Why do some girls always hang, but they don't agree, don't you refuse you?

There are also many examples around us, there are always some girls, I don't know if she likes or doesn't like it, neither rejecting the pursuit of the pursuit.

A netizen is coming to:

Teacher Hello, I am very troubled, the girl I like does not respond to me?

But she didn't like me, I went out every time, she came out, but as long as I mentioned what I liked, I would like to be my girlfriend, she hit it.

I am very contradictory now, I don't know if she is interesting to me, I still have a chance.

I have chased her for half a year, sometimes even thinking, if people really don't like it, then, there is no grass in the world.

But every time I want to give up, is she talking?

I would like to ask what is the reason, what she thinks. Do I still stick to it?

Analysis and recommendations:

A situation like this, this girl may appear

First, I have been hurt, I don't dare to believe it easily.

I was afraid of the well rope by the snake, and some girls were hurt, and they were particularly lacking.

No longer so easily believe in love. I am afraid that I am injured again, I am afraid that the other party is once again loud, not really like.

So they are particularly concerned, they are chased, they think that time can prove whether you are really heart.

For such a woman, you only use patience to warm her, feel her.

Of course, you also have to measure whether you have a book to feel her, touch her.

Second, you are a spare tire

She doesn't refuse you, I don't promise you, you are likely to be a spare tire.

The opportunity to stay with a spare tire will always be useful.

But I want to advise you. Spare tires are difficult to turn forward.

And what kind of girls need a spare tire?

Without confidence, greedy people are good, but people who don't returned. This is an inconsistent idea.

At the same time, a man is very difficult to accept yourself is a spare tire, so insisted on whether or not, it depends entirely on the judge of your heart. Is she worth it? Is she really so good?

Third, the first love, no love experience

The girl may also have never been in love, so I can't carefully love the love, and I don't dare to make decisions. I am worried that there is a mistake decision.

I am afraid that I will cause harm to myself, and I will also break my yearning for love.

Of course, this type of girl, there is a embarrassment, in their world, love is unique, is sacred.

Their concept is that if you really like her, you will have all the tests.

Such a girl is the same as the first class, if you really like it, I really feel worth it, I can persist.

But you must measure this kind of girl.

Fourth, vanity

Some girls are very pleasant, because your chasing can be

give her

Bring the material enjoyment and mental satisfaction.

Even if they know that it is impossible to be with you, he can't bear to reject you, because you are good to her.

You can ask her to eat, you can send her gift, she also accepted and there is no return.

Such a girl, I suggest you give up, don't do useless, there is always a girl worthy of your love.

This girl

Which type belongs to

I think you have learned from so long.

You also have your own feelings, measure analysis, in fact, you will have an answer.

The value is not worth it, stick to or not. Depends on yourself.

Today's topic: What do you think of chasing a girl, how long?

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