68-year-old aunt is looking for 50 years ago, the other party is not born late: waiting for your hair.

Time to kiss your face, the years whisk, my dark fragrance. The breeze is slow, and it is reflected in the heart, and suddenly, it is easy to be free. I am your sensitive.

"He Shaowen, you takeover from the army left, this is not a half-century, this life we ​​are destined to meet, but missed the hand, if we can meet again, I'll give you a belated embrace."

2020, "Long time no see" column received a letter from the city of Mengzi in Yunnan Province, the owner of the letter was a 68-year-old Yin Chunying.

She kindly program must help her find the group after an absence of 50 years old Heshao Wen, the buried keeping everything has been thinking about this for half a century.

Now her husband has died, married and has two daughters. In her heart still could not let go of this feeling ever.

She did not want to live long enough to still regrets.

This separated by half a century of looking, how can you succeed? Yin Chunying care deeply about the man still in the world do? He is now a good time?

1. When you first view will be focused

She and Heshao Wen met in 1970, when the Yin Chunying also only 18 years old.

She grew up in the courtyard of Yunnan army grew up watching the big yard of trees is also shorter than her, grew up and became higher than the house of the trees, the shade of a large courtyard surrounded by the entire summer, very cool.

She and a group of childhood playmates often play together under the trees, shuttlecock, chasing frolic.

18 years old, Yin Chunying than a child learn the rules, and some character more introverted, often move a little wooden bench, sitting under a tree reading a book, a look that afternoon.

He Shaowen 22-year-old that year, from his home Libo County, Guizhou Province, Yunnan Province came to enlist in the army. That the army had never been seen, he was agitated, often high fever, just a month into the hospitals will be able to enter several times.

The most serious one, his high fever, hospital live half a month in hospitals in force. Hospitals and military compound Yin Chunying, who lives only separated by a wall.

He Shaowen inpatient days are always dull and boring, he would stand on the third floor windowsill when nothing sometimes see birds flying over the sky, sometimes watching troops courtyard frolicking children.

One afternoon, the day the sun was very good. He Shaowen as usual standing on the windowsill looked out, until he saw the troops who courtyard under a tree reading a book girl, he is not opening the eyes move.

Girl wearing a white dress of cotton, giving her two long black braids, the sun hit her body, as if the whole person in the light. In those days, every day Heshao Wen will keep on the windowsill, quietly waiting for the girl's appearance.

He also worked out the laws of the girl appeared, she usually occur in the afternoon 2:00, sometimes later. Soon fell over the hill at sunset time, they will put away the book to her chest, then picked up a stool to the military compound north that most households around the house.

A few days before going to hospital discharge, Heshao Wen no longer contain himself, and when he saw the girl there, and ran down the stairs, opened the door of the compound in the windowsill.

He too timid, only dare to separate them from afar stood and watched her. In those days, men and women are different. Chat with boys and girls speak in public, or even be considered immoral.

I do not know how long, maybe a girl reading a book to see a little tired, I looked at the rise. Only this one, then let Yin Chunying also fallen.

Tall, thin boy, stood in the courtyard of the corner. Handsome face, eyes warm, positive, smiling at her. Yin Chunying's heart like deer rattling, pounding quaked, shame shame to greet his eyes, and rattled moved away, and so pretend inadvertently, when timidly looked up, the other side has gone on the scene.

Boys and girls at first sight, ignorant Sentimental love quietly sprouting shoots, rooted to the spot.

2, accidentally cut off contact

He Shaowen after discharge, will be to force large yard to play when not training. He would deliberately chose the yard more children, Yin Chunying also point over time.

They are also not too close, sometimes only separated from playmates, looking at each other and smile, is enough to make two red ears.

Yin Chunying there are a lot of words to say to him, but she was too embarrassed to say. She knew each other too, because his neck slightly to see the earth, it seems to be somewhat hesitant speech swallow.

Once again, the forces courtyard gone soap. He Shaowen heard, they took a bunch of soap to the yard, the yard of a child that is brought to you points, happy clapping in the side. This time Heshao Wen Yin Chunying quietly called up and told her that she was a person to buy, it also allows more determined to each other like Yin Chunying her mind.

First love of two young people to get along in the growing feelings rapid warming, but this thing was not long before parents know the Yin Chunying, Yin Chunying is strictly prohibited and Heshao Wen contact with parents, Yin Chunying still in school, the other from the countryside just a Maotouxiaohuo, not to mention better than a good old Yin Chunying, two door does not properly account.

He Shaowen while there, things reached a disciplined army guarded, Heshao Wen also being held for a whole week of confinement. Since then the two have not met for a long time.

Until an afternoon in 1971, Heshao Wen asked his comrades to tell Yin Chunying, they troop rotation, the next day will leave to the field, I hope to be out at night to meet with a Yin Chunying.

Can the evening, it began to rain majestic, parents have been at home staring at her, she could not go out. Wait until the afternoon the next day to look for opportunities to go out, Heshao Wen's troops have already left.

In that there is no telephone, cell phone and computer age, Heshao Wen did not leave any information hurry to leave, this is perhaps not forever. She thought of asking him, big world, no phone, no address, where to go to find a big crowd?

Perhaps this life they really never meant Heshao Wen doomed to become her green years of a wonderful memory.

3, adjourned to fate but suffered misunderstanding

Until a year later, Heshao Wen Yin Chunying finally received a letter sent from his home in Guizhou, he tells the thoughts of Yin Chunying in the letter, this time he has been demobilized from the army to the place, working in the railway sector, Yin Chunying also has one year I graduated from college.

They meet the Yin Chunying until after graduation, the two meet again. That year, they rely on and from letters, to ease the pain of Acacia. Individual letters, became their best love stamp.

He Shaowen their letter under his pillow every night before going to sleep always turned out to see, sometimes not watched carefully laughed aloud, he looked forward to seeing the day they come a little faster.

The Yin Chunying also sit there straight fingers every day, counting the days and looking forward to an early reunion Heshao Wen. But soon after she received a special letter, so she and Heshao Wen completely cut off from contact.

The letter was a woman from Guizhou bus company to write, she asked Yin Chunying is not Heshao Wen lovers in the letter. Also he said that someone introduced her and Heshao Wen know, she saw a lot of letters in Heshao Wen's home, so come to write according to the above address.

From ignite the hearts of jealousy, so Yin Chunying completely lost his mind, and obviously his own private life, but other women were. Since they do not keep their promises, and that she did not need to cherish the feelings of another.

He Shaowen these year she wrote a letter to her all torn up, thrown into the fire. Watching the flames ignited slowly turned into ashes, Yin Chunying mind was disheartened.

Yin Chunying is Heshao Wen believes betrayed her, then no matter Heshao Wen wrote her a letter to explain more, and she rejected all the.

She soon after a friend introduced the young man good match, we were married less than six months.

He Shaowen here a letter sent in the past, and a sealed letter returned. He wanted to go and look for Yunnan Yin Chunying told her to explain face to face, when he can just to work, only 3 dollars a month, unable to bear the cost of Yunnan, Guizhou back and forth.

In desperation, he can only ask once comrades in Yunnan, they met the military compound to find Yin Chunying year. Along with his comrades found the address of the military compound, Yin Chunying has asked to be married, and now did not live there.

Since then, Heshao Wen never written a letter, since the two no longer have any contact.

4, he never married her

Yin Chunying marriage gave birth to two daughters, when once the New Year, she took the children back to the army compound to visit his parents, neighbors heard mention there was a soldier who came to see her.

Yin Chunying know, Heshao Wen did not put her down.

But now she has a wife and mother, she had the responsibility of the body and home, between the period of the past and she Heshao Wen can only be buried in the bottom of my heart.

In 1996, Yin Chunying husband diagnosed with throat cancer, died of illness a year later.

Yin Chunying that year, only 42 years old, but she never thought of re-start a new relationship.

Because in her mind, always I can not forget that part of the past. So what can fit, so many years later, the other party has long been the family, she was forced off the read to own. If the afterlife destined, it will be goodbye, if there is no edge, then next life.

In the remaining decades, she alone brought up two daughters, two daughters and personally sent the husband's family.

Daughter each set up their own family, she is old, from the original slim girl into an old woman.

She often a person sit on benches around mouth of the alley, sit all day. Saw the alley of people coming and going, children who come by to chase. If back 50 years ago, she was sitting under a tree reading a book, and Heshao Wen met that summer.

There was a time, she repeatedly done a dream, the dream of 50 years ago and still Heshao Wen tall, wearing a military coat, journeying to her with a smile. She went over to grab his hand, he was a throw off. She think pursue his trail, but how could not find the ......

"Maybe this is a dream in what it implies." Yin Chunying wake up from a dream in my heart secretly thought.

She finally decided to go in search of Heshao Wen, she did not want to leave this life and then regret.

Daughters, but how can not agree, the mother has been nearly seventy years of age, this is the age to age, this time 50 years ago, suddenly remembered to find lovers, it is not spread out to let others see the joke?

After repeated Yin Chunying do ideological work with her daughter, her daughter finally agreed.

She found "Long time no see," the program group, commissioned them to help find 50 years ago, an old friend Heshao Wen.

According to the original Heshao Wen send a letter address, the team removed the more you ask, finally asked to the current situation Heshao Wen.

That so many years, Heshao Wen has never married. Only he and his brother home, two brothers, after his brother made a door-law, he also followed his brother to live with his wife.

My brother died in the past few years, he looked for a while. Now he has been 72 years old, in the local nursing home of Guizhou, his legs have been hurt because they have been hurt in their work. I learned that the 50-year lover has been unmarried so far, and the tears hook in Yin Chunying's eyes. She thought he had already had a grandchildren, but he did not expect that it would be this ending.

On January 4, 2022, under the arrangement of the program group, Yin Chunying came to Guizhou Libo County and He Shandu.

After half a century, the two have become a vicissitudes of the teenager. At the beginning, Handsome He Shandu has already been full of white hair, and the body is somewhat, and there is a little lame.

After the simple cold, He Shao Wen has taken the first time in the past 50 years, I took the hand of Yin Chunying and talked about the past.

In the past, the love of that year, and it was soaring. At that year, the two were lovely at first sight, but he did not face his face directly. Just look at the other side, you can be happy all day.

For so many years, he has been putting the pure love in the original. After you know Yin Chunying has his family, he didn't dare to disturb, and he didn't think about it again. I thought that the two did not have a collection of two people in this life, but they didn't think of God's love.

And about that letter, it is just a misunderstanding.

The woman who wrote to him and he didn't matter, it was introduced by the family. He worked at the railway. I went home in a week. I went home to know what the woman's self-propelion met.

Unexpectedly, the two were missing, it was half a century.

In the past 50 years, he has always guarded the promise of Yin Chunying in the past. He did not bore.

Yin Chunying learned that he has been in the face of He Shande. She is annoyed, decided to take his life with the rest of his life. This time, in any case, she will not let go of He Shandin's hand.

From the front, the horse is very slow, only a person is enough to love someone.

50 years of walking, this half-century misunderstanding finally declined, and the half-life thoughts have finally have a satisfactory ending.

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