Why do women don't want to marry the big man?Interviewed 3 ladies, the reason for stinging

When you met your moment, the time of peace is still quiet, and the gentle years are silent. Swallow teach you how to see through the fog light, you also kept in the dark it?

Today, the remaining men phenomenon is still very serious, especially in rural surplus men, most of them hard to marry his wife, helpless in the face of the issue of marriage.

Online there are many reasons to write the remaining men's singles, in fact, nothing more than sum up the remaining men no advantage in terms of economic conditions, personality, character, etc., so that makes many women despise them.

Of course, the spouse of view, there is indeed a single woman too picky individual reasons, but the fundamental reason shengnan wife is difficult, or out on himself.

Plus now the imbalance between men and women, but also caused the remaining men to be successfully single off more difficult.

There are many online media said that by 2020, my country is in the number of men of marriageable age than women out of 30 million to 40 million, what does this number mean?

This means that there will be an average five men could not find a target, so calculated, the tens of millions of men would be free to marry his wife, and finally forced the rest to become "bachelor" in the traditional sense.

Although it is ideal to calculate the figures, but the wife is another example of the pressure faced by the remaining men, although many older single men do not agree, you may be unable to avoid the ever-growing surplus male population facts.

Then, if necessary, on how to treat a woman left men phenomenon, there is discussion. Or, why women are reluctant to marry older men left of it?

To this end, interviewed three older single women, in order to analyze the phenomenon from the perspective of left men left woman, these may give it some thought single men.


Ms. Wu Interview

Ms. Wu, 34, and the second just any boyfriend, before she was planning a long course of our company, then went to another company, but good relations have been in contact with each other.

When asked why women do not want to marry older men left, Ms. Wu direct this to say:

"No matter how people think, anyway, I do not marry older men left, I was so good for the former two-term boyfriend, but they are so motivated, and really do not see hope for the future.

I earn more than ten thousand, they did a 5,000 yuan, the other was 8000, and I do not hold anything against them, too, but they do not work hard I can not really forgive. Figure man woman marriage is not money, but do not see a happy marriage, no hope of future life, I really can not marry them. "

In Ms. Wu seems, older men are not willing to strive left, holding perfunctory attitude of life, this is the most despised woman.

Itself is concerned, the economic conditions of the remaining men not good enough, not their own good, that is not the struggle for a living, how to give a woman happy?

Ms. Wu said, after breaking up with her boyfriend, also had to go with the pro, see after a blind date several men, she felt really can not waste time on a blind date in the market.

Not say enough remaining men blind faith, not pay attention to even the basic courtesy, asked about the economic situation of a woman, a woman asked about the feelings of the past experience, the quality is really nothing at all.

With Ms. Wu's words, are these remaining men still want to marry a beautiful young rich woman do? Too good to be true, I do not feel they are very pragmatic, not to recognize the reality of it.

Ms. Wu admitted that if such an older married men left, she would prefer a single lifetime. Her condition is good and look good-looking, but also life skills, as well as hobby, can live very delicate happy, marry a world do worse than your own man?

So, Ms. Wu believes most are reluctant to marry older woman left men, mainly because they do not work hard too, and can not afford to give a woman a happy life.


Ms. Yang Interview

Ms. Yang was 30 years old this year, very pretty, it will dress himself, and when I saw her, she is particularly elegant look.

Older men left on this topic, Ms. Yang felt really no need to talk about, she thought the remaining men of character is really too weird, neither sociable nor good emotional intelligence, not usually stay home, is to play games, long-term single some are even psychology is not normal.

I asked her, some men left to fight the cause is because no time to love before the rest of the ah, a lot of men are very good.

Ms. Yang immediately refuted me, she said, what is the cause of delayed marriage like they are making things up, and they are too self, bad character, so that women despise them, so they in such a pretext for comfort Own.

Ms. Yang for example, saw a man left her blind date, men are 35 years old, work in factories, took a few thousand dollars a month salary.

However, Ms. Yang was so wonderful that this blind man actually wanted to find a beautiful young wife, it is not the best but also the other fallen in love.

At that time, Ms. Yang joked, so you do not really blind, and on such conditions you can there be such a girl crush on you?

As a result, blind man got angry, and said a bunch of bad things about Ms. Yang, really bad personality, temper getting bigger.

Ms. Yang said, she is a joke, this man so big temper, you said this man can marry it?

So, Ms. Yang believes that women do not marry older men left, they really can not stand the eccentric character, but also a temper, not ability to ability, to cause no cause, but also a good sense of self, a woman can not really they fancy.


Ms Wu Interview

Ms Wu, 36, has experienced two failed love, blind date a man this year, she had wanted to marry will, the results of this man to buy a house poor Miss Qian Yaohu out of 100,000, Ms Wu really can not put up with , and he resolutely divided. Ms Wu said that these older men left the poor economic conditions, also bent on marrying a rich and subsidizing their women, really will think.

In her view, men have no money does not matter, but you have to work, ah, you can not expect a woman to lose it. Premarital most basic material conditions are not given, but also expect marriage to be happy right?

At first, Ms Wu also see the blind man was more honest and he promised to look everywhere, I did not expect to be married to this man also wanted her money to buy a house, really wonderful work.

Ms Wu said she was not looking down on money man, but man if you want to lose her, she can not consent.

In her view, the society have been very realistic, both in love and get married, girls can not marry a poor white man right.

So, Ms Wu believes that women do not marry older men left the biggest reason is that some men left their own bad conditions, but also fantasy woman subsidizing them, this is not possible, hope they can recognize reality.


And after three women talked, I feel that although they say too realistic, but not unreasonable.

Of course, the remaining men and women left the rest have their own reasons, but the issue of the remaining men, or men who want to be left to reflect on.

I'm not saying the remaining men bad, not worth married woman, but the woman spoken of the problem, has never accepted nor seriously, stood his ground to refute them, and how to make a woman have a good impression Woolen cloth?

For example, I wrote yesterday to "woman left the remaining six reasons" really is standing objective standpoint, from a psychological girls to practical action to analyze, but still be accused of many men, why we do not face up to look the problem?

So, a lot of older single men are not accustomed to find their own problems, but to refute the views put forward by the woman that reason is a woman's problem, all these reasons are attributed to a woman who can not marry the man's wife, it's really He did not grace.

Be able to face their own problems, a person is required to have the qualities, both men and women, should understand this point, it is also very important in marriage.

Hope that those older left men may have some thoughts, some changed, when you changed for the better, naturally there will be a lot of women you differently.

I wish the remaining men and women left who can successfully find their other half of it!

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