.

Seeing that people are so happy, he took out the Yubao Jade to put on the mother.

Finally, this time is over in the laughter, I hope that Grande and Mada will spend a happy happy life.

I don't know, I'm going deep.

We also don't know if a feeling of feelings can have gains, but only if you pay, you will not regret it.

Success is also good, fail, at least, we are consistent, trying.

So, love is loud!

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