Husband is out of a year, looking for a massage girl, "70 minutes full set without a set", the wife found that I want to divorce

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Many people regard the marriage of same-sex linked together, but sex is only part of marriage, and can not be equated, marriage also need the responsibility to understand and play, if only just for sex and love, then, can only say that such a person too shallow.

But why it is that a lot of people because of dissatisfaction with the desire to "sex" betrayal of the original oath, cheating on his wife, then such a person be forgiven you?

Shortly before seen such a post, the woman eventually practice cause for regret.

Cheng Jing, 33, and her husband married relaxation full seven years, there is a lovely son, the couple has been together with children, until last year back relaxation to the field work, the process stumbled upon a very quiet relaxation from the phone ambiguous chat records.

And look carefully up, Cheng Jing surprised to find that the other party is not only a woman, but also a massagers, and she could see the relaxation often talk show in the past year, the discourse is very ambiguous, and relaxation back there with each other over quite a long time voice chat and send address, is a massage parlor, a place of relaxation is to live.

Meanwhile relaxation back to each other turned his money, because relaxation does not delete records, and Jing Cheng made a lot of pen, 500 yuan, and 1,000 yuan, while above $ 1000 but there are still Remarks "70 minutes a full set without cover", and in the end what two people did too obvious, but Cheng Jing still want to hear the explanation from her husband over there, I hope they want is wrong.

Relaxation was questioned under, panicked flew directly confessed everything, said:. "And she did not have feelings, is simply to spend money to solve physiological needs."

For Cheng Jing, the suspect is a feeling that luck may still exist, but know that another feeling: "I have always believed that he usually did not turn his cell phone habits, so one may even pull out the carrot the mud, knowing all this, it makes me so sad and unhappy. "

This relaxation has been for mercy, and never expressed that, while Cheng Jing cried after also back to her family need to calm down.

"I will myself drunk for two days, and I asked myself, is not such a thing in order to divorce? We have a 6-year-old daughter, but usually he is also very good to our mother and daughter, I was not really some willing to divorce! "

So Cheng Jingsi to want to go for relaxation stand, she said she really mind this kind of thing, but also very sad, so if relaxation still love her, she hoped that this kind of thing will not happen again, if relaxation can do it, then Cheng Jing own We will try to forget this thing tatters grind into the soil.

The relaxation get "the forgiveness" immediately said: As long as his wife has been around, they do not need and will not look for another woman to meet physical needs, but in front of Cheng Jing face deleted the woman's contact information.

For relaxation after this matter is regarded as passed, but my heart always Cheng Jing still fit.

"I did not generous, but I did not speak does not count, but whether or not divorce my heart is very tangled, the only thing I want is happiness, divorce or not to divorce but I do not feel happy."

He took with him the next sad, frustrated, frustration, sadness, understanding emotions, Cheng Jing Lu Dan said this thing and friends, while Lu Dan divorced before, Lu Dan Cheng Jingxi hope to someone who's identity to myself says the idea.

And Lu Dan said Cheng Jing never thought two things.

First: Cheng Jing still young, even though divorce is also sure to remarry, next to determine how a woman would not find out?

Second: how divorced the economic operators? Cheng Jing took the children did not work, relaxation is the only source of income at home, no relaxation how mother and child life?

Before these words give way to quiet some restless heart suddenly calm down ......

Lu Dan as a divorced woman, and I believe she really did not want to have the nerve to go its own old Cheng Jing, because a divorce matter with the child and a woman have to face is that ordinary people can not imagine, so the spirit of "Ning demolition ten Temple, the principle of non destroy a marriage "to Cheng Jing ideas. And she said the problem is acute and profound.

Indeed, betrayed by her husband is heartbreaking, but divorce is not the only way to solve the problem, while the other broke a couple of bottom line, however, is just walk away and children of their own irresponsible, especially not now Cheng Jing source of income, had to give up gambling breath steady stable life, in fact, this is not worthwhile.

Some may say that such a marriage in name only, and indeed, I think it will never be erased in the process of meditation, and some even let Cheng Jing, also go out and get one so two people on the balance.

I believe that decent people will not be mad dog bites himself, mad dog to bite, too, people make mistakes hurt yourself, then there is no reason to act as their own the sick person, and then do the same thing.

In fact, the marriage can not continue in the end, there is no single standard, we look at the idea of ​​this woman for marriage, if that derailed her husband is his intolerable thing, then simply divorce, and so if, as Cheng Jing and thoughts, is that give yourself an excuse not want a divorce, especially friends to hear these words, peace of mind down, so now do nothing, only trying to forget.

But also a very important point, and also be sure to let her husband know, Cheng Jing are going to play a nine-valent or tetravalent, in order to position themselves to her husband.

At the same time, the husband and wife can not be separated, and the man is always known as "the lower body thinking" is also reasonable. It is not every man to understand the restraint. As a wife, it is always around the husband to maximize such things.Speaking of a thousand tens of thousands, love hard, don't love, you don't have a perfect person under the sky, just like Cheng Jing himself is not perfect. If you want this marriage, you will accept your husband's imperfections, but you can only'Not an example', although grievances, this is life.Marriage is not easy, and it is cherished!

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