My husband lost his job in the first month of the morning and light, and I was divorced with the second child.

Afternoon took his daughter home, just enter the house, I keenly feel the atmosphere right.

In addition to shoes, shoe next to my husband, also placed a pair of delicate high-heeled shoes woman, the house has a touch of fragrant wind, I could not smell What is perfume, but still able to tell the taste is not cheap.

Daughter is rapid Shuaixia shoes, shouting father rushed into the house.

"...... This is your daughter?"

I heard a gentle female voice rang from the living room, the familiar voice made me shivers, almost instant, head of the string on tight to the extreme.

The sound, I'll never forget.

Ten years ago, when she left my husband, I heard her husband's cell phone came the voice.

"- so be it, love people who do not spend the Songjun, goodbye to Japan."

That words like the wind in early spring, with the slightest warm in the cold, that is the first time I saw my husband cry so embarrassed.

How could I forget her voice?

She is not in China? When you will come back?

That moment, my back straight, hurriedly tidied my hair, do not pretend to know what like, extrusion smile, turned the entry hall and saw the living room, my husband sat upright on the three-seat sofa, while a woman was sitting in the back of the armchair, white skirt, slim, dark hair, covered with scattered, just like a submarine surfaced mermaid.

Husband and her daughter, looked at me, eyes a bit complicated, "come back?"

I was pregnant with a second child, only with some simple cosmetics, but I am confident that I look pretty good, do not casually being pressed down.

But that woman back, I knew I was completely lost.

That is kind of how a pretty face ah.

White dress, like seaweed hair, eyebrows curved fiber, soft pink lips.

Indeed let my husband obsessed with the white moon throughout adolescence, I have Zaokang wife is pregnant with a second child, and she is still a spark, glamorous as the original eighteen.

I forced a smile, to force myself to look directly at the woman, "her husband, who introduced you not? This is ......"

My husband sighed softly, walked next to me, but it is the woman, said: "This is my wife, Li Qing heart."

The woman stood up, glanced at my big belly poo, held out his hand towards me with a smile, and the extraordinary.

"Hello, I'm Songjun old classmates, my name is Liu charge."

I reached out, shook her gently, "'ve heard a lot."

Liu Netherlands laugh, to see my husband, "'ve heard a lot? How did you put me?"

My husband embarrassed smile, not then.

"The hour is late," Liu Dutch looked at his watch, revealing smile apologetically, "bother you today, I still have things to do today to say good-bye."

Long spit breath, her husband once said: "I send you out."

Daughter blinking eyes, sweet and said: "Goodbye my sister."

The audience silent.

My husband corrected him: "Liu aunt called."

"Auntie Bye ......" daughter sheepishly repeated.

I strongly out of a smile.

Until Liu charge left, I still stood there and did not know how she left.


"Not be the case next time, you know?" Ann and her husband whispering, then sent Ann to go back to the house to play with toys.

I pulled up stiff legs, her husband stopped in front of the body.

"How she come back?"

My husband has always been a leisurely character, introverted, but not cold, then he can expose me sigh rare and embarrassing, "she trouble at home, this time to help her, I may be."

This, I think my husband is no other meaning, a simple declarative sentence, audible in my ears, her husband is clearly telling me that he had helped Liu charge!

My heart suddenly sour endless, simmering gas and asked: "? You have to help her."

"I'm thinking," My husband bypass, sat down on the sofa "to help her clear the relationship, too costly."

Talking about her husband analyze a few words, I do not understand those professional terms, but can understand, Liu charge of this trip is to ask her husband to help her seek individual, the man and the husband is the boss of the two factions, once her husband to help, own meteoric rise Mongolia's future must be gray!

I flatly refused: "how busy this help?!"

My husband glanced at me, I suddenly guilty and said: "? I do not let you help her, but also score much help it."

"Talk about it, you are standing there doing a pregnancy, not tired, come sit."

He seems not to want to talk about, patted the sofa, avoid the matter.

But Liu charge to come, it is silly to me Dahan happy life came a heavy blow.

I feel ill at ease.


The next day, I was about my college friend and Yuan Yuan girlfriends out for tea.

"You say, Liu charge back?!"

Yuan Yuan one my first sentence, I almost jumped up from the spot.

Although I'm not in front of my husband brought Liu charge of things, but I have always been no words to talk about Yuan Yuan.

"Tell us more about her good looking it ...... Well needless to say, let your husband obsessed with a woman for so many years, certainly have a fairy ah," Yuan Yuan bitterly sat back seat, "I ask this is simply nonsense . "

I nodded, muffled, said: "She came back, I think I Songjun marriage and would be finished."

Silent, Yuan Yuan agreed, "I do not know Songjun divorce will not pay would you some money."

I kicked her foot, angry and said: "Your call is to let you out of my comfort, I do not want to be abused hit!" "Calm down Calm down, you went to a few months of pre-production period, so how lively it? "Yuan Yuan sighed," I quite like the comfort you, and I want to tell you who Songjun not fickle, but!! that was Liu charge ah! I said no amount of consolation are white work. "

Of course I know.

For my husband and Liu charge in the past, I know only too well.


Liu charge is her husband's first love, I think if the forum "Do you have people who love to the bone" this question, then, my husband and the story of Liu charge can certainly get tens of thousands of praise.

Two had known from primary school, junior high school and the students, from childhood crush Liu Dutch husband finally himself, broke into the radio room at the junior high school entrance ceremony, Liu Netherlands brave confession.

Even more frightening is that Liu Dutch also promised him on the spot.

In the uproar of booing in the whole school, he wore several headmaster beat out a large bag on her husband's head, with a smile of victory, Liu came to the Netherlands, gently kissed the forehead of a willow charge.

Start with a warm up against the world's young love.

No matter how isolated the two teachers, both let two can not be separated, not to mention the whole school, and this thing so much noise so big, caused a great stir in the town had closed in.

Liu Dutch family was well off, parents are local businessman, a brand name, Liu charge is beautiful and young is the school beauty level Meirenpeizi; and my husband do?

Not afraid of a joke, though her husband look good, learning is poor, the family is very poor, even to go to school when he was only able to wear a pair of shoes, once the day it rains or brush wet shoes have to walk around barefoot, her husband not too ashamed, very consciously cool, still barefoot and out of school caused a trend (this thing until we find her husband was not only halted barefoot shoes).

Liu charge she probably really love the husband, do not want to break up, I heard that her parents were furious about the incident, the school several times to find a husband, and even her husband went home to a variety of words to humiliate her husband.

Husband and father in a car accident died early, go blind in one eye only retrieve life to aging mother by picking up trash pains to put her husband was bringing up, although her husband unruly, but always listen to his aging mother to say, you can look at other parents broke at home, on their own, and his aging mother humiliated teenager he just bite the bullet and put a few hard words, and Liu charge of the love affair nothing to prevent!

It is to puppy love!

However, Golden Phoenix and small town how can be mixed together in the mud?

A variety of pull back and forth very idea that, if not Liu charge, patrol, presumably by her parents, her husband would have played into the hospital.

World is big, the world is very small, two broad impact caused by last Liu really can not charge the parents, had a soft tone, with a good talk Dutch Liu, Liu also promised to Dutch parents and her husband keep their distance, two people talk about things in the future.

But this did not affect the two privately quietly liaison and feelings.

School students know two people will be understanding and help her husband Liu charge passing notes, even though the two separated by several classes, has never been broken contact.

That vigorous young love ah.

Even though they have had a second child and her husband, I have to admit, I envy Liu Netherlands, terribly envious.


Here I am, Yuan Yuan holding face wiped his tears, "This is simply a river in the novel x standard childhood setting, if really novel, in which you play the role of vicious woman is assigned ah."

"Vicious woman to conceive with both the male baby? Is not this story is big drug?"

I did make it quite stomach, it is also considered to boost the morale of their own comfort.

"I went on went on to say, I did not hear you talk so thin over it, then?"

My husband and Willow charge to high school, is still quietly in love, when her husband at the present analogy, we can say the dog lick called, rain or shine every day to help Liu charge to buy breakfast, aunt of intimate prepare a variety of things, in order to charge and willow school bully big brother fight.

Liu charge because he did not like the bully and the outside and from her husband since then and have not been a walk in the school on time every day to accompany Liu charge to school; Liu charge like a brand necklace, can be described as astronomical time for her husband, but her husband soon do not say anything, taking advantage of three jobs leave secretly bought the necklace as Liu Netherlands, Liu gave him in charge birthday, Liu moved to the Netherlands sent their first kiss: Liu charge because of health reasons had been very ill need to shake surgery, Zhaoyan husband went to the hospital, Liu told Dutch parents, he would give life to Liu Netherlands, for organ no problem ......

Of course, there is no organ matching, but also considered her husband's sincere touched Liu Dutch parents, they default and the feelings of her husband Liu charge, two people love to continue in high school, become a story.

Until the second year, it was all good turn.

Liu Dutch family business is growing, the family decided to develop abroad, Liu Netherlands wanted to stay, but for the future of Dutch Liu, her family was forcibly taken away into foreign schools.

Since then two, no contact.

Before leaving, she tears at the airport, pretending to be indifferent with her husband playing the last call: "- so be it, love people who do not spend the Songjun, we goodbye to Japan."

A walk, is more than a decade.

So far, I have not met again.

"Ooo, ooo, the child too ......" Yuan Yuan wiped his tears, "saying the Qing heart, how do you know these details so clearly? Songjun will not be told you people ah."

I rubbed the wrist on her husband to send the necklace, Moran said: "Students know their business, and, Liu charge went away from that phone call on my cell phone, only class I have a cell phone, qq still He failed to catch. "" Oh right, you forget to turn the High School of Arts and placement of the past only known Songjun. "

I was silent and Yuan Yuan, Yuan Yuan sigh of relief, "the sister, go through anything! This is something you do not worry, you are not good opening, I can help you ask Songjun him in the end is how a plan, so many years you do not untie the knot, do you really want to was referred to divorce? "

I politely fake a few words, then these things happily handed over to Yuan Yuan.

This is the reason I called her today.

I can not open the mouth in front of her husband put his past, although Yuan Yuan is an outsider, but the couple's relationship with us is very iron, and she helped me beating around the bush can be more appropriate.

My husband and marriage is the beginning of an accident, if he really charge as well as Liu, old friends, I did not think I could be competitive ......


A few days later.

Originally thought her husband had something Yuan Yuan can ask to help me care a bottom, which would like to contact Yuan Yuan, said that the goods too busy, no time being asked to help me, another day contact, so angry I want to bite recovered send her Eye express.

These days, I was always irritable, her husband only when I was pregnant agitated, still patiently.

I do not ask, he would pretend not to know.

"Liu charge for a while to come to visit us."

He these words, suddenly like thunder in general, put my boom up.

How she wants to? ! Also coming home? !

"Shirk, however, would have to ask me out to dinner, I was about to come home."

Husband as if seen through my thoughts.

Samsam I get up, I was there and that was good, better than Needing outside made my heart sick.

But the mirror to see that a lot of weight because of pregnancy, yet their makeup, I only said: "Well you guys, I was in the house, do not go out."

My husband has no objection.

Liu charge really came too soon, I pretended to the toilet in the bathroom facing the living room, in fact, left the door seam, sneaking peeks two have no misconduct.

"How, today, clear of mind at home?"

I heard Liu charge asked.


Her husband do not want to say, to introduce a new topic, "You do not like this, I can not help you a favor, which joint you understand."

"I understand you, Songjun, it is very difficult for you," Liu charge slightly leaned, "but I cheek to ask you, you can understand the importance of this matter to me, or to my pride I would ask you to do? "

The living room was silent.

I can not see her husband's face, some scratching.

"I crossed the line, always think you still like before my obedience."

Liu Dutch sighed, "I had too much blame hurt your heart, if I have another adhere to adhere to, maybe let my parents ......"

"do not talk."

My husband interrupted Liu charge, then the sound becomes a bit sad, "he has passed away."

"Ah, gone, but let me finish it, keeping everything inside for so many years, very uncomfortable," Liu Dutch did not stop, "after we separated from the pursuit of my people is still a lot, but I have been are waiting to return home that day, I still have not married. "

"Two years ago I came back looking for you, thought there would be adjourned to the front, but heard people say ...... you're married."

"I have not the nerve to bother you, if this is not my house reduced to the point where I was too embarrassed to come to you."

Liu charge smile.

My husband listened quietly, when he spoke, his tone was blunt: "I know, but I now have my own family, and you see my wife a pregnancy, we'll have to greet the birth of a little life I no mood to recall these old romantic, these words do not refer to the future, you go back. "

Liu charge seems to sob, I do not know whether to cry.

"Good. This is your home bathroom? Can I use it?"

Hear her words, my brain hum is heard, quickly taking a closer look, did not find the next corner I am now able to hide the body in the bathroom, a black eyes, finished.

Fortunately, my husband stopped, "the bathroom faucet is broken, you can use the bedroom."

Liu and other Dutch left, I was pale and come out.

I held onto her husband, "might as well lay in the bedroom."

"That she was going to the bathroom you would not be able to see the bedroom I?!" I blurted out.

"...... a silly pregnant three years, these words are not groundless."

My husband seems to be in a good mood, mouth has been hanging laugh.

I opened my mouth, did not speak.

When the original graduation class reunion, my husband and I got drunk, a night of passion, I was pregnant, he proposed to be responsible for, like him, I certainly would not refuse, they let it come together, married life is relatively flat Although warm, but no passion.

So many years, my husband never told me to say I love.

I guess, because his heart has always been there willow charge.

I did not dare to ask exports.

"Why do not you ask?" Her husband was to ask me, "Li Qing heart, this is not your character."

"...... girl to school, I pick up, brother, let's go back to talk."

This is a topic I will never escape.

I lie to myself, do not ask a day, one day will be able to escape this topic, I can not face the truth.


This weekend, I took the girl to the parents home, looking for a cleaning aunt to cleaning. My husband work very hard, but the rewards are great, the salary is high, we buy a new house has been renovated over, and so I'm giving birth, we are ready to move to a new house.

So take advantage of the weekend, things are sorted out.

I sat, at any time cleaning aunt took out all kinds of things, I do not need to inform soon make cleaning aunt away, so cleaning aunt done in full swing, very happy.

"Madame, look at this box of stuff, but also it?"

Aunt clean up the den out of something on the table, I walked over and found that it seems I've never seen a small box, which is very messy thing, there are pens, notebooks, cups or something.

I thought it was her daughter, but a closer look not like, pick up a notebook, which wrote the word graceful font - Liu charge.

The boxes are used willow charge of things.

I was surprised, perfunctory cleaning aunt to go, things began to look at this box.

My husband seems to be closing the whole, although messy things can be put neatly in the corner also put a long box.

I get up and opened it, there was a silver necklace, dotted with scraps of drilling, a closer look, but also a few nice letters engraved on the necklace, lh & sj-- Liu & Songjun charge.

This necklace, her husband should be the original piece of work given to Liu charge of it ......

I can not say what it's like my heart, I hold that necklace, talks about the hand that does not pull its weight.

Toss the day, to ten at night, her husband from get off work, tired back.

Just came back, on the right on my cold shoulder.

"How the? Who got you?"

"Nothing," I rub my face, "it is to pack up and toss the day, a little tired."

"You've worked hard, another day to take you out for a walk, recently simmering at home in a bad mood?"

Listen considerate husband, I was a little happy for that.

It seems I am in his heart is not entirely unimportant thing.

"Yes, I want to talk to you, something about Liu charge."

My husband said suddenly.

"These days, I seriously considered, and decided to help her."

His words, let me just warm up the heart completely cold.

And boy did I trembled, I guess my eyes the fire.

"Songjun! Are you crazy?! Do you know what helped her behalf? You still wish to later passed? After we have life? Your mother how to do? I ...... Ann how to do?"

"To help your white moon, but our family has had a?!"

"Before you help her, ever thought Ann, ever thought I? Ever thought there are other people in your family?!"

"I know you too hard with her old friends, before the words are deliberately in front of me to say it? I think you dream already Shuangsushuangfei it with her?"

I felt tears streaming his face rushing Wow, I do not want to rub.

Obviously husband's face was somewhat startled, I probably did not expect to suddenly soared, even a nose a tear to cry, the whole story like a press accelerator key.

He frowned, "Li Qing heart, what nonsense you do?! I and Liu charge long thing of the past."

"Do not pretend!" I put my hand heart necklace severely fell in front of him, "past tense? Then why are you've used her collection of stuff?! Songjun, you really hide too deep!"

The house can only hear my cries, still terrible.

Sobbing for a while, I severely wiping a tear, cold face said.

"After the kids with me, you just have to pay alimony on the line, I give you this infatuation resentment companion."

"Songjun, divorce it."

My husband and his face became very ugly, "in the end who is crazy? Li Qing heart, you are not pregnant stupid reach the peak?"

"Are we going to wait until you give me wearing a green hat and I'll leave it in disgrace?!" I shout cynical directed at her husband.

"OK, OK," he seems to have some anger tongue tie, "you say was in it! I was also having an affair and she okay?! Divorce, divorce, divorce agreement and now I write!"

He started shaking, my daughter out of the bag next to this job, tore a page, "write! Write now!"

My husband looked brush brush finished, walk away and leave, I just feel the strength to be evacuated, and slowly lay down on the sofa.

Feeling the belly of that cute little life, tears rushing to flow Wow sofa pillow.

I Henji, repent! Why is a drinking disorder regret his original color, and Songjun With Last Night!

This is more than ten years, I gingerly, wary of the woman back to take away my everything, can still become obvious.

Songjun have loved, I have.

Fulfill his price, I would have lost a loved one.


I know when Songjun, Song-Jun Liu and the Netherlands just broke up, the whole people like a lost soul, unexamined, this will learn much, Liu charge that go, people seem to put his whole soul were siphoned off in class basic is not in a daze when he looks, Red Eye's.

At first, I was nothing and Songjun contact, throughout high school our only communication point, is the only class he borrowed my cell phone to charge Liu hit the parting of the phone.

Songjun Hune after a long time, finally opens in the last semester, tuition mad, I heard students say, Songjun probably think clearly, to change themselves, until the heart can be coupled with the girl.

He is intelligent, just unruly, once it is serious, the whole world will concession. After the countdown Song Jun crazy, I gradually caught up with me. When I met him at the university, I was a little accident.

But I am also very happy.

I remember that I was just nervous and bureau, in front of him, in the eyes of the sisters, I told the Song Jun with a face.

I don't remember anything, but I am thin, remember, I mentioned Liuhe - because his eyes are so bright, then sad.

... Although the literary art makes me feel some anti-stomach, it is true.

I also take the identity of the old classmates, getting closer and closer to Song Jun, getting closer and closer.

I can't remember when he likes him. Maybe he contains tears to find me in the mobile phone; maybe it is gradually familiar; it is the evening that we are graduated, we are all drunk, he holds me, gentle I touched my head and shouted my name in small.

The sound is very soft, the feathers are generous, a bit sad, let me itchy inner.

I looked up and took the initiative to kiss him.

It became a paragraph.

I remembered the day, I was a bit sad.

Is this this time?

Wipe your tears, I sat up, no matter what, I have received it later.

Divorce is my choice, can no longer be economical to griegger daughter, think about thinking, I can't help and pick up the phone, play a call to the old friend: "Hey ... Qi Ge, I am Li Qingxin ..."

Hang up the phone, although the work after the child is falling, but my inner burden is more heavy.

Qi Ge is my old colleague and boss. I have been with my husband. I will see that he has a good impression on me. I just heard the call of Qi Brother, I have been staying for me.

Just when my mind was messy, the door in the family suddenly opened again.

I sat up and saw Song Jun came back. He looked at me coldly, returned to his study, it sounded at something.

In a few minutes, Song Jun came out from the study from a simple suitcase and went out.

"……where are you going?"

I am anxious to shout him.

"During this time, I went to the house to live," Song Junb can said, "Isn't it divorced? Since you don't want to see me, then you will be separated."

When did I say I don't want to see him?

I can't say anything, I watched the Song Jun dragged the suitcase.

The tears are stringing, how can I rub it, not long, the doorbell rang again.

I thought Song Jun came back, hurriedly got up, went to the door, and saw Yuan Yuan appeared in front of me with a big smile.


Yuan Yuan shouted, and Yuan Yuan shouted his big door.

"How did you come?"

"Your kiss husband gives me a call, saying that your mood is not good, I want to stay with you for a while," Yuan Yuan was sitting on the sofa, lifting the Erlang legs, completely did not take himself outper, " This relationship can not give rewards, but accommodation beauty, you have to include! "

I was really sad, I was really sad, and I was crying to give her snacks.

Yuan Yuan came, nothing, didn't ask me, nothing, a look of compulsory companionship, although she is a poison, but take care of my body everywhere.

Make my mood a lot.

Yeah, although there is no love, there are friends and careers.

In this way, Song Jun, the two, just like this.


Another day, I woke up.

The bed is empty on the bed, reach out and touch it.

I sighed, he all got a few days, but I haven't habits.

Yuan Yuan's momentum touched my door, "Sun photo ass, hurry up and have breakfast!"

I got up and opened the door, Yuan Yuan showed uncomfortable look, "I will get up early in the morning to make breakfast, how do you laugh one of yourself, give your sister!"

Said, put my face left right, smashed into a dough.

I smiled and hid, went to the bathroom to wash, the two played, and suddenly heard a crisp knockout.

Yuan Yuan quickly let me sit down, and I drove myself to open the door.

Subsequently, it is a silence.

I asked: "Who is Yuan Yuan, who?"

"... Qingxin, it is me."

Liuhe's voice rang from my door.

I stale, hurriedly wiped my face, squeezed out smile, I saw Liuhe to dress extremely elegant, the body was bumpy, wearing a legal dress, the models came over.

Yuan Yuan around the apron followed her, like a small nanny.

I stiffly turned my eyes to the TV, and the black black, reflected a decadent, round, and 邋遢.

I am not equipped with nanny.

I will hold back the desire to leave the leg, I greet Liu Yu to sit down, please Yuan Yuan will help her with tea.

Yuan Yuan said a few words, I guess it is a stunning Liuhe and the intention of Liu Yu.

But she is very sensible, give me a look, I will go first.

After a piece of silence, Liuhe finally spoke, "Qingxin, I came this time, I heard Song Jun said, you and him have some questions?"

I thought about my heart, you really know what it is, is Song Jun holds you in your ear? I am sure that I am a yellow woman, and you are the goddess in his heart ...

I thought about it, I almost said that I said my heart.

"I do not know because I did you come to an impasse, but I want to tell you, I Songjun really nothing, we both used to be in the past, the future is the future! He has been married, have a wife and kids, I inadvertently destroyed your relationship, "Liu Dutch holding my hand, put it very sincerely," this time he is forced to look on, my family is something that only he can help me, for the family, I had to disturb you, but I felt very guilty, because if you cause I do affects your feelings, I really was a big sinner, how also can not justify the. "I hollow laugh, just saying yes yes yes.

Perhaps I obviously do not trust a little anxious to let Liu Netherlands, she continued: "In fact, before I come to your house looked Songjun once, then you're not."

Liu charge hint of self-mockery, "That day, I really wanted to kidnap him with the feelings of the past, forcing him to help me, but you know how he said it?"

Of course I know how he said, but I'm still curious eyes exposed, "how to say?"

"He says he loves you, you are already a little bit to replace me in life, and I'm just in the past, but you may be the future," Liu Dutch emotionally said, "Do you understand me Qing heart? He I love you! inarticulate just nothing! "

If I'm not at home that day may really be good ...... coax willow charge

I know, Songjun was not talking phrase.

Liu charge is indeed a good man, in order not to destroy my marriage and Songjun, but also for Songjun compile the lie to coax me.

I consider myself, if I were her, I do not mind this.

Songjun be with her, really a blessing to repair past life.

I had exposed perfunctory smile, "is not it? Say very good."

Liu Dutch sighed, "say, I say, I hope you have a good consideration, two people come together is not easy, we must grasp."

Beauty look lonely, enough to cause people's pity, let alone me visual animals.

I turn to comfort her: "You do not worry about me, I have been a foregone conclusion and Songjun divorce, divorced, etc., you will be free, I do not think that you destroyed my marriage, but I met time and Songjun does nothing, you do not have the psychological pressure. "

An incredible look at her face, I Pidianpidian find the necklace Songjun had bought for her, but I fell a few days ago was cracked, I handed her embarrassed, "this necklace, it is your right? "

Liu took charge necklace, absence for a long time.

I inevitably some sour Italy, fighting back smiles: "Songjun well preserved, is my last impulse to throw up, I'm sorry."

She bowed his head, Xu Jiumei speak, I suddenly saw a trace of water mixing big flower big flower on her skirt, apparently she cried.

I hurried panic about handing her toilet paper.

"Do not cry, do not cry, I really would not make a girl!"

Liu charge hanging his head, quietly wiping tears, quite a while looked beautiful reddish eyes, I still see the pity.

See, I took out the necklace when she was a great shock, his eyes also filled with shock and hi Italy.

She clearly still love Songjun.

I think she may be more love than I Songjun ...... do not, perhaps, she waited Songjun so many years.

In this way, for we are all good.

That morning, when Liu left the Netherlands gently gave me a hug, she choked in my ear.

She said that my name was very good, as the name implies, I have a warm heart.


Perhaps my low Yuan Yuan was found, the doctor gave me the machine to prove that she brought me up a month-long, say travel stay away.

We went to Yunnan together.

Snow-capped mountains, meadows, terraced fields, forests, lakes, river, Dali, Lijiang, the ancient city of rivers and streams.

Caiyunzhinan brilliant, really made me relieve mood.

But every place, and when I Yuan Yuan grumbles selfie, I would think, if, as a former travel as Songjun standing opposite me, holding the camera to help us, with his cool and calm voice let us Go away, do not block the view he shot me and Yuan Yuan Bickering honest walked away ......

Then how wonderful.

"Flowers, cake, Qi Guoji, wild mushroom feast, Chenggong pear, Dianchi Lake duck, three tea, boiled fish, seaweed Erhai, meat Ersi rake, burning Erkuai, Midu Volume hoof, butter tea, green thorn fruit, barley wine, fresh bamboo shoots, ant eggs, bamboo rice, Tianma stewed chicken, ham, Jiangchuan three dishes, bean foam sugar, tea Dianhong Nu fish ...... "

Double room, next to the bed, Yuan Yuan clasp fingers counting the list of our way to eat food next to my stomach does not live up to expectations cried.

"Well, in addition to pregnant women can not touch the highland barley wine or something, I can take you eaten whole - my job is done ~"

Then, Yuan Yuan pinch pinch came over my face, "look at this face, fat Seeing a large circle, who do not like to see."

I took her hand open, my heart is still a little sad thought, Songjun dish did not eat.

"You are a fool," Yuan Yuan sigh, "Li Qing heart, I know you so many years, you have been a surprisingly reckless woman, how one meets the Songjun, you become hesitant Wives Haw!"

I am weak weak protest, but Yuan Yuan would not look at me and simply said to myself.

"I did not bother to persuade you, I do not think you are pregnant will take pity on you, oh," Yuan Yuan humming, "Do you remember at university, there was a man chasing me, he wore glasses and long, quite handsome that."

I nodded, the man looked gentle, handsome, multi-gold, tasteful and thoughtful, absolute potential shares, when the man come to school with flowers on Yuan Yuan confession, we have a sensation all quarters. Yuan Yuan naturally love to move, and the man put Lovers Lane, the two deep as the sea, gluey.

But not long after, on the day of our lesson, a very casual dressed woman holding a child burst into our big classroom, clutching Yuan Yuan hair tussle meal, full of howling curse.

We scared silly, opened the woman learned the truth.

After much married man, as well as children, the poor and that his wife be fooled with, find clues, he broke into the school and shout a lot.

The man's wife was a poor man, but Yuan Yuan is it not?

"Everyone said I was the third, you just stay with me, each pointing to me who are you clutching scolding, slag that man came here for you I severely broke up with him a few slap, "Yuan Yuan Yuan Wang eyes, a bit confused, she wanted lit a cigarette, but I seem to remember that there are around pregnant women, sighed, put the nail into his mouth, mumbled, "At that time I love love love these are distracted, daily low, almost committed suicide, is that you pull out my hair growled at me, a two-legged man smelly enough to make me into a pair of ghosts ...... my self-esteem is that you help me get it back. "

"I was just thinking, I rely on, Li Qing heart this woman really interesting, and I want her to do a lifetime of good friends, I let her do a beacon in the dark, in my confused when for me the way."

She put me a little blush.

"I did not expect, and now his aging mother to open the solution for you."

"Song-Jun is a good man, but not your only option," Here, Yuan Yuan seemed guilty, Qing Ke a cry, I do not know why, "no matter in the end he is not around you, you remember, I'm with you on the line. "

I was moved to hold Yuan Yuan.

"Yes, talk of the town, we took this tour out of my thirty thousand dollars, you see, it reimbursed?"

Friendship boats that turn to turn up.


We boarded the plane back to Beijing, Yunnan, night arrived, I spaced out, more and more pain in his stomach.

Because birth to a child, I am very sensitive to these, quickly let Yuan Yuan take me to the hospital.

Fortunately, the doctor said I was okay, but nothing has some physical exertion, but I only have less than a month away from the pre-production period, still have to pay attention to some.

Rest in the hospital one night, the next day to get home.

Even after Yuan Yuan's open solution, so a lot of my free and easy, but to see the house cold, covered with a layer of ash everywhere, I was a little lost.

Obviously, Songjun a long time did not come back.

Yuan Yuan there, although the work more freedom, but availed reported a holiday have to go back to, not with me tonight, so I was alone at home.

Daughter this time is to look after my mother, every generation, every generation pro-pro, Ann and feelings grandmother felt extremely well, than with my real mother even better.

I give her mother called and told her that I'm back.

Before long, her mother will be carrying food, smiling, come home.

When she was young because of a car accident, blind in one eye, but it did not affect her optimistic life, this time to prepare for my stew of fish into the pot, just sit down.

I helped her cut the apple, and asked: "? Mom, Ann to go to school yet."

"Go, go," her mother said with a smile, "the teacher said Ann recent study put a lot, I know that this child is not Mind, much the same as her father."

I can not help laughing, her husband and indeed, childhood is learning on the lower end, yet each time the final exam Knut force will be able to step on the line in the past, not entirely in the mind is at with.

"Qing heart ah, you big belly, the body is weak lot."

Her mother looked at me with concern, "Jun-Jun although it did not work, ah, pleasant, down to earth on the very good, he earns enough we took a family, contentment, you can mix up these things in my heart, What are unhappy just like mom, keeping everything inside air to save the sick, the body can be bad! "

I nodded, and then only half a beat slower reaction over.

"Wait, what do you say? No work?" I stammered, "Songjun did not work?"

"you do not know?"

Her mother froze in my questioning, said with a sigh: "He's a kid like that girl back home as if what had happened, did not elaborate Songjun with me, just say you want to help others, his work will lose two days just been fired ...... I think you know it. "

Atmosphere is a bit stiff.

Her mother took my hand, he looks a bit embarrassed.

"Brats, from an early age stubborn, I said he told the girl not the way people, keep him away, but he just would not listen, mad to have to climb, and the girl wanted to stand as tall as the house."

"Later he marry you, mom too happy, you are the mom favorite character, beautiful and kind-hearted, Mom would have thought he would have to win their hearts and live obediently, not wishing the girl actually came back, blame Mom, blame mom did not teach these brats specificity ...... "

I forced a smile, "Mom, do not blame yourself, Songjun actually quite specific, and is not for me."

Breath, and only then I Songjun I have something to say divorce, her mother face changed for a long time, and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

"You kids, always wronged their own sake of others."

"Kids have their own blessing, I do not care what happens after you and Songjun, but in my heart Mom, you are already the mother of the girl!" Her mother Burongzhihui patted my hand, "Mom give you fish soup stew, drank! "

If I sound like a mosquito hum should the eye a little hot.

Watching her mother busy in the kitchen, I felt very bad.

Do not say a husband, so my decades gentle mother, every time I remember loving mother and taboos, are guarding every time something happens to my mother, and my real mother has been general, my mom jokes that her mother for me I have to thoughtful than her.

All in all, I have to hand over Liu charge it?

How I would be?

Can anyone willing?


That night, I toss and turn in bed.

I am drinking the soup to accompany her mother, was gone, I was alone at home.

But I always felt I could not sleep, over and over again, was pressing matter, heavy.

This also helped her husband said Liu fantasy charge there may be just a joke, no one thought, he really lost his job as a willow charge.

The next there is a small old age, Liu is able to charge so much to give up, what I suspect it ......

Thinking about life after divorce confused, I groggy sleep.

Until midnight.

Middle of the night, I seem to feel pain in the belly, like most of the feeling aunt came.

I struggled to get up, only to suddenly remembered that he now pregnant, where did the aunt?

Opened a quilt look, I'm trembling.

Water broke!

I started to shiver Yuan Yuan called, may seem too late, she never answered the phone.

I gave Songjun play to call, it has also been no answer.

Lower body pain I have to seize the phone, I leaned against the bed, groaning with pain, and the pain was sweating profusely, almost fainting in the past.

I do not know how long, faintly, I heard the sound of the door opening, anxious to put a figure tasikmalaya I picked up ......

I was going into labor.

This child is very worry, I did not let too painful, born on smoothly down, a fat boy, meat toot little face, legs, small arms.

I only saw one, nurse taken away, pushing me out of the operating room.

An operating room, I heard my mother and grandmother of two competing choked cry, a cry than a sad.

In addition to my parents, and her mother, Yuan Yuan, my husband and I are in, and even the Netherlands ...... Liu also.

I was pushed out, her inability to speak, children are nurses hold out.

Everyone surrounded them, but her husband immediately took over push my work, everyone glanced a child, just ask me how it feels concern.

I strongly out of a smile, pointed to the children, so that they do not mean that surrounded me, but also to see how a child.

It is mainly because they saw Liu in charge here, I felt suited.

In particular, it is now the most tired I was embarrassed when giving birth, and her thoughts on how.

Liu charge touches silent, just behind us, a mighty pedestrian to my single ward.

Lying in bed, I feel is alive.

I do not know Songjun with my parents as well as her mother Yuan Yuan said something, they see me all right, we first went out, I was the only ward, Song-Jun, Liu also charge three.

Close the door, Songjun pick up a lot, and end to hot water, I fed the water.

And I took a hot towel to wipe her face, this sat on my bed, reached for my hand, "hand icy cold, still hurt?"

This will indeed It does not hurt anymore, I shook my head, want to make him let go, after all, Liu Dutch still standing there.

Songjun backhand was holding my hand and turned around to see Liu charge, calm voice: "You explain it."

Liu charge at us cross-hand grip, long spit breath.

She went to the bed, he sat down at my feet, for me tuck tuck the quilt.

"Qing heart, you are a very good girl, you see Songjun find such a good person, I have nothing to disturb the."

Liu charge self-deprecating smile, do not see my husband, only softly explained to me with what happened this time.

Her family with the full operation of my husband, has been all right, Liu took her Dutch husband thought the necklace was also left old friends, and I intend to fulfill, she and her husband wanted a long talk, maybe two also the opportunity to again later.

Can bluntly told her husband, necklaces still was an accident, years ago, finishing his chest, moving time it was moved in together, that box he had long been forgotten, if not move I found, perhaps already has been he threw away.

My husband said, for Liu charge, he did leave relented, but this time to help Liu Dutch one, not because of old love, but as an opportunity.

His great work pressure, overtime is frequent, can not spare much time with me and the children, as more and more jobs crisis facing more and more, is also growing older, a growing body worse, he felt he had barely.

But it is better to resign was dismissed, compensation of one million is really impressive.

In fact, a Dutch Liu came to the door, he had to leave the idea of ​​homeopathy, but also count on the meter to get compensation, but my reaction almost made him give up the plan.

But he knew that for so many years, I was always in charge Liu is a Kaner, I do not say, but he can understand.

I do not mention, he has been pretend not to know.

Things there must be a solution.

Liu said the Netherlands, out of a bag is stored Jane Jane but the necklace, she had to find someone repaired, and again looked sparkling necklace, very moving. She stared at the necklace, then chuckled, dropped it into the trash.

I lengleleng, weak weak Road: "Do not throw ah, sold also, the value of thousands of it ......"

Lost her husband smiled and shook his head, handed me a written document.

"Lee, I am now unemployed, until I find a new job, they rely on you raised," her husband blinked at me, "Of course, if you want to hire me as a security company, I am also very happy."

I stared at that document, with my husband's ID card registration of the company, the company's business scope, it is my favorite design direction.

Company name, called the Qing heart good mood.

I can not help laughing. "This name was too perfunctory, right!"

"You like it, what can be."

Shining He looked at me, obviously usual general calm, made me think ...... he loves me.

This is my first time and looked into his heart.

Liu charge seems to feel himself into the electric light bulb, gently laugh, leaned over and hugged me.

"Qing heart, I wish you happiness."

"I ...... have to go find my happiness."


With the sound muffled farewell, Liu Dutch did not let me see the look when she walks, in the end is laughing or crying.

But I think this time of blessing, are really than before each time.


I relaxed body, on the pillow, grabbed her husband's hand smile grimace in pain.

He sighed indulgently, "You and Yuan Yuan to Yunnan this trip a lot of fat, it seems to eat very satisfied."

"You know we went to Yunnan with?" I asked, surprised.

"Of course," her husband reached out to hug me in his arms, smiled and said, "Travel is my money out, I Yuan Yuan lost income is up, and do you think she will be out this grandet so much money to play with you so Long?"

My eyes opened wide, "you're out of money?!"

He learned that I have to turn after Yuan Yuan twenty thousand dollars, silent for a moment, then laughed out loud.

We want to couple, actually are planted in a woman.

Well, look at her to accompany me hard copies, to be thankful pay.

Yuan Yuan had done that with me to talk about, really look for her husband, while her husband know that I am determined to end that time, going to count on the meter, with Yuan Yuan said, which was in line with the actions of her husband.

Everything in his calculations.

I pretended to be angry, hammer him up, "I see you sign the divorce agreement very straightforward ah, is not it already have this Zeixin?!"

"One stupid pregnant for three years, you still have not found my divorce has long been torn up."

"When torn?"

"Before you go to travel, I put the cameras in the home, is afraid you what happened," he replied with, "I have been in the building next door rented a house lived, to save you trouble, but to catch me."

I think unexpected premature rupture of the amniotic fluid, I can not help but fearful.

I muttered, looking at the trash can in the distance, could not help but ask: "? Songjun, are you sure you really put down Liu charge yet."

Happiness came too suddenly, I inevitably some worry about the outcome.

He evaded her husband, asked me: "? Do you remember us have seen it Swordsman"

I nodded, my husband and I watch drama aesthetic is completely out of the line, but the Swordsman touches only thing we can see the drama with gusto.

I asked questions and Wulin what is the relationship?

"I am Baizhan Tang."

"Bai Zhantang in the inn with the blessing has settled down, quit early, knowing the depth of the world, not into rivers and lakes, in any case he can not explain."

"Guo Furong and Mo Beckham thought he still has plans for his dubious Tong treasurer, Annette was and Li Dazui is found he will steal again, Baizhan Tang, never get everyone's trust."

"Can not, he can only do the opposite, actually deliberately do next maze, so everyone thought he did not give up, and re-enter the political arena, opened all the time in the deepest misunderstanding, clear everything, just let everyone I understand that he has matured. "

"Like me, if you think I will not let Liu and the Netherlands still have affection, the flow, you'll always be stuck in my past was not out, my heart will always doubt, this will be the heart of husband and wife estrangement, and I'll be with you through life, and you certainly do not want to have barriers. "

My husband reached out, wiped my tears.

"Some people are young dream, but some people a lifetime of love and responsibility, not ten years ago that I would have feelings of supremacy of juvenile impulse, Li Qing heart, whenever you boldly tell me you love me once, not non to me this time to give you a clear explanation. "

"I was really in contact, step by step, like you, clear heart, I respect you, but - really love you."

Have done what is obviously an old married couple, but her husband heard these nauseating love words, I could not help but blush, and quickly clamored to change the subject.

"Damn whether patriotic, not to mention these, uh, yes! Did you give the child a name?"

Before I thought of the names of several boys and girls, but now feel very satisfied.

My husband smiled, looking through my only point defense and hit the most delicate heart.

"Well played, he called ...... Song remains in the heart."

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