17 years ago, Shaanxi 23-year-old girl was infected by a master's degree, and the choice was open and sent.

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On December 1, 2006, a young girl wearing a black dress stood on the "World AIDS Propaganda Day" in Hangzhou. This girl is pale, and she slowly embarked his podium under the doctor's care. She scattered a long hair and gently told her own experience.

After a while, the audience under the stage frowned because of her story, and many people who were more sensually wiped tears.

At the moment of the speech, the audience under the stage stood up and sent a thunder's applause for this strong girl.

Who is this girl? What kind of story happened in her body?

Parents with a pair of free love

On September 12, 1982, Zhu Liya was born in a combination of Xi'an, Shaanxi. Zhu Lija's father is a farmer, because the brothers at home, so he does not have an opportunity to go to school.

Zhu Lija's grandparents have a total of five sons, Zhu Lija's father ranks third.

Zhu Lija's grandparents like a smart child, and Zhu Liya's father is neglected by his parents for a long time because of character reasons. It doesn't matter to parents. In the past, his parents pay more and less attention.

Because the conditions in the family are not good but the child is more, it is not a chance to read every child.

Zhu Lija's grandparents gave them the opportunity to go to school, gave them the most loved children, and the old five. Other children can only stay at home to pay a few brothers who go to study, and Zhu Lija's father is forced to stay at home. The one of the labor.

Zhu Lija's father is actually very trying to study, but there is no way to fight with my parents. After doing farms every day, I can only look at the brothers who write homework under kerosene lamps.

Zhu Lija's father knows the importance of learning, so often in front of these brothers, praying for them to teach him to recognize words, but his parents see him to make him with him.

After a few times, Zhu Lija's father learned, no longer got it in front of them, he will go through the village every day, sometimes it will help some people who need help.

Once, Zhu Lija's father has done it early, and he avoids his parents in the village. Suddenly, he heard the farmland of the farm and faintly got a mourning, Zhu Lija's father quickly ran over.

He saw an old man fell in Tianqi, the old man helped his waist, and it was in the eyes. Zhu Lija's father hurriedly went to see the situation of the elderly and took him to the health of the village.

This old man is the only person who drives in the village and a truck driver in the county chemical plant. In order to thank this kind of young young people, the old man decided to teach him to drive.

This surprise took Zhu Lija's father, he looked at this old man, and I didn't know what to say between the time. After a long time, Zhu Lija's father came back to God, expressed gratitude to the elderly.

After that, after Zhu Lija's father finished the lives, he would follow this old man. He is very smart and talent, so it will soon master this technology.

At that time, there was a driver in the chemical plant to be transferred to other places. Under the introduction of this old man, Zhu Lija's father became a temporary driver in the county chemical plant.

Although this job is temporary, this also provides the opportunity to get from the parents to Zhu Lija's father. Since then, Zhu Liya's father followed the joiths of the truntees and opened up the field of view and grew a lot of knowledge.

Because he drives well, the work is diligent, and after a year, it has become a formal truck driver in this factory.

Later, he met Zhu Lija's mother in this factory. Zhu Lija's mother is a high school graduate, in this factory.

At first sight, the two will come together soon, but this relationship has been strongly opposed by Zhu Lija.

Zhu Lija's grandfather recognized that although the truck driver did not work, this driver was born in rural areas, and the big words did not know a few, and there was a pair of eccentric parents, and their daughter's condition is so superior, and better people with better people.

Although Zhu Lija's outer public is intended to have a daughter, the mother of Zhu Lija is not a matter of confrontation. She is broken with her parents, and it is determined to have a husband and wife with the father of Zhu Lija.

After two people got married, Zhu Lija's mother was so hardful, but fortunately, Zhu Lija's father love her wife. For his wife, he told his parents, then moved out from this abnormal family. .

After that, the two rented a small house in the county. They were a driver in the factory. One of the courses in the factory were a very high salary, so the two people had a taste. .

In January 1982, Zhu Lija's mother was pregnant and quickly got two love crystals.

At that time, the country had already implemented a family planning policy, so Zhu Li Ya became their only child. They regard Zhu Liya as the baby who gave them to the sky, very pets Zhili.

Examination, university, know black boyfriend

Julia was two years old at the time, plant operators are bad, you need large quantities of layoffs, Julia's father and mother are on the layoff list. After that, the couple both laid off, lost their source of income. Julia's father was not assigned at the time of the separation of the land, the couple in order to survive, they bought a farm in the countryside near the county to farming, had never done farm work of Julia mother, it can only be picked up hoe farming along with her husband.

Later, Julia's mother through self-study agricultural technology, huh greenhouse in winter, planting anti-season vegetables, Julia's father is responsible for these vegetables to town to pick up sell.

Such a life may be hard, but a family of three lives is still very happy. In the off-season, when Julia's parents will put young daughter in his arms, her love story about two met.

So, Julia grew up listening to parents is the love story of growing up, her mother is very eager to have the same period of pure love. Later, Julia grew, up to school age.

Although the couple were not rich, but they still cost a fortune to Julia sent one of the best local schools, because they pinned hopes on numerous daughters, so they wanted her childhood best education.

Julia because good schools, so many families in very good condition of the parents sent the children will go to school here.

Julia see students dressed in fine fashion, while he can only wear gray-scarred old clothes, you can not help but have a strong sense of inferiority.

To keep the students have the opportunity to laugh at themselves, she has been in front of their classmates were very proud, do not want to have too much of exchanges and communication with the students.

Because Julia's cold, the students gradually also no longer willing to her somehow, so, Julia did not make friends in elementary and junior high school, has always been a loner.

In June 2000, 18-year-old Julia in the comprehensive examinations play a disorder, not admitted to the local high school. She knew the family was poor, so do not choose to repeat, but to a secondary school in Hubei Jingzhou learning a foreign language.

Julia is a stronger girl, and she was not willing to own just secondary education, it is very hard when she read the secondary, only it took two years to put the three-year course finished school.

The rest of the year, pro forma for Julia, she wants to go to college self-study. A year later, Julia got his wish, through their own efforts admitted to the China University of Geosciences in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, majoring in English.

Julia originally thought he would be an enjoyable and fulfilling four years in which the top universities in after graduation to find a good paying job in Wuhan, then the parents took it away in his hometown of living.

But these beautiful fantasy, a black man to have been broken, that person is Julia's boyfriend Marang. In October 2003, when the newly enrolled near Julia a man in the cafeteria to eat, inadvertently heard at the next table came a fluent English chatter.

Julia turned around and saw two black men talking in English, so she took the initiative struck up a conversation with two men and one man and exchanged contact information, this man is Marang. After that, Julia and Marang often communicate in English, their relationship is getting better.

From the conversation, Julia knew the horse from the waves of the Atlantic island nation located in the West Bank - the Bahamas, after finishing college, Marang because excellent results are sent to China to study in school.

Marang man of humor, often to Julia to send a variety of small gifts, gradually, Julia had a favorable impression of him. One day in May 2004, Marang about Julia out alone for dinner, and at the dinner table with her confession, Julia agreed without any hesitation.

Julia looks handsome, nor the lack of suitors, but she felt that these boys are either looks normal, or personality stiff, not good enough for her, she wants to find a best boys, carried out a vigorous love with him.

Marang tall, handsome, lavish, or graduate students, which makes Julia felt perfect. In July, Julia and horses on the waves moved out of the dormitory, outside the school rented a house and began living in sin.

Infected with HIV, but strong optimism

After two people living together, Julia and Marang feeling is still very good, they often go hand in hand in the campus, the envy of other students who are single.

On one occasion, a man went to Marang Association, and Julia is at home reading a book. She saw Marang for a long time, have not come back, he packed up the room to a man. Inadvertently, she found his passport in Marang coat pocket.

Out of curiosity, Julia carefully read the information on the Marang passport, she discovered Marang not come from the Bahamas, but from the African republic of Zambia.

However, Julia did not get angry, because she felt Marang're like he was just not want to be looked down upon only deceive their own. After that, she carefully put the passport back to the original position, and did not intend to expose Marang.

After living together for some time, Julia found the body of strong build Marang even frequent colds, cough, which made her extremely worried about his health.

Julia advised Marang go to the hospital to check, but Marang told her that he was in preterm children, this is the inner tube out of the womb problems.

Zhu Liya did not doubt boyfriend, and even asked the school to take a while to take care of Human. However, even if he is cared at Zhu Liya very carefully, the physical condition of Malaysia is still getting worse. At this time, Malang actually has a bad sense, because many of his companions have been found to be AIDS. In March 2005, he took the kung fu of Zhu Liya and quietly ran to the hospital to check, and it was checked out of positive.

Malang is afraid that Zhu Liya will find him trouble, so I have quietly bought the next flight ticket and returned to Africa.

Early the next morning, Zhu Liya found that Malays did not see traces, she thought she had a sports. Later, Zhu Lija was waiting for a long time, and Malang didn't come back. She was very worried about Malang, I called him.

At this time, Zhu Lija found that Malang had pulled himself black, and he can't contact him.

So Zhu Lixia found a friend of Malang and asked them about the fall of Malang, and the eyes of the friends were blocked, and they did not know the whereabouts of Malays.

A few days later, Malang's instructor contacted Zhu Lija, and the mentor told Zhu Lija, Malang got AIDS, has returned to China.

I learned that the Zhu Liyia brain of this news, and immediately denied the relationship between Malays and his own. She told the tutor, she and the Malays were only ordinary friends, never had a relationship.

However, the mentor has learned that the two have been in the same 8 months from other students. He is kindly reminded Zhu Lija to the hospital to check it, but Zhu Liya did not pick up, but directly happened.

Zhu Liya did not go to the hospital with a lucky psychology, but retreated the hut of the rent, moved back to the student dormitory.

After 1 month, she found himself to have a cold and coughed.

At this time, she fell into the ice, she immediately rushed into the hospital to check the situation. Unfortunately, Zhu Li Yadia was also checked out, she did infecting her horse.

After that, the school made Zhu Lixia to move out of the student dormitory and provided her an out-of-school dormitory. Zhu Liya hid in the outstanding dormitory, did not dare to go out, and did not dare to contact his parents. She was facing the tears on the day, caught in the endless pain.

After the teacher and classmate of Zhu Lija, after the situation, Zhu Lija learned her situation, often visiting her, encouraging her, under their accompanying, Zhu Li Ya gradually accepted the reality and actively accepting treatment.

Later, Zhu Lija wrote his own experiences, with this, to warn those girls who are not deeply involved in the world to love their own body.

In January 2006, Zhu Lija's "AIDS Girls' Nest" published in Beijing Publishing House and rapidly caused great attention.

After that, Zhu Liya has repeatedly speaking with the first publicly known as the school girls in major colleges and universities, with their own personal experience to warn other girls.

She in the speech, she didn't regret it, she didn't like the other party, and now I love him, and all the encounters are fate.

Although Zhu Liya actively accepted treatment, fighting with HIV viruses, but her body became more and more weak. On July 14, 2009, this strong and brave girl left the people forever because of the serious condition.

On December 1, 2021, it was a year of "World AIDS Promotion Day". Many international organizations and social organizations have organized related activities this day to promote and popularize knowledge of AIDS.

The universities and secondary schools that Zhu Lijia once studied did not consume students with her story, and lifted their students' attention to AIDS.

A classmate responsible for promoting, because there is a lesson of Zhu Lija, so the school teacher often tells them to know how to protect themselves and love themselves.

Every few months, there will be teachers' associated lectures to popularize the knowledge of AIDS. Every time I have a pleasant, many students around him will come to participate, and now they will become this aspect. Expert.

This classmate also said that at this time, they will also hold a commemorative event to mourn the courageous Zhu Lija. Every year, the activities are different. This year they will be on the school public number, with this, thank her brave. And strong.

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