Biaxian // Say you miss me, deceive me, good?

"Bo Yin side?" Song wine come to resume fill in a form to confirm his head down, a simple white short-sleeved uniforms designed lining of her black hair, tied high, hair hanging down the side pull on the ear,

"You called Bo Yin side?" Then look up at the man standing opposite.

"Ah." Bo Yin hand side of the shoulder strap behind the bag, looked at her, "how it?"

Line of sight collision, Song Yi Zheng wine. Half of the boys across the high, just blocking the sun in the sky, blue and white blue jacket worn on the body, looking at him and it's pleasing appearance, such as a spring eyes, surging tenderness in the eyes, aquiline nose, thin lips with a trace of arc. Song wine sometimes see some fascinated, until the sun stimulate her eyes to react: "Ah okay." Scramble to register his name on the application form.

"Thank you." Bo Yin side nodded and left. Song wine bar that looked at the name on the resume filling in a daze.

Always feel so familiar ...

Song wine thought.

what! I remembered. Ann said they have a very powerful community of seniors called Bo Yin side. But the music club, hey why come into society reporter ah ... but he looks really nice ah ... hehe.

Wine Song Bo Yin once again to see the side, that is, the reporters club meeting. She originally wanted to interview the scene, but she is only responsible to help head statistics, the number of applications to go back when it is full, nothing to say.

The meeting is to assign tasks Games, Summer Games ah ... a lot of beautiful women and handsome eh, Song think wine is beautiful. But still the most beautiful side of the little Yin Bo classmates and themselves in the same group ah. Song wine holding notes and materials, but also immersed in the joy where it was interrupted by a burst of sound.


Song turned around and heard this wine, before looking at the familiar people, and my heart deer rattling incessantly.

Bo Yin side of the mouth with a smile, gently opening:. "That, this is my first time to join a company work, the teacher let me ask you do not understand."

"Well, then you have a problem you can contact me at any time."

"Then, we add a micro letter?"

"Oh well."



Song wine just out of the shower, rubbing his hair, mobile phone ring tones coming. She picked up a look,

Ah, yes that side of the primary Yin ah.

He quickly points to open.

Yin Bo: Hello, empty it.

Wine Song: Yes, there are, how is it?

Yin Bo: I want to ask you to Games on Friday, flow charts you can send me a copy of me?

Wine Song: ok ah, immediately sent to you.

Bo Yin: Thank you.

Song wine: What is your next ah.

Yin Bo: and you the same session.

Wine Song: So, you are a few classes ah?

Bo Yin: four classes.

Ah ... really close to how I had not seen him.

Song wine: so ah, I was six classes, classroom close ah. Tomorrow I ask you to drink milk tea bar.

wise man:?

Bo Yin: Well. Thank you, seniors.

He told me how the older generation ah ... really.

The next song, carrying wine, two cups of tea went straight to the classroom, standing in front of four classes do not go in, looked left and right to see, looking at the time of going to class anxious stomping.

"The side Yin Bo will not be late ... Oh, I lose up so early ah hum" Song wine heart meditation. Remembered and remembered, hands on her and patted on the head.

"I'm sorry ah, I got up late today, and so on for a long time now."

"All right all right," Song tea liquor and quickly put out from the bag, "fast! Do not be found." Bo Yin and handed to the side, while Bo Yin thinking quickly caught, but accidentally shook Song Corked over little hands.

Song wine hurriedly withdrew to handle, there is little pink ears, head down, afraid to look at him, hesitated opening: "! ... .. fast class, I go first."


From that got to know each, the two chat has become such.

Bo Yin: A wine, I want to drink milk tea.

Song wine: expensive, and I said why.

Bo Yin: to help me tomorrow morning with chanting.

Song wine: I went!

Yin Bo: Well to go.

After 20 minutes ...

Wine Song: I

Song wine: no

Song wine: go

Bo Yin: No. next public copywriting I can help you write.

Song wine looking at the screen two instant light.

Song wine:? ! Really!

Bo Yin: ah.

Song wine is ready to agree.

Bo Yin: pipe me a week tea.

Wine Song: Bo Yin side ... hello like.

Song wine: Okay, I promise you, you can not speak the words ah.

Bo Yin: No, I will not be disloyal to the children.

Song of alcohol would like to throw the phone, what the children ah. Obviously he only five months less than his. Relied on their own long a handsome face, in fact, petty thing. I thought it was high cold man of God, were they illusion! I'm blind.

Hands pendulum, lying in bed asleep.


Although not a high side Yin Bo cold men of God, but always gently rub it into every detail inside. Song of wine before he will know to never experience the warmth.

When organizations like outdoor picnic Yin total primary side behind his own, he would carry his own tired. Campfire asleep, he would carry her into the tent, the night guard at the tent. She knew the sick went to see her, obviously is a small fever, he was nervous sweating forehead, open the class should see her.

She saw his first glance fallen ah, should not have let her gentle deeper and deeper. I do not even think together, so get along very well. Yes, really good.


"Biarian, you like me." "Well?"

"I don't like me, why do you do so? You just like me right."


Song wine is a bit not tribute to your ears: "What?"


"..." is lost low.

"Do you want me to like you."

Song Dish is asked, what is the problem ...

"What is hopeless ... I like it, I don't like it, I don't like it."

"I like you."

"?do not lie to me."

"I didn't lie to you, I like you."

"..." Then it is the most beautiful sentence throughout the year, heard the most beautiful sentence.

"I like you too."


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