Will wait until the flowers are full of spring, you and I have a long future

Love for soul train people

Warm donated Quartet

That the vast freedom of the soul rewarded exclusive

- Chien Chen


if you are willing to

◎ Author / S.caseolaris

if you are willing to

And wildflowers color exchange

And respiratory exchange woods

Earth and flesh and nutrient exchange

And puppies exchange eyes

Stars and insects gather in my body

Not for a long stay

So I want you

You want to generate more contact

And you want to exchange aroma and soul

You are the key, and I'm finger

You are aromatic, my nose is

Spring love you, covered with flowers

Autumn love you, stripped leaves

I'm here, are there

Your clothes with current

It is part of your body

Sometimes feel

You should meet a better person than I am

But I like you when

I feel like it is worth

If you want, I can over the mountains

If you want, I can hold a lifetime pottery


Each spring, I will sing

◎ Author / Yu Xiuhua

Every spring I will be singing, watching clouds from south

Wind and then it mildly,

It is a real spring

A man on the ridge

Dandelion embrace the tiny flame

Run in the spring

He has been running out of the village

And I can not hear his voice

I always want to give him a call

I did not say much to

Bloom time is too short

A spring stop of the day too

He shouted: I can not hear, hear

He can not hear a person with cerebral palsy inarticulate confession

So many people go through the spring

Spent so much open

He could not guess what I'm saying

However, each spring I will sing

Singing in the wind swaying the way, sad and sweet


For example, rock and Writing (excerpt)

◎ Author / Shi Tiesheng

Spring is the exclusive romantic vitality throughout the season, Pei winds and rain, the sun the moon, when the fields are covered with joy, filled with pride born between heaven and earth, the wind, the dream is also full of indomitable desire. At that time the soul is put aside like autumn yet distant, yet mature thoughts. At that time vision was a straight line, next to no time to care. But you have to remember, spring beauty is also here, that innocence and courage that did not pass sophisticated.

And if the broken branches, but efforts to grow in the spring. And if the flower fades, but the spring bud came alive again. And if the snow storm, but as long as the spring, always floating between heaven and earth parched from shouting.

"There is suffering, there is the collapse, there is a crash, there is death, but also the spring, there is new life, life should wake up, that should wake up, should stand up, should live a new life."

- Pasternak

After the beginning of spring ushered in the spring prelude to the evening walking on the road, still feel the cold, hoping to hurry the arrival of warmer days, he spoke of spring, as if the heart starts throbbing, always has a "whole spring are exclusive romantic vitality perception of the season ", as if good things will happen the next moment.

Talking with friends plan to go after the New Year at a warm place to stay, so read a lot of tourist destination, there is always a better vision, better thought of talking to each other in spring ah, everything began to look forward to.

But caught off guard busy start, stop planning, stop circling around the work in such a busy life that also became promising, there is a good omen, there has been fiercely wants to efforts determination.

The vagaries of life, time running fast, but spring is sure to come, good things will eventually happen. Finally, this spring really want to put a kite to dress like a spring meadow ah, it should be very romantic.

How are you doing today, ah?

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