Half of divorce for half a year, gave the forefoot, "Sleep?", He replied "three words" I instantly tears

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I lost it to cherish it, I didn't know it. How many people have made the decision that makes them regret for a moment, and finally regret it.

There is always some things and things that disappear will seem precious. The netizen section of the netizens and the ex-husband divorced for half a year, and the cause of the divorce is very simple. Summarizing a sentence is because Duan Shengning's words have made two relationships of two people.

After the divorce, I will regret it again. I don't forget the precursor, I want to marry the ex-husband, but I don't say it. The stubborn character makes her embarrassment to send a message to the former husband.

The number of times the two people stayed after the divorce, unless there is a matter of work, and the rest have found each other. In countless late night, I miss the ex-husband's good night, often thinking about tears.

When people think in the most vulnerable, people who think of you are often the most eager people in your heart, Duan Shengning thought of her ex-husband.

How is her and the forefront ending? Let's take a look at it today.

01 impulse divorce

Duan Shengning is now a single state, and I just had a divorce with my husband shortly. Although two people have not been divorced, they don't mean that two people have no feelings.

When the little couple quarreled, it was easier to say hurt, and it was not this like this, but finally became the worst result. Duan Shengning is very embarrassed in life, there is anything straight, and it will not turn around.

When two people ranked for the first time, they were because of the things of washing clothes, the last two people were in the last two people, and they were scared.

Duan Sheng Ning took the night from the night of the night, and the body was very tired and tired and hungry. I just wanted to go to work, I just wanted to go to sleep. As a result, I saw her husband asleep with a dead pig, and I didn't come from a single story.

The most important thing is that the husband went to work after getting up, and the section did not wash the shirt. "I have been tired of the dog every day, and I still have to worry, maybe forget it."

The husband heard that his wife was a bit bad, and he didn't talk about it. Two people have begun because of this socks, there is no shirt, and finally the husband is in the door, and there is no reasonable trouble for his wife.

After this thing, two people naturally and good, the husband in the clothes and socks also knew that they did wrong, and they apologized with their wife. The life of two people in the usual life is still happy, and there is no time to do so long.

Two people divorced were because of the problem of having a child, Duan Shengning, this person is born to be afraid that others will force himself to make a decision. If she wants to do something, she will finish, if it is someone else to do it, she doesn't want to do it, ten cows are not coming back.

I have been married for more than three years, my mother-in-law has been reminding children, and my husband is not particularly urgent, and everything will look at the willingness of the section. Segate Condu is waiting for a few years later, mother-in-law does not have forced demands must be children at this time.

Who knows that there is a while leadership in the company's pressure, and the program is working overtime, Duan Si Ning is very bad. Just, my mother-in-law came to the family to see the two sons, put a child's thing, Duan Shengning started a lot of trouble like stepped on the tail.

"I don't want to children ?! Can you send you a passage? This is anxious? Let your son find one for him outside."

Two people finally quarreled because of this thing, the mother-in-law did not think that the wife would say so heavy, two people almost played. After the husband came back, Duan Shengning put forward divorce.

Said that left, two people got a divorce process the next day.

02 regrets

Divorce is cool, then two tears Wang Wang. Duan Shengning and husband divorced things have taken place to have a dotability and impulse, and did not have decisions after the brain is calm.

After the divorce, the paragraph was started to regret it. It can think of the picture with her husband in everyday life. She began to regret, I feel that I should not be so impulsive.

Especially when you are sick, when you get up, you still have a person who has come back home without a person. When I was eating in the morning, as long as my husband went to give myself breakfast, I will give myself a love. Many colleagues envy her have such a husband. The previous colleagues have seen the Ni and asked her, she smiled a few times without answering.

When a person is most likely to think about it, it will understand who is about to exist for himself when he is helpless. This day, it was a fever because of a fever, he came to the hospital. After the divorce, the segment did not go back to the parents, and the house of the ex-husband gave himself here, she still live here.

A person hits a little bit, the hospital in the morning is very quiet, the pain and psychological exhaustion of the body make her breathable. Looking at the liquid in the bottle, there is no, now she makes it difficult, because one person came over, but also called a nurse over the push.

It may be less than the night from the morning, and the nurse has not come for a long time. The last potion has only a little bit left, and the blood has begun. Because it is afraid to go to the air, she has to drag the tired body to the nurse table to find a nurse, which pulls the needle. Speaking of this needle, today I didn't take it three times, because the blood vessels of Duan Shengning were particularly thin. I found a long time, I was taking it three times. The nurse finally changed the side.

Dragning this tired body, Duan Shuluden sitting on a bench for a while. Seeing a pair of little couples, the boy is gently stroking the girl's head, but also is also intimate to cover the body to the girl, it is estimated that it is afraid to catch cold. It is really awkward people who see this scene.

Duan Sheng Ning should inevitably be a bit of tears, because she is also cared before, the man is called Fang Chen. When people always lose, they can only regret it, now she regrets.

Thinking of thinking that the tears of the sections are switched in the eyelids, the divorce is so long to contact the number of ex-husbands. Divoria for half a year, gave the forefront to the forefront in the early morning, "Sleep?", He replied to the "three words" segments and suddenly tears.

Duan Shengning finally couldn't help but send a message with the forever, thinking that the early morning should have slept, this news should also have a sea and sea, did not think that the ex-husband did not sleep, still returned to her three words, enough to make her shock The head is faint.

"I miss you." This is the news that the ex-husband gave Duan Ning after three minutes of the news. It is necessary to pay for the three words for a long time after thirty minutes. Duan Sheng Ning also couldn't help but hecked it in an instant.

A phone returned, two people didn't speak, but Duan Shu Ning's crying attracted the attention of the ex-husband and could not breathe. Duan Shengning wow wow, I cried for a long time, my ex-husband was patient with her and asked her where she was.

"Stay in place, don't move, I will come to you!"

Duan Shengning took the ex-husband in the hospital. After 30 minutes, the ex-husband came to the hospital, and Duan Sheng Ning felt like a dream.

The ex-husband took the coat to give the section Ning Ning, and the Duan Shengning came from the hospital and sent her back home. No, it should be a husband now, because they are finally returned to it.

03 broken mirror

The possibility of breaking the mirror is very small, and it is still fortunate enough. It is still waiting for the time in the time of her. Two people are unfortunately fortunate, and many people finally become regrettable.

Don't let yourself look back, I feel that I shouldn't do this at first, I don't leave regret, I don't regret it is what you have to do.

Life is too realistic, many people gradually spread in life day and night. The world is so big, the encounter is not easy, since falling in love, it will be together.

I don't put it if I got the sense of security, dependence, sense of trust. Not every time there is a chance to start, and it will be cherished. After missing, you may really miss it, don't leave regrets for your life, you will be good, and everything is not a problem.

Time is the most unfair thing, and that person has not yet, there is still a chance to save, don't think about you in his heart?

Duan Shengning and her husband were returned to it, but there were still many people like them because of the facts of the cause, it may be not suitable. Don't be discouraged, believe in good forever!

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