Don't treat the people as you be surpassing, how you need to do yourself better

Most people now chase the names, Lilu is also compared with others, thinking how to surpass others. As a child, parents mentioned the neighbor's family said to you: You see people, learn the first, listen to it at home, can you exceed him? After growing up, there will be an elder to mention a nice peer relative to tell you: You see that people are now become a big boss, and you are still working, there is no money to pay for money ...

We have been infused with such a concept, let us feel alive to surpass others. In fact, as the old Deng said: "Don't treat others as you be more than the object." Life is not going to surpass others. When you want to go beyond others, you will fall into the customs, but to surpass yourself. When you go beyond yourself, you will find that you have exceeded others.

When we calm down, we have a voice in the heart:

Why is not willing now?

Why do you always think about a second?

Why do you face our applause?

Why do numbers have explained everything, but you trust you?

You know, others give you a label plus a label. You don't have to care about others' vision and ideas, you need to care, just, how to make yourself better.

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