"I am so stupid!" She introduced the male girlfriend to her husband, but destroyed her marriage.

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For marriage, it is necessary to operate. After all, love is a virtual, only recognizes reality, pay attention to the other half of the mood idea, can maintain a marriage. Of course, the party that is concerned is to gain this concern, not tempting to be foreign matter, firmly, and can be worthy of their other half. Li Qing and Chen Jiayuan two things are not doing well, so the marriage has come to the end, let's take a look at today's story.

Li Qing and Chen Jiayuan were recognized after college, although not in a college, but they participated in the same community, plus two people's personalities, and quickly came together. Beginning with love, Li Qing and Chen Jiayuan planned the future life. They didn't want to go to work according to the class, and they didn't want to see the boss's face, so I wanted to do business to realize freedom of money. With the same belief, Li Qing and Chen Jiayuan's feelings have also been better. After graduation, I looked at the classmates around you entered the unit. The two of them had lived in a black life. In this way, the students around me have a stable work life. When they start to talk about marriage, Li Qing and Chen Jiayuan are working hard for a future that may fail, and the feelings of the two are always very good. . The people who don't have a heart, and people who work hard can always be returned. Five years, Li Qing and Chen Jiayuan's business have finally gradually embarked on the right track, and there is also a stable and considerable income every month.

The career has become, marriage will put on the agenda, Li Qing and Chen Jiayuan fight for many years, the feelings are very deep, do not care about what a gift, and do a simple wedding under the witness of friends and relatives. After marriage, the life of the two people did not change much, because they were not satisfied with their business, so I returned to my post, so I continued to work hard toward the psychological expectations. It can be long, Li Qing and Chen Jia are all in business, but sometimes it is necessary to have contradictions because of their differences in the boss, and the feelings are much smaller before marriage. Slowly, Li Qing and Chen Jiayuan's business are better, and the husband and wife feelings are ignored by them. When they return home, they are tired to sleep, which also burys the seeds of their marriage. One day Li Qing took Chen Jiayuan asked a customer, it was her male girlfriend in the university. After graduation, it graduated, this time, it is just a business to cooperate, and there is also a connection. Chen Jiayuan often listened to Li Qingti. This man, the man is talking, and a few glasses of wine, two people are familiar with, and the business talks. Li Qing saw two people talking about it. I simply recommended that they left a private contact to give each other. When it is nothing, I can contact my feelings. After all, it is a person who knows the roots, which is a fuse of Li Qing and Chen Jiayuan divorce.

After the color, Chen Jiayuan and the men's girlfriend are like Li Qing hope, there is more intensive, and even develop into a good brother, there is a man's girlfriend to go out, which is already normal in Li Qing. This time, the male girlfriend took Chen Jiayuan to be a bar with a female service: "I said Jiayuan, this life is not as good as the eighth, especially let men, how big, to learn to be happy," Chen Jiayuan Listening, you and Li Qing have been busy with graduation. It doesn't have time to enjoy it. It can be enjoyed now, and it is occasionally, and Li Qing can't find this? I don't need to think about it. Chen Jiayuan quickly made himself a good psychological construction. I betrayed Li Qing at once, and this experience gave him a great pleasure. After experiencing a "timely happy", Chen Jiayuan looked forgotten, plus this man's girlfriend and played, two smelly, a man who had a lot of excessive things.

Things happen to Ni, Chen Jiayuan is no longer passionate about things on the business venue, and the company is almost relying on Li Qing, and naturally cause her attention. Li Qing got a time, with Chen Jiayuan, I talked once, I want to know why he suddenly turned this, Chen Jiayuan is naturally impossible to tell the truth, but he didn't expect Li Qinghui to find that it can only be supported, can't come out A sentence. Such a reaction falls in Li Qing's eyes, but she is curious, but she also knows that I can't ask what I can't come, so she pays attention to Chen Jiayuan's behavior, but also strange, but I can't say why. More and more, Li Qing also knew that he had to find the reason, and finally did not endure Chen Jiayuan's mobile phone this night, and there was no abnormality inside. Until Li Qing opened the chat record of Chen Jiayuan and the men's girlfriend, she understood the reason, although it was also very concealed, but she still knew her husband betrayed her. Li Qing was very regretted. These people were too busy, even busy, did not care about each other, ignored the other party's feelings, but things have been like this, she can't be used as a nothing, the result can only be divorced. If Chen Jiayuan in my dreams, if I wake up, I saw Li Qing sitting on the side, although I didn't turn on, but what happened to him. Sure enough, Li Qing said that Chen Jiayuan knew that things haven't hired, and they directly recognize it, but also make divorce become inevitable results.

I have been married, Li Qing has been unhappy, she is busy for many years, she is 33 years old, but even a child has not yet, she started thinking, working hard, is it right?This is, the reality seems to have given an answer. She regrets that she only pursues the money, and regrets that she has not managed her own and Chen Jiayuan's marriage. It also regrets that Chen Jiayuan knows the men's girlfriends ... but all kinds of regrets,Li Qing also hated Chen Jiayuan, but he did not stick to his heart. In short, their divorce is probably the best results.Thank you for watching us next time.

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