Xiaoxiao's wife, when I face my husband, my husband did not resist

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Reader letter

Muzi Li:

I can endure the husband's poverty, but I can't stand the husband's neockets, so I really want to divorce my husband now.

When I met her husband, he went to work in a private company. I am a civil servant. I am willing to marry my husband because my husband is really good to me, and the husband is a little handsome.

Our fourth year we got married, Xiao Shu was set up a company. From then, the husband followed the little uncle.

On weekdays, Xiaoxiao made the husband, I can regard it as the boss to make the employee, so I didn't feel improper, but the little uncle's wife often made my husband, which made me very uncomfortable. Especially when I went to my business.

I have said to my husband, don't you follow the little uncle, change a company (a gas, live more, salary), the husband said that when the little uncle is now using people, he can't go.

I have recently happened something that I can't understand:

Last week, I went to my grandparents with my husband, Xiao Shu and his wife, and her husband held a little daughter with a little uncle. As a result, Xiaoxiao daughter broke my husband's face. The husband instinctively sang the daughter of the little uncle, causing the other party to cry. At this time, the little uncle's wife took the child away and gave the child to the little uncle, then licked my husband and two slaps, and I was awkward to my husband, my husband did not resist. Make it, I immediately gave a young uncle's daughter-in-law.

In the end, it is still the in-laws to pull me and the little uncle wife. Then I went home with my husband.

I really feel that my husband is too gourmet, and my husband lives together.

Muzi Li answer readers ask:

Not your husband too gorge, but your little uncle is too abrupt.

About your husband's heart:

1) Going to work in other companies, making money, working on your child, also make money, do not support your own brother?

2) When your brother is in a bad mood, you may take your husband to vent, but your husband is not remembering in your heart because they are brothers;

3) Your husband is very tired every day, because your little uncle trusts your husband, so many things will be handed over to your husband;

4) Now your husband's income is not optimistic, because your small uncle's company is not enough, please believe, waiting for your little uncle make more money, definitely can't lose your husband;

5) In the face of the two slaps of your little uncle's wife, your husband has no resistance, or I don't want to hurt my brother and gas and I don't want to do it.

In fact, there is no problem with your little uncle's wife, because you need to defend your husband's dignity.

In this way, your little uncle's wife will never dare to Yaowugiang in front of you, it is very good.

Don't divorce your husband, your husband is a good man.

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